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Christmas NPC Events go live this December 19th! | Cabal Online Philippines

Christmas is almost here, and to celebrate the season we have some great events! Christmas in Nevareth means spending some quality time with family and friends, giving gifts… and mercilessly slaughtering the giant Santa! For the next four (4) weeks (until the 4th of January 16, 2014) you can take part in the following Holiday NPC Events!


Each evening, from 6:00 pm until 11:00 pm CABAL Time, you can enjoy the following boosts:

  •     EXP +50%
  •     Skill EXP +50%
  •     WEXP +50%
  •     AXP +50%

And on Christmas Day (December 25, 2013), the following huge bonus boosts will be activated for the whole day!

  •     EXP +125%
  •     Skill EXP +125%
  •     WEXP +125%
  •     AXP +125%
  •     PetEXP +125%


Daily Dungeon Rewards

This Holiday season, the Sages of Nevareth will provide additional rewards for your daily dungeon raids.
Special Effector pieces will be automatically part of your reward when you complete a specific dungeon three to six times a day!
Happy raiding and good luck!

Bad Santa Invasion

The bad spirits trapped in a cursed treasure chest found in the Forbidden Island were released and took possession of a giant elf tasked to bring gifts to the citizen of Nevareth. Slay these Bad Santas and earn special items you can use in time for the Yuletide season!

Event Monster: Bad Santa
Spawn Location: Forgotten Ruin (all channels)
Respawn Time: 240 Minutes
Item Drop: 10 Items (MAX)

List of Possible Items that drop:
Minesta’s Sapphire Charm [1D]
Minesta’s Sapphire Charm [Permanent]
Minesta’s Ruby Charm [1D]
Minesta’s Ruby Charm [Permanent]
Minesta’s Emerald Charm [1D]
Minesta’s Emerald Charm [Permanent]
Minesta’s Amber Charm [1D]
Minesta’s Amber Charm [Permanent]
Astral Bike Card – RW3 [1D]
Astral Bike Card – RW3 [Permanent]
Ring of Luck +2 [1D]
Ring of Luck +2 [Permanent]
Critical Ring +2 [1D]
Critical Ring +2 [Permanent]
Ring of Luck +3 [1D]
Ring of Luck +3 [Permanent]
Critical Ring +3 [1D]
Critical Ring +3 [Permanent]
Solo Snowman (Normal)
Couple Snowman (Normal)
Limbic Tonsil Cell

HOLIDAY Letter Collection and Exchange

The spirit of Christmas is spreading across the lands of Nevareth and each of the monsters are participating on the celebration as they drop Christmas letters as you slay them.

Collect these letters and spell the word S.A.N.T.A. or X.M.A.S and proceed to NPC Yul to have them  exchanged for a special Christmas random box! Good luck!

Exchange Conditions:
1 Christmas Wreath = 1 Event Letter X, 1 Event Letter M, 1 Event Letter A, 1 EVent Letter S + 100,000 ALZ
1 Gift from Santa = 1 Event Letter S, 2 Event Letter A, 1 Event Letter N, 1 EVent Letter T + 100,000 ALZ

Random Items from the Christmas Wreath:
Megaphone [5ea]
Fury Potion (Lv. 3) [1ea]
Blessing Bead – Request Slot (8) [1D][1D]
Odd Circle [1ea]
Superior Odd Circle [1ea]
Protection of Veradrix [1ea]
Chloe’s Token [1ea]
Hardness Capsule Lv. 6
Hardness Capsule Lv. 8
Summons of Heroes [1ea]
Leap of Heroes [1ea]
Frontier Stone [5H]
Christmas Tree(Fancy) [3H]
Freeze Santa(Fancy) [3H]
Stomp Santa(Fancy) [3H]
Strike Santa(Fancy) [3H]
Walking Santa(Fancy) [3H]
Chase Santa(Fancy) [3H]
Ouch! Santa(Fancy) [3H]
Little House(Fancy) [3H]
Dialogue Bubble – Merry Christmas [3H]
Premium Shop Sign [1D]
Oath of Sacrifice [2H]
Oath of Protection [2H]
Holy Water of Fighter [1ea]
Holy Water of Sage [1ea]
Holy Water of Critical Strike [1ea]

Random Items from the Santa Gift Box:
Copy of Map Part [3D]
Copy of Muster Card [3D]
Copy of Epaulet of Undead [3D]
Map Part [3D]
Muster Card: Ruina Station [3D]
Epaulet of Undead B1F [3D]
Epaulet of Undead B2F [3D]
Epaulet of Undead B3F [3D]
Seal of Darkness [3D]
Muster Card: Forgotten Temple B1F [3D]
Muster Card: Forgotten Temple B2F [3D]
Crest of Siena B1F [3D]
Crest of Siena B2F [3D]
Copy of Illusive Apocalyse [3D]
Apocalyse of Other Dimension [3D]
Lost Island Compass [3D]
Hacked Code Disk [3D]
Explorer’s Journal [3D]
Explorer’s Special Journal [3D]
Frozen Clue [3D]
New Frozen Clue [3D]
Ruined Train Card [3D]
Another Ruined Train Card [3D]
Ever-heated Lava Stone [3D]
Ever-heated Hot Lava Stone [3D]
Minesta Training Book Chapter 28
Minesta Training Book Chapter 29
Minesta Training Book Chapter 30
Minesta Training Book Chapter 31