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Cabal 10th Anniversary Celebration | Cabal Online Philippines

On June 12, 2008, a massive online RPG game grazed the Philippines territories and revolutionized the MMORPG industry. Now on it’s 10th year, Cabal Online Philippines celebrates 10 amazing years of being the Philippines’ No.1 MMORPG.

Last June 24, 2018, some 3,000 gamers gathered under the roof of Skydome SM City North EDSA to join the Revolut10n with thousands more from all parts of the globe watching the happenings on the live stream. Gamers just kept pouring in to join the festivities of the Revolut10n even as the tickets for the entrance and the side events ran out.

This historic celebration is an immense gathering of players from all over the Philippines, international guests and remarkable performers that made the event a success.

Thousands of players lined up to register to participate on a number of events and activities for them to enjoy. A 30D full equipment door prize were given away for every attendee of the event who registered but there were 200 lucky early bird attendees that got a special freebie for being first in line – a limited edition Cabal Revolut10n T-shirt.

The festivities were opened by the talented and beautiful Kpop cover dancers Y.O.U warming up the stage with their dance number and opening remarks were given by Mr. Ryan Sacares. The whole event has been hosted by GM Leah Chan and prominent e-sports host, Justin “Vill” Villaseran.



While the stage is set and awesome performances were happening, the tournament and community area is in full swing. As gamers awaits the semi finals match of 5v5 Carnage, they eagerly participated in side event tournament activities such as:

• King of Combo
• Dungeon Legends Solo
• Dungeon Legends Defense Arena
• 3v3 Carnage
• 7v7 Guild Prime

The community area also boasted the Cabal Spin Off, Take a Selfie challenge to get a cake and more fun freebies. It also catered “Guild City” wherein 4 famed guilds from Orion and Draco namely JuanDelaCruz, Virus, Triballion and Sixthsense set up booths and partnered with us to offer exciting loots and activities for the attendees.

As Cabal Online reached its 10th year, it is also giving back and recognized the never ending support of the community for a decade. With this, players and guilds had the chance to show off themselves as they participated in Guild Tshirt and Banner making contest and the Guild Rally in which the biggest number of guild attendees were given special rewards and recognition as they come up on stage.





The top 3 guilds of Guild Rally were also chosen to play the most exciting community event of the day, the ALZ o Kahon. Joining the stage as our Kahon girls are our stunning influencers Ms. Sharmae and Cabal Twins Mayumi and Megumi. They cosplayed as well known game NPCs such as Aizan (Ms. Sharmae), Arionell (Mayumi), Rin (Megumi) and Elena (Ghelai PH). Before the stage game, they grazed the community area with their beauties as they posed for selfies and photo ops for the crowd of attendees.



To liven up the atmosphere, Filipino-Japanese girl group JAPH Dolls gave us powerhouse vocals and dances as they heat up the stage. These kawaii young ladies performed Japanese hits that hyped up the crowd.

But the fun didn’t stop there, as the crowd were stunned and wowed by awesome stage performances of the very talented Cosplay Competitors: Bea Bianca, Aria, Jin and Riri. These four battled it out on stage as they brought to life the game characters and costumes we have all loved and adored. Bea Bianca stood out and was named the Overall Champ and one of Cabal’s Brand Ambassadors.

The cheer didn’t stop for it was followed by the search for Mr. and Ms. Nevareth 2018. Ten charming and gorgeous males and females of Nevareth competed for the elusive title of Mr. and Ms. Nevareth. Mr. Anthony Luigi Villanobos and Ms. Angela Melecio, reigned supreme and together with Bea Bianca, these three will be the hottest faces of Cabal Online Philippines as our newest Brand Ambassadors.

Rocking performances were also given by our guest band performers, Uries Attack, Snakefight and SkoolService. Cabalists went wild as they grooved and moved to the beats and songs of our guest performers. Pamilya Kwela, one of our regular guest also went up on stage and did not disappoint to make us all laugh and smile with their wacky stage performance.


The day went on with a blast and popular Filipino Rock Band, Chicosi, set the stage and the mood with their songs that we grew to love, hitting the right spots of our nostalgic hearts.

As we near the most awaited semi finals, 4 teams will battle for 2 spots in the finals for Cabal 5v5 Carnage 2018. These 4 teams were earned their spots as they bested teams from all over the Philippines in Cabal’s 10 City Tour. They went on to be representatives of their respective regions, YesPogi (North), YesPogi Cebu (South), WagKaMainis (WildCard) and OnzeGaming (defending Champs).

Carnage proceeded as a Round Robin, Best of Three match. All teams had a chance to play with each other and showed immense teamwork and skills. The intense battles came to a close with YesPogi securing a spot to the finals. The remaining three teams will be battling each other again for the last remaining spot for the 5v5 Carnage Finals on August 19, 2018.

The event went to a close with the awarding of winners and prizes. Here’s the full list of winners for all the events and activities:


Cabal 5v5 Carnage Finalist:  YesPogi


Mr and Ms. Nevareth

Mr. Nevareth – Anthony Luigi Villanobos
Runner up – Rex Roque

Ms. Nevareth – Angela Melecio
Runner Up – Ella Park


Cabal Cosplay:

Overall – Bea Bianca
Best Armor Costume – Jin
Best Weapon Costume – Aria
Runner Up – Riri


Guild City:


Guild Rally:

1st – JuanDelaCruz
2nd – NoBitterPlease
3rd – Triballion

Guild Tshirt:

1st – MastahMind
2nd – JuanDelaCruz
3rd – Yin Yang

Guild Banner:

1st – Tausug Gamers
2nd – The Flash
3rd – Dragon Warriors

Playpark and Cabal Online thanks everyone for joining and making the Revolut10n one huge success! See you on our next event!