Forgotten Sub-Password

If you forgot your sub-password or would you like to change your sub-password:

  • Go to the character selection screen.
  • Click the ‘lock’ icon on the upper right corner of the character list.

  • Sub-Password dialog box will appear.
  • Click ‘Change Sub-Password’ button to change your sub-password.

Account Blocked Due to Sub-Password Failure

  • File a ticket in iBox: (to avoid issues, kindly use Gmail)
  • Select: Game Related > Cabal > CabalPH > Accounts Login Related
  • Error Message: Subpass Reset
  • Fill out the details needed
  • Click SUBMIT (If you only see white screen after clicking Submit button, just scroll up to see the confirmation message)
  • Support Team will contact you through the email address you indicated on your ticket.