Games, Goodies and so much MORE are in store for the 2019 installment of PlayPark Game Fest 2019. Gamers from all over the Philippines are invited for fun-filled weekends.

Cabal Door Prize

Fee: 100 PHP


  • Arcana of chaos +15 [30D]
  • Arcana of laws +15 [30D]
  • Carnelian +15 [30D]
  • Chaos Talisman +10 [30D]
  • Gale elixir x10
  • Typhoon elixir x10


  • Force Gem x100
  • Potion of Luck (100M)
  • Blessing Beads Ultimate [30D]
  • Inexhaustible HP Potion Lv.4 [15D]
  • Inexhaustible MP Potion Lv.4 [15D]


  • STRICTLY, 1 door prize per account per person for ALL succeeding legs of PlayPark GameFest 2019.
  • There will be NO considerations for incorrect/wrong information provided by the player.
  • The management has all the rights to deny any attendee who cannot provide accurate and sufficient account information needed for awarding.

Visit us in the following dates to get our exciting door prize: 

PlayPark rules and prizes are subject to change without prior notice.