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CABAL Online Player of the Week: Danby | Cabal Online Philippines

Danby, a level 180 FB from Mars’ Procyon faction and a member of the guild “Civilian, has been playing CABAL Online for more almost 2 years. Aside from marvelling at the graphics and gameplay mechanics, Danby is also into the lore of the game. “Try to play the game in such a way na maiintindihan nyo ung storyline nya and mageenjoy ka at the very same time”, says Danby. Let’s get to know him better via our interview.

Why do you like to play CABAL Online?
Cool graphics and ung nabuong friendship namin sa guild is hindi matawaran tlga.

Favorite Place to Level:
Pontus Ferrum

Favorite NPC:
Yerte – remind’s me of my grandmom…

Most loved CABAL character:
Freed : G.I. Joe look-a-like eh. im a big fan of GI-Joe since pagkabata.

Most challenging quest:
Leth Tyrant’s Power Sealed Within

Most hated mob/dungeon boss:
Leth Tyrant. Grabe ang damage, parang ayaw magpapatay. lakas pa sa alz kasi madaming odd kailangan bitbitin.

Most hated PvP opponent:
Warrior. Lakas kahit sa freestyle na laro e.

Favorite party members:
WI WA. SP + FURY + MORALE = dungeon ownage.

Any Crushes:
maby : former Civilian Guild member hahahaha.. < landi

What is your greatest achievement in CABAL Online?
R2D5: North Luzon Leg Champions, Domination5: 3v3 Carnage Tourney: 1st Place Winners > w/ ImperatorEbongz and KiLuah of Civilian Guild

Tips for newbie players:
Try to play the game in such a way na maiintindihan nyo ‘yung storyline nya and mage-enjoy ka at the very same time. Yes, enjoyable s’ya sobra kasi sa graphics, pero there is more to the game than what meets the eye (“autobots transform” LOL).

Pero, kidding aside, yes merong enjoyment kang mafi-feel syempre if you were able to beat the game and at the same time understand what the game was meant to bring. In a sense, Cabal will provide you enjoyment beyond any other games out there. (naks sounded biased, pero hindi).

Give a Shoutout to your friends:
thank you talga sa lahat ng pumunta at sumuporta sa civilian guild. Sa mga hindi pa nababaog dyan, welcome na welcome kayo sumali sa civilian guild, PM n’yo lang kami in-game. ANIMO BAOG!