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January 2013 Calendar of Events | Cabal Online Philippines

Hey Cabalists!

The holiday season is not yet over!

To celebrate the brand new year, catch the blessing of the Three Kings who will visit Nevareth and join the Magi’s Gift event to win unique and exciting prizes!

In addition, share the fun-filled memories that you had with your friends in the Paskolitan Guild Photos 2012.

Moreover, the next chapter of the Arcane Trace story will be revealed. 

GM Buff (Buff of the Three Kings)


1. The 3 GM Kings will announce the channel of the scheduled server.

2. The 3 GM Kings (GM Baltarzar, GM Gaspar, GM Melchor) will buff all the players within the area for ten (10) minutes.

Bring Me (Magi’s Gifts)

1. The GM will start by announcing the event channel and map of the scheduled server.

2. The GM will reveal the required items that will be traded to the hidden GM.

3. The first three (3) players (3 kings/3 Queens) who will find the hidden GM and trade the required items will win.

Hint: The GM needs thirteen (13 ) pieces of all the required items as part of the “2013” New Year celebration.

2-3 weeks for the prize insertion.


Paskolitan Holiday Photos of 2012 (Forum/SNS)


  1. The GM will open a thread in the game forums for the submission of entries (January 10, 2013).
  2. The participants will post their best guild photo during the holiday season (Christmas and New Year EB’s)
  3. The following info is needed along with the picture:
  • Character name:
  • Server:
  • Class:
  • Guild Name:
  • Guild leader
  • Short description about the pictures:

     4. Only genuine and real-life photos are accepted. No photo editing.

  1. The photos will be posted on the CABAL Page
  2. Only one (1) picture per guild will be accepted.






2-3 weeks for the prize insertion.


Arcane Trace “The Chronicles”

One day, a huge crevice broke the searing plain that only a few dare to cross. Word has been passed down by travelers that the massive crack was caused by a powerful earthquake. However, there were a few who insist that the abysmal gap was made by the Lord of Destruction. As time passed by, people began to call the place as Arcane Trace, for no one knows the secret lying within it.


  1. The next chapter of the Arcane Trace cycle will be posted on the game forum board. The story is posted at the Cabal game forum: http://forums.cabal.com.ph/index.php?showtopic=22265
  2. Write a continuation of the posted story.of the “Beyond Nation Lines, Side Story of Arcane Trace”
  3. The entries must be submitted to Cabal@levelupgames.ph.
  4. The entries must have the following information:
  • Character name:
  • Server:
  • Guild:
  • Chapter Title:

Note: The Cabal PH Team will choose the best story and to be featured in the Cabal PH website and game forums.







2-3 weeks for the prize insertion.

CABAL Featured Player of the Week


  1. Participants will fill up the following information and send it to Cabal@levelupgames.ph

 Email Title: Cabal Featured Player (Character name / server)

 Character name:



Server / Guild:

 Real name:




 How can you balance your work and playing CABAL PH:

 Origin of Character name:

 Favorite CABAL map:

 What kind of gamer are you?

 When not online, where are you most likely to be seen in?

 Favorite color:

 Favorite food:



 Favorite quote:

 Life motto:


 Achievements in-game:

 Message to fellow CABALists, Guild members, and friends:

 2. The entries must have 2 real life photos and 1 screen shot of their character

3. CABAL PH team will be choosing 1 entry per week.

4. The featured player will have an article in the game forums and will be posted In the CABAL FB page






Prize insertion within 2-3 weeks