Calling all the guilds of CABAL Online! Be a part of the year’s biggest battle and claim the privilege to be your server’s best guild!

Show the strength of your bond with your guildmates and dominate the field of battle! More than the loot, claim victory for fame and glory as the winners for this year’s Guild Prime shall win for themselves a permanent guild emblem of their choice!

The Battle for Guild Prime Year III

The Bonds of Brotherhood

Calling all the guilds of CABAL Online! Be a part of the year’s biggest battle and claim the privilege to be your server’s best guild!

I.              Event Duration

The Battle for Guild Prime Year III will be held from August 29 until September 18, 2011.

II.             Guild Prime Points

The guild’s objective is to accumulate as much Guild Prime points possible during the event period while avoiding incurring Penalty points. Guild Prime points will come from four different sources:

Guild Ability Points Every 1 AP earned by a guild member becomes one (1) guild score.
Mission War points Every Mission War finished (Win or Lose) by a member of the guild earns
the guild two (2) Mission War points.
Cash Shop Points Every 50 Cabal Cash spent by a character will earn the guild
where he belongs to four (10) Cash Shop Points.
Tournament Points A Guild vs Guild tournament will be conducted from Sep 5-Sep 10.
The guilds represented by the participants will win points for their guilds.

III.            Penalty Points

Penalty Points are points to be deducted directly from the Guild Prime points due to violation of game policies or whenever a guild member leaves a guild.

Bot Users For every guild member discovered to have used any third-party programs during the event,
30 penalty points will be deducted from their guild prime points. All Guild Ability Points contributed
by a bot user shall not be counted.
AOE & Wall Hack Users For every guild member discovered to have used AOE, Wall, or Speed Hacks during the event,
100 Penalty Points will be deducted from the guild’s GP points. All Guild Ability Points and Mission
War Points
contributed by a confirmed hack user will not be counted as well.
Leaving Members Every character who has left the guild voluntarily during the event period will cost the guild
20 penalty points. The points he has earned for the guild however, will not be deducted from
the guild’s points.

IV.            Guild Prime Tournament

The Guild Prime Tournament will be conducted on the following dates:

Mercury SEP 12 Monday 7PM
Venus SEP 13 Tuesday
Mars SEP 14 Wednesday
Jupiter SEP 15 Thursday
Saturn SEP 16 Friday
Neptune SEP 17 Saturday

The winners of the tournament will receive the following prizes:

Guild Prime Year III Tournament
Rank/Place Prizes
1st Place 8,000 Tournament Points + 30D BB Plus (for participants only)
2nd Place 4,000 Tournament Points
3rd Place 2,000 Tournament Points

Tournament Mechanics:

1.     6 Versus 6 Guild War. Winning condition: First 6 Kills.

2.     Venue: Desert Scream’s Graveyard Area.

3.     Match system is Single Eliminations.

4.     Tournament Pre-registration via Forums is required.

5.     Complete mechanics will be posted in the CABAL website.

V.             Over-all Points Computation

Guild Prime Points (GPP) = (Guild Ability Points + Cash Shop Points + Mission War Points + Tournament Points) – Penalty Points

VI.            Prizes

1st, 2nd & 3rd Placers <design to be submitted by Guild Master>

(4 Weeks)

1st Placer Nevareth Division
(SSA +5%, MSA+5%, HP+100)
2nd Placer Nevareth Regiment
(SSA +4%, MSA +4%, HP+70)
3rd Placer Nevareth Squadron
(SSA +3%, MSA +3%, HP +50)
EXP BOOST 1st Placer only On September 24 and 25 | 4PM-9PM
EXP : +25%, WAR Exp: +25%, AXP: +25%
*Only applies to members of the nation the winning guild represents.
30-Day Costume 1st Placer only <to be chosen by Guild Master>

*Only applies to members of the winning guild’s nation.



1.     All guilds created before August 29, 2011 are qualified to join in this competition.

2.     No restriction on the number of guild members.

3.     Competition is server-based. Guilds will only compete against guilds from the same server.

4.     Quarantine section of the CABAL forums will accept reports of abusive players during the event.


1.     Each guild shall start with 0 Guild Prime Points.

2.     The Guild Prime points shall be tallied every day and the Guild Prime standing will be posted at CABAL PH’s website every Thursdays and Mondays of the week.

3.     Event will run from 12:01 AM of August 29 to 11:59 PM of September 18, 2011. Only APs earned, cash shop purchases or mission wars finished during this period will be considered in the total tally.

*Mechanics are subject to change without prior notice.

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