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CABAL Online Player of the Week: andjiel | Cabal Online Philippines

andjiel the wizard has been a CABAL player for almost three years, and in that time, she has reached level 169 with the help of her Capellan guildmates from Saturn, Nightingale. You will often see her at her favorite training gorunds: dungeons. andjiel says dungeons are great for leveling because “It’s like shooting three birds with one stone. You get to open chests with fantastic items, chat with your party and gain descent exp and axp at the same time.“

Let’s get to know more about andjiel through her interview

Why do you like to play CABAL Online?
It’s the best MMORPG in terms of graphics, gameplay and game environment. Even non-gamers (like me) were drawn by its awesomeness!

Favorite NPC:
Lady Yekaterina. She’s the Biggest NPC in cabal and the most useful as well.

Most loved CABAL character?
I love wizards. Wizards are like the all-around party member of choice and the most fashionable as well

Most challenging quest:
Supporter T quest in Lug queens. Those mosquitoes really hurt when I was just a young, helpless wizard; and they’re not very generous with their quest drops back then.

Most hated mob/dungeon boss:
I really despise the third Syasor in Forbidden Island. He’s really offensive and puts you down all the time (what an attitude that monster has)

Most hated PvP opponent?
Force Shielders (their crits are to die for)

Favorite party members:
As a Wizard, I always prefer a Warrior first. Their fury shout and panic cry skills are all you need to finish most dungeons; and when the going gets tougher, a force blader would surely get things easy breezy.

Any Crushes?
I’m hoping Santini is back online

Tips for newbie players:
Don’t let the limitations of your chosen class get in the way of your goals. Nothing is impossible if you have the right skills, knowledge and attitude.

What is your greatest achievement in CABAL Online?
I would have to say that gaining the Luminosity Bringer title (before the new Lord of war system) is a shocker for me. I hoped and tried so hard, like most players do, to gain that title but I never imagined that I could actually get it (using just average items and equipments and absolutely no third party shenanigans). It was surreal! I was ecstatic back then; I could still remember my first global shout… andjiel: << cute

Give a Shout-out to your friends:
To all my old, new and lost friends, thanks for all your support and kindness. It really means a lot… I would also like to give a shout out to all Cabal-playing nurses, especially those inside the care of the Nightingale guild (formerly BoardofNursing guild). You guys are awesome!!!