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R-E-V-O-L-7 Collect and Exchange | Cabal Online Philippines

Hello CABALists!

Rise up and REVOL7! Gang up and hunt for the Event letters R-E-V-O-L and Event number 7 in dungeons with your partymates to win in-game prizes! If you get the Gold Medal Box from the trade from NPC Yul, exchange them again for a capsule of your choice to win awesome prizes after the event period!

Event Letter – R
Event Letter – E
Event Letter – V
Event Letter – O
Event Letter – L
Event Number – 7


Event Font – R,E and V

Dungeon Name

Lake in Dusk Frozen Tower of Undead (B1F) Volcanic Citadel
Frozen Tower of Undead (B2F) Illusion Castle Radiant Hall Panic Cave (Easy)
Panic Cave (Normal) Steamer Crazy (Easy) Steamer Crazy (Normal)
Catacomb Frost (Easy) Catacomb Frost (Normal) Lava Hellfire (Easy)
Lava Hellfire (Normal) Hazardous Valley (Easy) Hazardous Valley (Normal)
Forbidden Island Illusion Castle Underworld


Event Font – O,L and 7

Dungeon Name
Panic Cave (Premium) Steamer Crazy (Premium) Catacomb Frost(Premium)
Panic Cave (Hard) Steamer Crazy(Hard) Lava Hellfire(Premium)
Lava Hellfire (Hard) Catacomb Frost(Hard) Hazardous Valley(Hard)
Hazardous Valley(Awakening) Forgotten Temple B2F Maquinas Outpost
Frozen Tower of Undead (B3F) Forgotten Temple B2F (Awakened) Illusion Castle Radiant Hall
Panic Cave(Awakening) Steamer Crazy(Awakening) Forbidden Island(Awakened)
Catacomb Frost(Awakening) Lava Hellfire(Awakening)


Item Name Exchange Method Event Item Count
7th Anniversary Trophy Event Font -R 4
Event Font -E 4
Event Font -V 4
Event Font -O 4
Event Font – L 4
Event Font – 7 4


Exchange Items

Item name Duration
Life Capsule (Lv. 4) TypeA 0
Life Capsule (Lv. 4) TypeB 0
Inexhaustible HP Potion(Lv. 4) 3H
Inexhaustible MP Potion(Lv. 4) 3H
Sealed Siena’s Bracelet 0
Piece of Siena’s Bracelet 0
Vampiric Amulet +5] 0
Vampiric Amulet +6] 0
Vampiric Earring +7] 0
Vampiric Earring +8] 0
Vampiric Amulet +5] 3H
Vampiric Amulet +6] 3H
Vampiric Earring +7] 3H
Vampiric Earring +8] 3H
Ring of Luck +2] 0
Critical Ring +2] 0
Ring of Luck +2] 3H
Critical Ring +2] 3H
Ring of Luck +3] 0
Critical Ring +3] 0
Ring of Luck +3] 3H
Critical Ring +3] 3H
Amulet Of Pain +5] 0
Amulet Of Pain +6] 0
Amulet Of Pain +7] 0
Amulet Of Pain +5] 3H
Amulet Of Pain +6] 3H
Amulet Of Pain +7] 3H
Magic Elixer (Lv. 1) 0
Magic Attack Elixer (Lv. 1) 0
Physical Elixir (Lv. 1) 0
Physical Attack Elixir (Lv. 1) 0
Critical Elixir (Lv. 1) 0
Rage Elixir (Lv. 1) 0
Wind Elixir (Lv. 1) 0
Defense Elixir (Lv. 1) 0
Psi Elixir (Lv. 1) 0
Minesta’s Emerald Charm +5] 0
Minesta’s Amber Charm +5] 0
Minesta’s Sapphire Charm +5] 0
Minesta’s Ruby Charm +5] 0
Minesta’s Emerald Charm +5] 3H
Minesta’s Amber Charm +5] 3H
Minesta’s Sapphire Charm +5] 3H
Minesta’s Ruby Charm +5] 3H
Fire Stone 0
Ice Stone 0
Wind Stone 0
Earth Stone 0
Elemental Crystal 0
Gold Medal Box 0
7th Anniversary Penetration Potion 0
7th Anniversary Damage Reduction Potion 0
7th Anniversary Accuracy Potion 0

Raffle Draw Event  

  • For each exchange of “Gold Medal Box” from Yul to the followings, will be considered as an entry for the Raffle Draw by the end of the event.
  •  Extreme Badge : Highest number of Extreme Badges exchanged in the Server will be entitled for 1x “raffle entry” on Perfect Extreme Upgrade (+15 Weap/Armor) of Choice. Only 1 winner for this draw.
  •  Charming Badge : The more you exchange, the greater your chances are to win 1x Minesta Charm +7 of Choice by the end of the event. Only 2 winners for this draw. (Eligible for Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire Charms Only)
  •  Epic Boosting Badge : The more you exchange, the greater your chances are to win 3x Epic Boosters by the end of the event. Only 5 winners for this draw.
Item Name Exchange Method Event Item Count
Extreme Badge Gold Medal Box 3
Item Name Exchange Method Event Item Count
Charm Badge Gold Medal Box 2
Item Name Exchange Method Event Item Count
Epic Boosting Badge Gold Medal Box 1

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of R-E-V-O-L-7 Collect and Exchange Raffle!

*Badge collection is valid until 7/9/2015 ONLY!*