Greeting CABAList,

Let’s celebrate the upcoming Bonifacio Day with a Login Event. Score tons of freebies when you log in from November 15 to December 12.

How does it work?


  • Click on the Cash Shop button at the lower left to open the Cash Shop UI.
  •  Select the [Packages] tab and there you’ll find the Daily Login Event.
  • Press [Purchase Package] for 0 Force Gems.
  •  You’ll receive a random daily Special Reward when you login everyday.
  • Enjoy your rewards!
  • For Level 100+ ONLY.

Daily Login Event Box Reward Pool

Item NameOption/DescriptionDuration
Force Gem Package x20, (Character Bind)--
Holy Water of Vitality,(Accounts Bind)]10 pcs-
Protection of Veradrix,(Accounts Bind)]10 pcs-
Holy Water of Speed,(Accounts Bind)]10 pcs-
Critical Ring +5,(Accounts Bind)-1D Own
Ring of Luck +5,(Accounts Bind)-1D Own
Agent Shop Coupon,(Accounts Bind)5 pcs-
Blessing Bead - WEXP (200%),(Accounts Bind)]-3D Own/ 3D Duration
[Superior Odd Circle,(Accounts Bind)]10 pcs-
Blessing Bead - Box Drop Rate (200%),(Accounts Bind)]1D Own / 1D Duration
Blessing Bead - EXP UP(1000%),(Accounts Bind)-1D Own / 1D Duration
Happy Birthday Ring,(Accounts Bind)-1D Own
[Force Wing Costume] Black Wing of Fatal with Penetration,(Accounts Bind)-3D Own
[Dodge Amp. Elixer (Lv. 4),(Accounts Bind)]10 pcs-
[Powerful Elixer (Lv. 4),(Accounts Bind)]10 pcs-
Blessing Bead - EXP (100%),(Accounts Bind)]-3D Own/ 3D Duration
[Blessing Bead - Ultimate,(Accounts Bind)]-3D Own/ 3D Duration
Blessing Bead - Force Wing EXP (1000%),(Accounts Bind)-1D Own / 1D Duration
[Blessing Bead - Plus,(Accounts Bind)]-3D Own/ 3D Duration
Arcana of Guardian +20,(Accounts Bind)-3D Own
Blessing Bead - AXP (200%)(Accounts Bind)-3D Own/ 3D Duration
Blessing Bead - Pet EXP (200%)(Accounts Bind)-3D Own/ 3D Duration
Force Gem Package x50, (Character Bind)--

Event mechanics and rewards are subject to change without prior notice by the CABAL Online PH Team.