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Play CABAL Online again and get awesome In-Game Items! | Cabal Online Philippines

Hey CABAListas! If you know someone who hasn’t been playing lately, now’s the perfect opportunity for them to go back to Nevareth because we’ll be giving away in-game items especially for them!

All CABAL Online players with inactive accounts (those who didn’t access the game in the last 90 days as of August 11 , 2011) are eligible to receive in-game rewards. The event will start after the scheduled server maintenance on August 11 , 2011.

If an inactive gamer doesn’t have a character in his account anymore
Blessing Bead Plus (4hr)(Account-Binding) 5 pieces

If an inactive gamer has a character that’s level 100 or lower in his account
Blessing Bead Plus (4hr) (Account-Binding) 5 pieces
Expiring Equipment [Full Set] (Weapons, Armors, and Rings)

If an inactive gamer has character that’s level 101 or higher
Blessing Bead Plus (4hr)(Account-Binding) 5 pieces
Astral Board – K red [10 Days] (Account Bind)

Please note that the following conditions also apply:
– Each account will be rewarded only once
– Event reward will automatically be inserted into the Cash Inventory
– Items will not be transferable
– If a user deletes a character before the event, he will be considered as a user with no character

So what are you waiting for? Tell your friends to log-in to their accounts and rediscover Nevareth!

Note: Details and Mechanics are subject to change without prior notice

Equipment Rewards: