Hello CABALists!

Christmas is fast approaching in Nevareth, thus we bring back the 12 days of Christmas Freebies! Claim your freebies starting December 14, 2014 – December 25, 2014 in our CABAL Cash Shop.









Day 1
[12hrs] Antler with Red Nose
Holy Water of Warrior and Sage [3ea]

Day 2

Special Inventory BB[1D]
Christmas Chat Bubble[3D]

Day 3

Seal of Darkness [2pcs]
Summon of Heroes [3pcs]

Day 4

Winter Cap [12hrs]
Leap of Heroes [3pcs]

Day 5

Potion of Veradrix [3pcs]
Another Ruined Train Card

Day 6

Agent Shop Coupon [5pcs]
New Frozen

Day 7 (December 20, 2014)

Holy Water of Critical Strike [2pcs]
Explorers Special Journal

Day 8

Blessing Bead + [6hrs]
Ever Heated Lava Stone

Day 9

Fury Potion Lv.3 [7pcs]
Pet Slot Extender [1D]

Day 10

HP Potion Lv.4 [500pcs]
1D Remote Agent Shop
1D Warehouse Card

Day 11

Odd Circle [3pcs]
Santa Suit [1D]

Day 12

Happy B-day Ring [1D]
Honorable Circle [5pcs]

Be sure to log in your accounts everyday and claim the 12 Days of Christmas Freebies during the event period!

Have a Merry Merry Christmas in Nevareth and Happy Holidays to Everyone!

-CABAL Online PH Team

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