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CRUX BATTLE OF THE BEST II | Cabal Online Philippines

Event Dates: August 6 to August 24 (M-W-F)


    • This event is for all class. Exclusive on Crux Server only.
    • Only the first 8 registrants will be qualified per week: Division: Level 79 to 119
    • This is a single elimination only.
    • Tournament Style: (1v1 Freestyle PVP)
    • Best of 3 for the Final Match.


    • TPP is strictly forbidden.
    • No BM1, BM2, only Aura is allowed.
    • Bringer and Guardian titles are not allowed.
    • Event prizes such as 10th Anniversary Door Prize, unique costumes, etc will not be allowed.
    • Participants are not allowed to change guilds during the duration of the tournament.
    • The use of items (ex: Return Stone, Warp Item, Resurrection Item) or buff potions is also prohibited.
    • Players cannot hide in towns during the start of the duel.
    • Players cannot be buffed by other players. Before they buff themselves, they shall be partied with the Game Master in-charge and with their opponent. Party buffs are not allowed.
      The main purpose of the party with the official and your opponent is to monitor the buffs and HP.
    • Players are expected 30 minutes before their schedule (2PM on the said date).
    • Tournament map is Port Lux.
    • Rules and Schedule are subject to change by the organizer at any time.
    • The decision of the Judge is FINAL
    • We will accommodate waiting lists should there be any instances that a participant fail to show up during the match.


July 30 – August 3 (Week 1 Match: August 6, 8, 10)
August 6 – August 10 (Week 2 Match: August 13, 15, 17)
August 13 – August 17 (Week 3 Match: 20, 22, 24)

Send your entries to ph.cabalph@gmail.com, with the following details together with your character screenshot.

IGN: I Am Kiel
Server: CRUX
Class: Force Gunner
Level: 99
Guild: Cabal GM Team


    • Please note that equipping durational items are not allowed.
    • Each match will be conducted through a knockout system Elims, Semis and Race to 2 for Finals
    • Matches will only last for 5 Minutes. Technical issues and concerns will be entertained during the first 2 minute of the match given that there is no dead character within the 2-minute mark.
    • Each system will gain points as you win the match and we will post weekly the ranking based on your accumulated scores.

      • The overall winner will be based on the total accumulated points weekly.
      • Scoring System sample:



      • Champion
        • 7D Happy Bully Title
        • Force Gem x150
        • 15D Blessing Bead Ultimate
      • Runner Up
        • 3D Happy Bully Title
        • Force Gem x100
        • 7D Blessing Bead Ultimate
      • Consolation
        • Force Gem X50
        • 7D Blessing Bead Ultimate


    • Champion
      • 30D My Mom’s Friend’s Son Title
      • 30D [Unique Costume] Hip Hop Spirit All Skill Amp +15%
      • 30D Blessing Bead Ultimate
      • 15D Charisma Panda Epaulet
      • Force Gems x300
    • Runner Up
      • 15D My Mom’s Friend’s Son Title
      • 15D [Unique Costume] Hip Hop Spirit All Skill Amp +15%
      • 15D Blessing Bead Ultimate
      • 7D Charisma Panda Epaulet
      • Force Gems x150
    • Consolation
      • 7D [Unique Costume] Hip Hop Spirit All Skill Amp +15%
      • 7D Blessing Bead Ultimate
      • 3D Charisma Panda Epaulet
      • Force Gems x50

Disclaimer: Participants are not allowed to change their In-game name while the event is ongoing. PlayPark Tournament Rules are subject to change without prior notice.