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Lunar New Year Events | Cabal Online Philippines

Hi CABALists!
Join the Monster Festival Event and get in-game goodies!

Starting this January 27 (after the Scheduled Server Maintenance), the Golden Fortune Pigs and Nian the Lions will appear in defined spots in each field maps of Nevareth. Be careful when dealing with these monsters.
The Golden Fortune Pig is really tough but inflicts low damage while Nian the Lion has high attack damage but low defense!

Beat them and they will drop valuable items! Good Luck!


We will  also be spreading our Chinese Holiday cheer throughout Nevareth. Mark your calendars and enjoy a bonus boost in EXP, Skill EXP, AXP, W.EXP and Pet EXP.

Date: January 31, 2014 (Whole Day- 12 am to 12 midnight)

Bonus Rates:
+100% EXP
+100% Skill EXP
+100% WEXP
+100% AXP
+100% PetEXP