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CABAL Reloaded EP 24: Ascension Patch Notes

CABAL Reloaded EP 24: Ascension Patch Notes

Are you ready to ascend to new heights, Cabalists?

The long wait is over! Cabal Online PH will launch the latest updates this month. Let’s all check what’s coming in the World of Nevareth.


I. NEW: Force Wing Transcendence

A. Force Wing can be transcended when the maximum level is reached. (Max Level: 100)

B. How to transcend:

1. When Force Wing Max Level is reached, a ‘Transcendence’ button will be created in the original Force Wing UI

2. Once the Transcendence Button is clicked, a ‘Force Wing Transcendence’ window will pop-up

2.1 Required Item (Essence of Wing) for Transcending the Force Wing will be shown

2.2 Shown as (Current Quantity No.) / (Required), may click Transcendence button to Rank-Up one step if materials are available

C. New Item Added

1. Item Name: Essence of Wing

2. How to attain: Legendary Box drop in Holia Windhill Dungeon

3. Required No.: 15 pcs. for first trial of Transcending

D. Transcendence Result

1. Force Wing Rank rises one stage (Normal Level → Rare Level)

2. Force Wing is reset to Lv 1.

3. Able to change looks of Wing sand color of Force Wing button shown in the upper left of the screen

E. Growth of Force Wing

1. EXP gained from attacking dummies will be decreased by 30% (Same EXP gained when attacking monsters)

2. Training Points

2.1 Training Points gained immediately by becoming Rare Level through Force Wing Transcending

2.2 After reaching Lv.20 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 10, 1 point of training point will be gained

F. Force Wing Stats

1. Same as before the HP, All Attack, Defense will increase by 1 every level

2. Though the level is reset, stats will continue to accumulate and increase

-> Example: When Force Wing Rare is Lv. 50, then HP +150 / All Attack+150 / Defense +150

G. Force Wing Skill

1. When Force Wing is transcended, the level of the gained Wing Skill will rise automatically

2. Skill Stat

II. NEW: “Holia Windhill: Dungeon

A. Dungeon Quest

1. Name: Holia Windhill

2. Requirement: Upper Lv. 131

3. Type: Normal Quest (No Repeat)

4. Related NPC: Yerte (Core Alchemist) from Port Lux

5. Reward: Mysterious Piece from a Stone Statue (Account Bind)

B. Dungeon Information

1. Requirement: Upper LV. 130 / Upper BS LV. 11 / Force Wing activated Character

2. Duration: 25 minutes

3. Port Lux (X:23, Y:25)

4. Entry Item

4.1 Mysterious piece from a Stone Statue (Account bind)

4.2 Peddler Unon from Bloody Ice sells at (15,000,000 Alz + x10 Force Essence)

5. Reward: 5 DP

6. Entry Member: Maximum 2

7. Daily Dungeon Entry limit: 3 Times / Reset available up to 2 times(Cost: Each 15,30 Force Gems)

8. Daily Play Time: NONE

C. Dungeon Drops



D. Dungeon Clear Achievement & Title

1. Holia Windhill Added to Guild Treasure [Dungeon] Category

2. Holia Windhill Dungeon clear mission added to Guild Mission Festival

III. EXPANDED: Merit Mastery System – ‘Platinum’ Insignia

A. Split Merit Mastery

  1. Split Merit Mastery
    • Merit Mastery divided into Golden Insignia and Insignia Badge
    • Golden Insignia: Original Merit Mastery. Appliedto Characters upper Lv.170 in account
    • Platinum Insignia: NewMerit Mastery. Applied to Character upper Lv.200 in account
  2. Golden Insignia, Platinum Insignia Tab added in MeritMastery UI

B. Merit Rank-Up

  1. Rank-Up Condition
    • Gain All Masteries of Golden Insignia
    • Used all of Golden Insignia Merit Points
  2. When conditions are met,Rank-Up button will activate in Platinum Insignia UI
  3. Rank-UpIngredients: 100 Merit MedalExchange Tickets + Wexp 20,000
  4. Rank-Up Result
    • Golden Insignia Rank Up to Platinum Insignia
    • Platinum Insignia Merit Points will be given when Merit Medal is reported(Merit Score given by Merit Medal Level will be same as before when Merit Medal is reported)
    • The extra 30% Honor Score given when Max Level of Merit was reached, will be applied only after Rank up

C. Platinum Insignia Mastery

  1. Merit Score&Point: Max Merit Scoreis360,542 points, Max Merit Point is 2,052
  2. Mastery Category
    • Organize into 6 categories in total(Stat by Category stated in the graph below)
    • Merit Score needed for learning all the masteries is 3,472 points. So, only up to 4 out of 6 categories can be learnt depending on the combination of categories.
    • Color classification made by category list according to mastery acquisition status
      • Categories with no Mastery gained will be indicated in white
      • Categories with at least one Mastery will be indicated in the relevant Mastery Memory number color(each Mastery has a given color)
    • Required Merit Score and Stat by each Mastery Category

D. Platinum Insignia Mastery Slot Added

  1. Insignia Mastery Slot must be opened to earn the Mastery
  2. Cancel Opening of Mastery Slot
    • May click to cancel opening the Slot, in order to open another Slot and etc.
    • Materials used for opening the Slot cannot be returned
  3. Slot Open Materials and Time Required(The more open slots, the more materials and time required)


E. Special Mystery

  1. Activate Special Mastery
    • Activated by learning ‘Expand Special Mastery’ in each Mastery Category(May only learn up to 4)
  2. Grant Special Mastery Stats
    • Click ‘Grant Special Mastery’ button under each category
    • Grant Stat Recipe:5 Merit medal Exchange Tickets + Wexp 1,000
    • 2 Special Stats will be granted at the same time in random
    • Stats may be granted in categories that special Mastery is not activated(However, will be activated after Special Mastery is activated)
    • Special Mastery Stats by each Category

F. Master Memory

  1. Save current Mastery Memory status
  2. How to Start
    1. Click registration button at the top of Platinum Insignia UI (to register Mastery Memory on Quick slot)
    2. Choose icon one of No.1/No.2/No.3 page to register on Quick Slot
    3. When using registered Quick Slot of Mastery Memory, current status will be saved
    4. Page number can be changed after registration
  3. Saves Special Mastery
  4. Can make Mastery combination anytime by using Mastery Memory
  5. Slot open Status is same even if user changes Pages

G. Item ‘Elixir of Golden Insignia’ added

  1. Using Elixir gives Golden Insignia point (Same use as other Elixir)
  2. Limit on simultaneous usage
    • Can be used up to maximum Merit Points (max 9,999 can used at the same time)
    • Unable to use Elixir when already reached maximum Golden Insignia Point
    • Unable to use when Golden Insignia is already ranked up to Platinum Insignia
  3. Rewards only Character or Account-Binding, Unable to register on Agent Shop
  4. Added ‘Elixir of Golden Insignia’ to Special Coupon Machine
    • Exchange condition: 300 Coupons

IV. RENEW: Character Face & Hairstyle

A. Female Renewal character Face(4 types), Hairstyle(7 types)

B. Male Renewal character Face(4 types), Hairstyle(7 types)

V. RENEW: In Game Cash Shop

A. Added in game cash shop quick Slot icon at Bottom left Menu Bar

  1. Same icon shown as Remote Shop/Grocer’s Cash shop icon
  2. Added WEB Indicator to Distinguish WEB Item Shop
  3. Reorganized Icon location, Left Side –In game reward, Shop / Right Side – Game play function

B. Expansion/Change In Game Cash Shop UI

  1. Expanded Cash Shop UI to 3 Rows
  2. Added Force Gem amount count
  3. Changed Cash icon

C. Added ‘Package’ tab to In game Cash Shop


  1. Only can purchase during certain period of time
  2. Only the number of times marked can be purchased per account
  3. Added preview function
    • Can preview main item of Package item
    • Now support Zoom and Rotate
    • Unable to Preview Costume if current character is not available to equip


I. Guild treasure category expansion & reward ‘Time Reducer’ added

A. Added Guild Treasure Category [Currency]

  1. Guild treasure[Currency] can be received only when player purchases Cash Shop Package Item
  2. Automatically create treasure not consuming BP(Battle Point) While purchasing Package Item (Shows system message only without character name)
  3. Treasure earned by [Currency] Category is not affecting Contribution rank

B. New item ‘Time Reducer – Platinum Insignia’ added

  1. Reduces opening time of Platinum Insignia Mastery Slot
  2. Can receive from Guild Treasure
    • Randomly given in Guild Treasure level 5min / 10min / 30min / 1hr / 3hrs / 8hrs / 12hrs / 1day / 3days (Account Binding Item)
  3.  How to use:
    • Click ‘Open accelerate’ button in Platinum Insignia UI
    • Right Click ‘Time Reducer’ Item in inventory
  4. Maximum use condition
    • (Number of available item) X (Reduce effect of One item) < (Remaining Slot Open time) + (Use Smaller Time Reducer(5hrs) / One Item’s Time Reduce effect)
    • (Ex) If Remaining Time is 17h 20m, Can use 3 Time Reducer(8h) / 6 Time Reducer(3h) / 18 Time Reducer(1h)

C. List of Guild Treasure Item

  • Adjusted original reward’s receiving chance due to adding reward ‘Time Reducer’


II. Current time Clock(24-hour) Added to the bottom left of the screen
III. Yellow Bead Item Sale to NPC Chloe Shop Added

A. Sell Item : Yellow Bead X 127

B. Price : 3,810,000 Alz

IV. ‘Command Potion’ BP regenerate Potion Added

A. Instantly restores BP when used.

B.Stackable up to 999

C. Type / Amount of Store rate

  1. Command Potion (lv. 1) – 1,000 BP Restoration Rate
  2. Command Potion (lv. 2) – 2,000 BP Restoration Rate
  3. Command Potion (lv. 3) – 3,000 BP Restoration Rate
  4. Command Potion (lv. 4) – 5,000 BP Restoration Rate
  5. Command Potion (lv. 5) – 10,000 BP Restoration Rate


A. [Costume] Doll mask –  Fire dragon

B. [Costume] Doll mask –  Water dragon

C. [Vehicle Costume]Defender of Sky – King Leo

D. [Vehicle Costume] Knight Dragon

E. [Vehicle Costume] Red Knight Dragon

F. [Vehicle Costume] Black Knight Dragon

G. [Vehicle Costume] Cute Little Phoenix

H. [ Force Wing Costume]Star Fly Wing (Blue)

I. [ Force Wing Costume]Star Fly Wing (Yellow)

J. [ Force Wing Costume]Star Fly Wing (Emerald)


I. Extended Maximum Slot of Essence Rune

A. Extended Maximum Slot of Essence Rune (Before 30 After 60)

B. Extended Number of Usable Rune Extender

1. Before: Basic 16 + Extension 16 = Maximum 32 Slots

2. After: Basic 16 + Extension 44 = Maximum 60 Slots

C. Rune Slot Extender – Changed Essence Item Description / Changed Number of unused Rune Slot indicator

II. Object Changed in Processing Quest ‘The Last Apocalypse’

A. Target Quest: The Last Apocalypse Card (Process condition: Upper Lv.82)

B. Improved Easier to find the necessary object to proceed

III. How to Gain Drosnin’s Earrings

A. Before: After finishing ‘Cursed Drosnin’ quest, certain percentage drop from reward box

B.After: Can be gained by certain percentage drop by clearing the last boss without guest

1. Boss Monster ‘Ratzel of Reason and Wind’ does not drop the key of wind any more

IV. Improvement / Modification Guild Treasure function

A. Disables Reward button If Guild Treasure is expired

1. Disable Reward Status when Guild Reward time is Expired

2. Expired Guild Treasure will be removed from the list when re-login

B. Added Indicator when Gold Treasure Box is not received

1. Indicates Gold Treasure Point gauge Status If Gold Treasure Box is receivable

2. Indicates Current Gold Treasure Point Gauge After receiving Gold Treasure Box

3. Only 1 Gold Treasure Box Can Maintain receivable status

C. Changed Gold Treasure Point of Guild Treasure [Battle] category

V. Extended Number of Items Indicating Cash Shop Inventory

A. Before Only 16 pages(Total of 128 Items) were displayed, but changed to display from 129th item

B. Deleted Message ‘Maximum 128 items’ at Lower part of Shop inventory

VI. Improved and Changed the progress of some quests

A. Changed warp location of several quest dungeons after clearing or failing in dungeon

B. Relocated Dungeon Quest Object ‘Skaild’s room’ when Proceeding Quest ‘Where is Skaild?

C. Changed Target Monster for several Quests

VII.Changed Preview Equipment appearance when creating Character (Archridium –>Demonite)

VIII. Changed Name ‘Change Kit(Hair Style) – Novice’ Hair style list –> ‘Change Kit(Hair Style) Type A~D’

IX. System message is showing option value when user gains dropped Elixir type item

X. Error Fixed Guild Treasure receive

A. Error Fixed Guild Treasure cannot be received if number of Elixir exceeds the maximum number of Stack

XI. Error Fixed Guild Treasure Receive All not functioning in Certain situation

A. When Inventory has different Time value item and not Guild Treasure, Not able to receive Guild Treasure.

XII. Error Fixed Abnormal Drops of Chakram in some Fields

A. Undead Ground : Omission of Shadow Titanium Chakram drop

B. Forgotten Ruin: Omission of Shadow Titanium Chakram drop

C. Mutant Forest: Omission of MithrilChakram drop (AMP Scroll is attached in slot)

XIII. Error Fixed Unknown Disconnection when Attacking gate with moving Attack skill

XIV. Error Fixed Not Attacking When After Attacking Overlapped Monsters and Move

A. Fixed Skill: Assassinate, Whirl wind(Attack From Side)

XV.Error Fixed Unexpected Crash of Client when Gladiator use Fadeaway skill

XVI. Error Fixed Attack Power not changing When Auto Normal Attacks(lack of MP)

A. Occurs When Character’s location is not movable position

XVII. Error Fixed Item Shadow Aramid Epaulet of Guardian Option Indicated repeatedly

A. Evade + 50 is Correct

XVIII. Error Fixed Wizard, Force Archer could buy Sword Skillbook& use

A. Delete Skillbook From Buylist

1. Beginner: Flash Draw, Impact Step

2. Regular: Rising Shot

3. Expert: Round Cut

XIX. Error Fixed Gladiator Illusion Flight Skill tool tip was indicated larger than the actual area
XX. Error fixed when Force Wing not showing up after checking ‘Battle mode 3 Helmet/Armor indication OFF’ option

A.Not showed when ‘show all’ or ‘only show my wings’ / battle mode 3 Helmet/Armor indication OFF’ option is checked

XXI. Error Fixed When Bulk Receives(Alt+Left Click), Wrong quantity of item indicated In Item Shop Inventory

XXII. Error Fixed abnormal indication of Few Items in Special Gift Box Item Log

XXIII. Fixed Error Chat editor color text output error fixed

XXIV. Changes in Flame Nest DX Dungeon Entry Value (5,000,000 Alz + x1 Divine Stone) Item: Devil’s Broken Horn



I. Error Fixed User Disconnected from Server When Warp to Country Reward in Mission War
Happy gaming, Cabalists!

Note: Details are subject to change without prior notice.

– CABAL Online PH Team


Ascension: In-game Events

Ascension: In-game Events

Ascension Boost! 

Citizens of Nevareth!

Start grinding and enjoy the Ascension Kick-off Boost!
Don’t miss the 200% EXP boost in all channels.

Event Period: April 23 to May 24, 2020


Ascension Level Up! 

Start grinding and level up to get awesome in-game items.

Event Period: April 23 to May 24, 2020



Ascension Legendary Box

Gang up and hunt for the “A-S-C-E-N-S-I-O-N” letters in dungeons with your party mates to win in-game prizes! Trade your collected letter for a Legendary Box from NPC Yul to win awesome prizes.

Event Period: May 14 to June 15, 2020

Exchange Legendary Box before June 15, 2020 at 12:00 AM (GMT+8)




Note: Original event period was until June 8, 2020 only. Due to unforeseen technical issues arose before/during maintenance last May 7, event activation was postponed. Therefore, the event will run until June 15, 2020 at 12:00 AM (GMT+8)

Ascension Expend 

Spend and get rewarded!

Event Period: May 14 to June 15, 2020

*All items are set to character bind.

Happy Gaming CABALists!

-CABAL Online PH Team

CABAL Reloaded: Road to Domination II

CABAL Reloaded: Road to Domination II

Attention CABALists! 

With the rapid changing events related to the Coranavirus (CoViD-19) pandemic, all upcoming on-ground events are postponed until further notice.

In light to that, Cabal Online PH Team will help you make the most out of this quarantine. Expect more online events coming your way.

Stay safe and play at home, Cabalist!

CABAL Reloaded: Domination 2 Kick-off!

CABAL Reloaded: Domination 2 Kick-off!

Attention CABALists! 

With the rapid changing events related to the Coranavirus (CoViD-19) pandemic, all upcoming on-ground events are postponed until further notice.

In light to that, Cabal Online PH Team will help you make the most out of this quarantine. Expect more online events coming your way.

Stay safe and play at home, Cabalist!

CABALentines: February Event

CABALentines: February Event

Love is in the air, Cabalists!

This heart’s month, exciting journey are happening across the lands of Nevareth. Be part of CABALentines events! Spread hearts and luck this season!


Start grinding and enjoy the CABALentines Boost!

Don’t miss out the 200% EXP boost in all channels!

Event Period: February 13 to 29, 2020


Citizens of Nevareth!

Upgrade your tokens and  to exchange them for normal and craftsman items in NPC YUL’s Shop.


Event Period: February 13 to 29, 2020





Collect the Roses across the vast land of Nevareth and turn it into a bouquet to win in-game items. Complete the seven levels and win more!

Event Period: February 13 to 29, 2020


Collection Details

Required Item Details

BOUQUET Item Exchange


*Click on the photo

CHOCOLATE & ROSE Item Exchange



Call out the gang and battle in the world of Nevareth! Kill the Monster Spawns and get awesome in-game items.

Event Period: February 13 to 29, 2020


Start grinding and level up to get awesome in-game items.

Event Period: February 13 to 29, 2020


*Click on the photo

January 2020: SNS Event

January 2020: SNS Event

Streamer ng CABAL sa 2020

Calling all the brave citizens of Nevareth! Let your voice be heard and let the world see you in CABALtastic action. 😎🔥

Fire up your gear and stream yourself playing Cabal Online PH on Facebook. Reach a views milestone and immediately WIN! awesome in-game rewards.


1. All citizens of Nevareth are eligible to join.
2. Login and play Cabal Online PH.
3. Stream your game with the heading:

“Playing Cabal Online PH Reloaded Now!


#CABALOnlinePH #CABALStreamTeam”

4. Tag five (5) of your friends and PlayPark Cabal Online PH page(@PlayPark.Cabal.PH).
5. Set your stream to Public. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.
6. Fill up the form to register your stream: https://forms.gle/9v36B9u2uZVZZEMGA
7. Event Schedule: January 15 – 30, 2020.
8. Winner Announcement: February 3, 2020


• Blessing Beads Ultimate [15D]
• Epaulet of Charisma Panda [7D]
• Force Gem (50)
• Inexhaustible HP Potion Lv.4 [15D]
• Inexhaustible MP Potion Lv.4 [15D]
• Blessing Bead EXP 100% [7D]
• Blessing Beads Ultimate [30D]
• Epaulet of Charisma Panda [15D]
• Force Gem (x100)
• Megaphone 50pcs
• Inexhaustible HP Potion Lv.4 [30D]
• Inexhaustible MP Potion Lv.4 [30D]
• Blessing Bead EXP 100% [15D]
• Blessing Beads Ultimate [60D]
• Epaulet of Charisma Panda [30D]
• Force Gem (x120)
• Megaphone 100pcs
• Hyper Odd Circle 20pcs
• Inexhaustible HP Potion Lv.4 [60D]
• Inexhaustible MP Potion Lv.4 [60D]
• Blessing Bead EXP 100% [30D]
🏅 Get more than 5,000 views and we will give away :
  • Introducer of the New World Title [30D]
  • [Costume] Good and Evil [15D]
    • Epic: CRI 7% Slot 1: MCR 1% Slot 2: MCR 1% Slot 3: MCR 1%
  • Additional Force Gems (x100)

Come on and stream your way to lots of goodies!

#CABALOnlinePH #CABALStreamTeam

Note: All items are character bind.

Happy Gaming CABALists!

-CABAL Online PH Team