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Citizens of Nevareth!

Rise up and REVOL7! CABAL ONLINE PH hits another milestone in its 7th Year Anniversary this June!

What better way Heat-Up the celebration, than by Teaming up and Battling out in our GM Events!

That’s not all! We have some neat Anniversary Packages for each Nevarethians this June, including awesome EXP Bonuses to help you reach your characters desired EXP Levels!

Promos and Discounts also awaits CABALists who wishes to upgrade their equipments and to honor the 7 sages of Nevareth!

General Condition and Guidelines

There will be 5 Major Brackets for this event:

  • 50-79 Wraith Division
  • 80-109 Mossite Division
  • 110-139 Cornus Division
  • 140-169 Manticore Division
  • 170-200 Tyrant Division
  1. Event location will be at Port Lux PVP Area Channel 11.
  2. The GM’s will require the participants to wear a costume, weapon costume,or any kind of armor/weapon or armor/weapon appearance for them to join the roster.
  3. The GM’s will announce an area or a map where the participants can showcase their characters.
  4. The GM’s will choose 10 participants from Procyon and 10 Participants from Capella per bracket.
  5. TPP users and Event disruptors will be sanctioned.


  • The order or turns to enter the arena will be alphabetical. (To be instructed by the facilitator).
  • The 1st 2 characters from the opposite faction will enter the arena and will wait for the GM’s go signal.
  • The next set of participants from the opposite factions will enter the arena every 30 seconds.
  • Should there be a majority of remaining participants having the same faction and can no longer battle it out through PK, The GM’s will require them to duel 1v1 to determine the winner of the Event.
  • Once the tournament reach this stage. Participants of the same faction must roll a dice; Lowest score will be the first one to enter the arena.
  • Participants are free to use Battle Aura during the PK.
  • Using of BM1,BM2,BM3, Buff potions and holy waters is not allowed. Players caught before,during or after the event will result in the players disqualification.
  • Other terms and rules are to be discussed and instructed by the GM’s in-game.
  • GM’s decision is FINAL.

Event Schedule

6/10/15   3:00 PM  Mercury
6/11/15   3:00 PM  Venus
6/12/15   3:00 PM  Mars
6/13/15   3:00 PM  Jupiter
6/16/15   3:00 PM  Saturn
6/21/15   3:00 PM  Neptune


Bracket Champions/Server

*Mechanics and Prizes are subjected to change.

  • [PERMANENT] Costume of Choice
  • 30Days Drei Frame Epaulet of Choice
  • 30Days  BB Ultimate
  • 1Day B-day Ring

Melee Title:

  • 30Days [Special Title] Battle Commander HP+200, Attack+10, Sword Skill Amp.+2%, Defense+15

Sage Title:

  • 30Days [Special Title] Undead Terminator HP+100, Magic Attack+10, Magic Skill Amp.+2%, Defense+15
  • 1Day B-day Ring
  • 15Days  BB +
  • 7Days Drei Frame Epaulet of Guardian


 General Event Conditions

  •  The participants must choose from the 7 available classes.
  •  Qualified participants will compete in the 3VS3 guild battle tournament (IN-GAME Event).
  •  Participants will use PRE-MADE CHARACTERS provided by the CABAL PH Team, each with its own standard equipment and potions.
  •  Tournament venue is the Port Lux PvP Area.


  •  TPP is strictly forbidden
  •  No using of BM1, BM2, and BM3. Aura is allowed
  •  Tournament Style is 3v3 Guild War.
  •  Tournament system is Single eliminations. Losing teams may no longer compete in the tournament, while winning teams will advance to the rounds leading to the championships match.
  •  Match settings:
  •  Eliminations to semi-finals: Best of 3 race to 2 wins
  •  Finals: Best of 5 race to 3 wins
  •  The first team to kill all members (3) of their opponent wins a score on the said round.
  •  Each round will have a duration of 5 Minutes.
  •  For instance the team wasn’t able to eliminate all members of the opposing team, the Team with the most remaining members will win the round.
  •  Only the first 8 teams/server who have registered will be qualified.
  •  Using of Resurrection/Teleportation/Buff Items will result in the Team’s DISQUALIFICATION
  •  Participants are expected to be online 30 minutes before their PVP schedule.
  •  Strictly NO Substitution.
  •  The GM’s decision is FINAL

Technical Concerns:

1. Any technical issue must be reported to the facilitator before the match starts.
2. The Teams will be given a 5 minutes for setting the characters.
3. Should there be any technical or disconnection issue during the battle, the match will still continue with or without the said member of the team.


Due to public demand, we will be extending the registration period until June 20th. Just make sure to send the registrations before the tournament starts in your servers, on its scheduled date.
Send your entries to cabal@levelupgames.ph containing your in-game information above.
Sample Registration for 3V3 REVOLT.


• Character Name (IGN): [GM] Jhinghiro
• Guild: GM Team
• Level: 200
• Server: All Servers

• Character Name (IGN): [GM] Dominate
• Guild: GM Team
• Level: 200
• Server: All Servers

• Character Name (IGN): [CM] Leah Chan
• Guild: GM Team
• Level: 200
• Server: All Servers

(Please do not forget to attach a screenshot of your character in your entry)

Event Schedule

6/15/15 3:00PM Mercury
6/16/15 3:00PM Venus
6/17/15 3:00PM Mars
6/18/15 3:00PM Jupiter
6/19/15 3:00PM Saturn
6/20/15 3:00PM Neptune

*Mechanics and Prizes are subjected to change.


Server Champions

1 Per Team Member

  • [PERMANENT] Costume of Choice
  • 30Days BB+ Supreme 50%
  • 60Days Archridium Epaulet of Choice
  • 60Days [Special Title] My Mom’s Friend’s Son (Max Critical Rate+5%, Critical Rate+10%, Critical DMG+10%, Add. Damage+20)
  • 1Day B-Day Ring
Server Runner Up

1 Per Team Member

  • 30Days Drei Frame Epaulet of Choice
  • 15Days BB+
  • 15Days Inexhaustible HP/MP Potion
  • 1Day B-Day Ring



  • X2 1Day B-day Ring
  • X1 7Days Anniversary Chat Bubble
  • x1 7Days Anniversary Cake Hat
  • X1 12Hour Fireworks
  • 7Days Inexhaustible HP Potion
  • 7Days Inexhaustible MP Potion


Seven amazing years have gone and we’re only getting stronger. Happy 7th Anniversary CABALists!

Share with all the citizens of Nevareth your seven years of joy and adventure by creating your very own Anniversary artwork.

To join, use your creativity to come up with a Cabal 7th Anniversary artwork. Include in your artwork a special message or greeting to all the CABALists. All entry will be showcased in our CABAL ONLINE Facebook Fan Page.

Banner Size: 720×720 (Preferred)

Send your entries at cabal@levelupgames.ph with the following format:

  • Character Name:
  • Server:
  • Dedication or message for your art work

There will be 7 Winners Per Server

  • Criteria for judging
  • Creativity – 40%
  • Originality – 40%
  • Relevance to the theme – 20%

 Event Duration: JUNE 8 – JUNE 30, 2015

*Mechanics and Prizes are subjected to change.


  • [Permanent] Weapon Skin of Choice
  • [Permanent] Pet Card of Choice
  • 15Days Blessing Bead Ultimate
  • 1Day B-day Ring


A rare chance has come upon the citizens of Nevareth. All CABAListss may take on the GM’s challenge in 7-E-V-E-N Task forum Event. Exciting rewards await you upon completion of the tasks.


  • From June 22 until June 28, a task will be posted daily on the Cabal Online Philippines Facebook page.
  • Finish this task and you are one step closer to our rewards.
  • Take a screenshot or picture while doing the GM Task.
  • Accomplish and post all 7 Task when the Forum thread opens by June 28, 2015!

Post this on the entries thread of “7-E-V-E-N Task” on our Forums along with the following information:

  • Character Name:
  • Server:
  • Task Number:

The image or screenshot must show ALL the requirements that the GM requested, and must all be embedded to the post.

Only the first seventy (70) Cabalists to post their valid entry in our entries thread will receive our rewards.

*Mechanics and Prizes are subjected to change.


  • 1Day B-day Ring
  • [Permanent] Headgear of Choice
  • 15Days BB+
  • 30Days Red Flare Bike Costume
  • 30Days Bunker of Faith (HP+250, Defense+20, Sword Skill Amp.+1%, Magic Skill Amp.+1%)