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May 2013 Events | Cabal Online Philippines

Hello CABALists,

Check out our list of activities this May 2013! We will pursue our battle against TPP users, Cabal Anti Cheat Campaign will start this month. So, for all the hack users, BEWARE!

Water You Doin’? 

How did you beat the summer heat with your friends and Guild mates? Tell us, and you might win and your Guild mates some cool prizes!



  1. Participants should present a photo to Cabal Ph depending on the categories below and choose only one.
  2. The guild logo should be seen in the photo of the participating teams.
  3. All guilds are invited to join this event so anyone can participate.
  4. Only one photo per guild shall be accepted.
  5. The GM’s decision is final; prizes/mechanics are subject to change.
  6. Must post it on forums, actual link can be found here: http://forums.cabal.com.ph/index.php?showtopic=27696
  7. Fill out all necessary information about your entry:


Guild name:

Guild leader’s IGN:

Contact number:

IGN of guild members:

  • Deadline of submission is on May 26, 2013.
  • The Cabal team will choose the one (1) winner per category for the event.




  • Best live (IRL) Guild Photo
  • Best In-Game Guild Photo
  • GM’s Choice


1 Exclusive Guild Title

7-Day Costume of Choice for all Guild Members

1 Day +100% War EXP for all Guild Members

3-Day Special Inventory Bead for all Guild Members


Create an Anti-Cheat Slogan and Video

The campaign for Anti-Cheaters has begun!



  1. Make a slogan/poster or video pertaining to Cabal Anti-Cheat Campaign.
  2. Remember, this is an Anti Cheat Campaign. If you want to join the event, make sure you really don’t patronize TPP or else we may forfeit your prizes.
  3. There is no restriction to the size of the slogan/poster. For video, a minimum of 2 minutes and a max of 3 minutes.
  4. All entries will be uploaded on the Cabal page.
  5. The Cabal team will choose one (1) winner per category for the event.
  6. Entries must be emailed at cabal@levelupgames.ph with a title “Anti Cheat Campaign”.
  7. Deadline of submission is on May 31, 2013.
  8. The GM’s decision is final; prizes/mechanics are subject to change.


Criteria for judging:

Aims/Objectives/Goals – 60%

Readability – 30%

Facebook likes & shares – 10%



  • Best Slogan
  • Bes Video



1 CABAL Jacket (Archidium)

In-Game Items:

30-Day BB Plus

30-Day Special Inventory Bead

30-Day Hellforged Weapon of Choice



General Trivia Event

(Exclusive to Megaphone shout only)



  1. The GM will announce in-game before the start of the event.
  2. The GM will give a question related only in Cabal Ph.

         Note: Trivia questions may revolve in Cash Shop, different Patches and website announcements etc.

  1. Participant must use Megaphone to answer since the GMs are on a special channel.
  2. The first player to shout the correct answer wins.
  3. The GM will prepare a maximum of 3-10 trivia questions for this event.
  4. GM Buff will be conducted after the event.



x10 Megaphone

15D Periodical Remote Shop

15D BB Plus


Mercury – May 9, 2013

Venus – May 14, 2013

Mars – May 16, 2013

Jupiter – May 23, 2013

Saturn – May 28, 2013

Neptune – May 30, 2013


 GM Buff

The GM Blessing Buff enables players to experience a temporary intensive increase on their in-game stats.


CABAL Player of the Week and CABAL Babe of the Month are still on-going!

Note: All in game prizes are account bind. Awarding date is 1-2 weeks after the event. You can e-mail at gmfinn@levelupgames.ph for any concerns regarding the event.