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Have your Very Own Guild Booth on Domination V! | Cabal Online Philippines

Come up with your best Guild Booth Proposal and have a chance to set-up your very own Guild Booth on Domination V!


1. Open to all registered Guilds in CABAL Online Philippines.

2. Guilds who are interested to set up their own guild booth must fill up the following details and submit an email to cabalphcommunity@gmail.com with the subject CABAL Guild Booth Proposal

Guild Name:

Number of Members:
Character Name of Guild Leader:

Name of Contact Person for Guild Booth and Contact Number:

Guild Booth Proposal:


Guild Name: Guild Wafu

Server: Jupiter

Number of Members: 20

Character Name of Guild Leader: CMVinse

Name of Contact Person for Guild Booth and Contact Number: Vinse, 09154872200

Proposal: We plan to set up a booth wherein we can recruit new members to our guilds by providing a registration sheet and sell some of our guild shirts and other stuffs. We also have a cool guild banner that we can put in the booth as well as an awesome video of our guild activities which we can flash in the laptop we intend to bring.

3. Your Guild booth Proposal should be as descriptive as it can be. Make sure to include in the email anything you wish to do in your booth. Basically, you can use the booth for the following functions:

1. Recruit new members

2. Gather your existing guild members

3. Sell/distribute guild merchandise

4. Do events/games for your guild members

Very Important: Please provide details of the merchandise you intend to sell or the mechanics of the events/ activities that you plan to do.

Guild booth is 1×3 meters with chairs and a long table.

4. Only one guild will be picked and allowed to set up their booth on Domination.

5. Deadline of submission of Guild booth proposal is on March 29 (Tuesday).

6. Winning Guild with the best proposal will be announced on Wednesday, March 30 and the contact person specified in the email will be contacted by the CM for more information.