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CABAL Online Introduces the T-Point System | Cabal Online Philippines

Add more value to your game time with the T-Point System! With these T-Points, you’ll get access to free in-game stuff simply for playing CABAL Online!

How does it work?
A T-point is a bonus point that you acquire through playing CABAL Online. For every 10 minutes you spend playing CABAL Online, you get [1] 0ne T-Point! When you get enough T-Points, you can exchange these points for in-game items with the corresponding T-Points.

There will be certain limitations to acquiring T-Points in CABAL Online. You won’t be able to gain T-Points if:
– You are in a safe zone.
– You’re not active (AFK) for more than 5 minutes.
– You open a personal shop for more than 5 minutes
– You’re doing a social action (like dancing) for more than 5 minutes
– You’re using a dummy

The T-Point Shop can be accessed by opening the Cash Shop.
Users cannot get more than 200 T-Point as it is limited.
You can earn T-Points again after consuming or purchasing items from the T-Points Shop.

If you’re after a particular item and you need more T-Points, don’t worry, because the following actions can provide you extra T-Points on top of what you would normally earn:
– Using Blessing Beads
– Subscribing to different Premium Services

Platinum Service         +100% TP
Diamond Service         +200% TP
Blue Diamond Service     +300% TP
Warlord Service         +200% TP
Level Booster Service     +200% TP
Merchant Service         +200% TP
Blessing Bead Plus         +100% TP

The T-Point Shop will be opening this April 7, 2011*, so you better make the most out of your time in-game and rack up those points!

* All T-Points acquired before April 7, 2011 will be removed/reset during the Scheduled Service Maintenance.