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Join the all new awesome NPC Events this February! | Cabal Online Philippines

It’s the love month and we’ve got all new awesome  CABAL Online NPC events to show how much we love you!

There’s the Intensive Training Event, the Gift of Love and Yul’s Jewelry Shop Events, which will run from Feb 16 to March 1,2012 (10:00 am).

Check out the details below!

Intensive Training (Level Progression)

A weak body can’t  handle tremendous amounts of power. Only those who have enough training and experience can awaken the power of Battle Mode 3!

This coming month, the Colony association will open a course that will teach BM3  to soldiers who are level 130 and above. To help increase the number of trainees,  we are providing rewards to soldiers who train exceptionally hard!

Check out what’s in store for you and don’t forget to sign up afterward.

The Gift of Love (Item Collection and Exchange)

Sometimes  true love can be too cheesy or corny, but we don’t care. Love is more than words or material objects, it is an emotion that drives us and enables us to accomplish wonderful things.

In Nevareth, the Sages have gathered this emotion and transformed them into  the seeds which they have planted all over the land. The seeds grew into plants, which bore lovely roses of various colors. However, monsters took the roses all for themselves.

Your task is to collect roses by defeating monsters. If you have enough roses, Yul will arrange them into a special bouquet of flowers – and it will be the ultimate expression of love for the most romantic moment of your CABAL life.

Yul’s Jewelry Shop (Accessory Selling)

Grinding kind of feels hard when you don’t have enough equipment, right?

So, as the kindest, most lovable, most dependable NPC in Nevareth, Yul will provide  stuff to help you level grind faster! Just for some alz, you can get these periodical accessories instantly. No hidden charges! No delivery hassles!

So check out all of Yul’s  ‘shining’ merchandise!

Note: Event Schedules and Mechanics are subject to change without prior notice.