Mechanics & eligibility:

  • Open to all Cabal Ph players.
  • There are 3 phases in this event.
    • Phase 1: EXTREME Photo
    • Phase 2: EXTREME FB Likes/Shares
    • Phase 3: EXTREME Q&A
  • Winners per phase will advance on the next challenge.



Share a photo that shows a moment where you went EXTREME or pushed yourself to the limit!

Photos should have CABAL’s rising Force EXTREME Logo (attached) and a brief description/caption of your EXTREME moment must be a In-Real Life photo.

Submit your entries to (CABAL Community Email) and include the following:

  • Real Name
  • Contact Number
  • Character Name
  • Server
  • Photo Attachment

Take note that if you are not chosen on the top 3 entries you can still join on the Phase 2 Challenge.


Three chosen entries will win the following which they can claim from our office located at 11/f Pacific Star Bldg. Makati ave., Makati city.


  • CABAL Rising Force Jacket
  • Set of Nation Key Chains
  • Permanent Costume of Choice
  • 30-Day Blessing Bead Plus

  • Deadline of entries is on July 24, 2013


Now that you submitted your photos we will be posting your entries in CABAL PH Facebook Fanpage:

  • The start of phase 2 will be on July 25, 2013 during our server maintenance.
  • Gather as many likes & share as you can.
  • Top 3 entries with the highest likes & share combined will be our Phase 2 EXTREME CHALLENGE winners. The entry that has the most likes & share will get a Level 1 Bonnie Pet card including the other in-game prizes.
  • All other entries who want to participate on the 3rd phase must have at least 1,000 likes or 1,000 shares on their submitted photo.
  • Deadline is on July 31, 2013.



1st place:

  • 60D Inexhaustible HP and MP potion
  • 60D Blessing Bead – WarEXP (100%)
  • Event – Yuan Mercenary (Rare)
  • Level  1 Boonie Pet card(blank skill)


2nd place:

  • 30D Inexhaustible HP and MP potion
  • 30D Blessing Bead – WarEXP (100%)
  • Event – Yuan Mercenary (Rare)
  • Level  5 Claris Pet card(blank skills)

3rd place:

  • 15D Inexhaustible HP and MP potion
  • 15D Blessing Bead – WarEXP (100%)
  • Event – Yuan Mercenary (Rare)
  • Level  5 Claris Pet card(blank skills)



For the 3rd phase:

  • Eligible participants will be invited by the GMs in a map wherein the GM will ask for a question about the new patch and if answered correctly three times then he/she will be our CABAL EXTREME CHAMPION!
  • Only 1 winner per server


  • 60D Special event title:
    • Battle Commander – (HP+200, Attack+10, Sword Skill Amp.+2%, Defense+15)


    • Undead Terminator – (HP+200, Magic Attack+10, Magic Skill Amp.+2%, Defense+15)
  • 60D Archidium Epaulet of choice
  • +6 Minesta Charm of choice (sapphire , ruby and emerald only)
  • Critical Ring +3

*Awarding of prizes are 1-2 weeks after the event and all in-game prizes are account bound.

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