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CABAL Domination 5 Tournaments and Activities | Cabal Online Philippines

Domination 5 is almost here and it’s going to be bigger than ever! We’re already preparing a slew of fun and exciting activities for you and your friends, so check out this sneak-peek of what to expect for the year’s big online gaming event:

Road to DOMINATION 5: CABAL Circuit Tournaments

CABAL Combo Masters, CABAL Dungeon Legends and 3v3 Carnage Tournament

General Tournament Details and Requirements:

1. All CABAL Online PH players with in-game characters level 120 and above are qualified to participate in the tourney. Participants must fill-up the registration forms provided by the event facilitator at the start of the competition.

2. The CABAL Circuit Tournament will be composed of three distinct levels: Café elimination level, Inter-café competition level and the culminating event level. Each level is a step towards the next level; all levels will lead towards the national tournament during Domination V.

3. Each level will have a different competition system: CABAL Combo Masters in the Café Elimination level; CABAL Dungeon Legends in the Inter-café level; and the 3v3 Carnage Tournament for the Culminating event level.

4. Participants will use their own in-game characters for the café elimination (Combo Masters) and inter-café competition (Dungeon Legends) levels. Participants will be provided with pre-generated characters during the culminating event level (3v3 Carnage tournament).

5. The Road to Domination V will make its way towards five distinct areas: NCR, North Luzon, South Luzon, Cebu and Davao. All iCafe Eliminations, Inter-café competitions and culminating events will take place on selected internet cafes in those areas listed above. Please see schedule for the dates and i-cafes list.

6. Winners of the 3v3 CARNAGE Tournament will face-off in the ultimate event of the best CABAL PH gamers: Domination V, happening this April 2011.

First Circuit (i-Cafe Eliminations): CABAL Combo Masters

1. Participants must form a team composed of three (3) members who belong to the same server.

2. Each team member will be given three (3) tries to execute the most number of combos on the Training Dummy. The sum of all the highest combos of the entire team will be tallied (total of 3 sets of scores).

3. The team with the most number of combos (in total) will emerge as the CAFE Representative and will move towards the inter-cafe eliminations.

Second Circuit (Inter-Cafe Competition): CABAL Dungeon Legends

1. Each team representing the i-Cafe will compete with each other in a Dungeon Raid. Team members shall use their own accounts, characters and dungeon tickets.

2. Featured Dungeon for this competition is Illusion Castle (Lakeside).

3. The event facilitator will monitor the Finish Time of all the competing teams (i-Café level qualifiers), with the team who finishes the dungeon with the least amount of time declared the winner of inter-café competition and will move towards the culminating event.

Third Circuit (Culminating Level) : 3v3 CARNAGE Tournament

1. Inter-café competition qualifiers will compete in the 3×3 CARNAGE tournament. Participants will use pre-made characters provided by the CABAL PH Team, each with its own standard equipment and potions.

2. Tournament Style is 3v3 Guild War. In the eliminations and semi-final levels, the required kill count is six (6). The required kill count will be raised to ten (10) during the championships match.

3. Tournament system is Single eliminations. Losing teams may no longer compete in the tournament, while winning teams will advance to the rounds leading to the championships match. The team who wins the championships match will be declared the representative of the area and may chose to battle it out in the 3v3 National Tournament in Domination V.

4. At the end of the culminating events, 5 Teams who will advance to DOMINATION V:

Team 1: Davao Team
Team 2: Cebu Team
Team 3: North Luzon Team
Team 4: South Luzon Team
Team 5: NCR Team
Team 6: Wildcard Team

Rules and Regulations

1. All e-Games’ Terms and Conditions apply.

2. Registration will be conducted on a first-come, first-served basis. All team members must be present during registration.

3. E-Games employees are not allowed in any way to participate in the competition.

4. Winners from past national tournaments (Domination III & Domination IV) are not allowed to participate in the culminating event level.

5. All participants, upon registration, have agreed to play fairly at all times during the competition. The use of any third-party programs, exploitation of bugs or any similar activities that lead to an unfair advantage over their opponents is subject to verbal warning or eventual disqualification depending upon the discretion of the tournament facilitator.

6. The event facilitator reserves the right to disqualify any participant or team member on the ground of willful violation of any of the regulations of the tournament, or any irrelevant activities causing disturbance and delay to the flow of the tournament.

7. Teams may only change members after a certain tournament level provided that at least one (1) of the original team member remains. This means that teams cannot change their line-up for the whole duration of a certain circuit (café eliminations, inter-café competition).

8. All participants are expected to remain at the tournament venue during the competition. Failure to appear ten (10) minutes after the team or a single member is called will cause the tournament facilitator to commence the tournament without them/him (loss by default if team fails to appear).

9. Official complaints must be communicated to the event facilitator only by the team captain and only after a certain match (or round).

10. The event facilitator, being on top of the tournament proper, should be respected at all times. Punking, name-calling, cursing, threatening or causing physical damage to him may force him to disqualify the offender as he deems fit.

11. All rules and regulations not covered here will be explained by the tournament facilitator on the event proper.

Exciting, ‘di ba? So don’t forget to regularly tune in to CABAL Online’s official website for more news and details* about this awesome in-game tournaments and events! See you soon at Road to Domination 5!

*Contest mechanics are subject to change without prior notice