Striking a good balance between work and play can be difficult, but HawkEyeMihawK still manages to find the time to play despite his busy work schedule. A level 173 warrior from Neptune, serving the Capellan nation under TheUntouchables, this GM slayer plays CABAL Online to relieve his stress from his everyday real-life grind.

How long have you been playing CABAL Online?
I have been playing Cabal Online for more than 2 years already. Before I played Ran Online, when e-Games introduced Cabal, I did not hesitate to try it. Even though I can’t go online now everyday due to work, I still make sure to log-in at least twice a week..

Why do you like to play CABAL Online?
What I like most is the graphics. It is also user-friendly, madali siyang matutunan. It’s also one of my stress relievers. ‘Pag sobrang haggard sa work, I log in to relax and interact with my friends online

Favorite Place to Level:
My top 3 favorite spot are RH, IC and Porta Inferno. For the first 2 dungeons, ok ang bigay ng XP at AP, may possibility pa na makakuha ng great items. If walang makasama sa dungeon, sa Porta ako nag papalevel..

Favorite NPC:
Arionell- the Cute type. Yuan is the Sexy-type and Rin is the Innocent but captivating-type.

Most loved CABAL character:
Warriors, of course. Ikaw ba naman makasalubong ng bato-bato at may malaking espadang dala, mangingilag ka. But seriously speaking, I love how a Warrior works. It can be a tanker and damager at the same time.

Most challenging quest:
Many would laugh at this, but I still could not get a mergaherp’s ring at EOD B1F

Most hated mob/dungeon boss:
Mergaherp. Ang damot eh T_T Also, Leth Tyrant. First time ko s’ya nakita, 1 hit pa nya ako.

Most hated PvP opponent:
On Free-style Force Bladers, maling diskarte, cut ang combo mo on H2H, FS and WA’s din. Lalo na ‘pag mas bongga ang crit nila compared sa ‘kin.

Favorite party members:
WI’s and FB’s. I do the damage, they do the support hehe.

Any Crushes:
Of course! Mama w4rqueen is one of them (crush lang naman e). I had a serious online relationship before but, eventually, it did not work out after more than a year.

Tips for newbie players:
One word will say it all…DISKARTE. Feel free to explore. It’s much sweeter to achieve something na nagawa mo mag-isa at wala kang pinagtanungan.

What is your greatest achievement in CABAL Online?
My greatest achievement would be when i bagged the ‘GM Slayer’ Title and my character was posted in the cabal fanpage in Facebook. I’m not sure if I’m the first GM slayer in Neptune, but nevertheless, it was a great achievement, right?

Give a Shoutout to your friends:
Hi to the ‘TheUntouchables’ family, the best guild ever. To all the guilds in Neptune, I will not mention IGN’s proc’s or cap’s for we belong to one planet and that is Neptune Server. “Play Hard, Study Harder”

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