00QT, a level 176 Blader from Mercury’s Capella faction and a member of the guild AnnoDomini, has been playing CABAL Online for 3 years. Let’s get to know our player of the week better through our interview.

Why do you like to play CABAL Online?
The interactive gameplay and the pvp system makes it unique from other MMORPGs

Favorite Place to Level:
Favorite ko na place tambayan ay PL, sa beach, pero pag nagpapa-level, sa appropriate level ko sa PI, syempre.

Favorite NPC:
hahaha! Astig porma ni Black Bard.

Most loved CABAL character:
Blader. Versatile. enuff said, hehe.

Most challenging quest:
Tyrant ring…hanggang ngayon, wala pa din ako nun.

Most hated mob/dungeon boss:
SYASOR of LOST ISLAND…nakakainis ‘yung SUMMON FIRE GOLEM, tapos mahirap patayin.

Most hated PvP opponent:
Angelwing, mgaling dn kc mg freestyle…hehehe

Favorite party members:
Astromz, PrinceIvan13, LordMytch, IrishCharm, lFatalRevengel, Jarisse, BabyAyesha…mga guildmates n mgaling sa cooperation pg dating sa dungeon

Any Crushes:
None I guess in-game…but ANGEL LOCSIN and Kristin Kreuk sa CELEBS wahahaha!

Tips for newbie players:
Always read forums and guides; sometimes what we need is just one read away.Respect your co-players. This will give you a great reputation in-game, lumakas ka man o hindi, respected ka nila kasi nirespeto mo sila.

What is your greatest achievement in CABAL Online? :
My greatest achievement was when my guild reached the top 20 guilds in the rankings for mercury. I’m proud I made a guild which is, until now, keeps on climbing the rankings.

Give a Shoutout to your friends:
to all ANNODOMINI, and other friends, UNLEASHED, SOVE lalo kay angelwing(son), at sa mga nkasabayan ko nuon pa man, e sna wag ntin kasawaan un game, let’s not make it just an online game but like a SOCIAL NETWORK where we can interact with one another…- GUNGRAVE/00QT here