Cabalists, get FREE GREAT DEALS in just 3 easy steps~
Join and take the challenge of CABAL’s Youtube Milestone Event starting this October 1 until October 28, 2018!


Subscribe Cabal Online Youtube Account (
Like the Pandemonium Video Trailer and comment your IGN and Server (
LIVE Draw: CM Winter’s Playtime Ep. 5

  • 3,000 Youtube Subscribers achieved until October 28, 2018
    • 3 winners of 1 Year Item of Choice plus
    • 100 winners of 30 days item of choice
    • EXP 300% Boosts for everyone

To claim your prizes, please fill up this form: Youtube Milestone Item of Choice . Deadline of submission is on November 23, 2018.

*False claims are subjected to PERMANENT ACCOUNT SUSPENSION. 

List of Winners:

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