If you cannot open your account and is showing an ‘ID has been blocked” error message, please follow instructions below.


How to Retrieve Blocked Account

  1. Check if your account is ‘part of the bail out system‘ by logging in bail out page: https://cabalbailout.playpark.ph
  2. If Yes = Load up P1,000 Credits and bail out your account
  3. If No = File a ticket in iBox: https://member.playpark.net/ibox2/ib_GenericPage.aspx (to avoid errors, please use Gmail)
    • Select: Game Related > Cabal > CabalPH > Accounts Login Related
    • Error Message: ID has been blocked, but not part of the bailout program
    • Fill out the details needed
    • Click SUBMIT (If you only see white screen after clicking Submit button, just scroll up to see the confirmation message)
    • Support Team will contact you through the email address you indicated on your ticket