[EP17] Force Gunner Patch Update

[EP17] Force Gunner Patch Update

Behold — a new force era has begun. Among the great soldiers in the lands of Pastur, new heroes were born, calibrating a unique weapon that will reinvent the force.

Force Gunner, the eight battle style in Cabal Online.


  1. Main Contents
    • New Class “Force Gunner
    • New Defense Dungeon “Glacies Inferna
    • New Upgrade System “Divine Upgrade
    • Maximum Upgrade Level Extended to Lv. 20
    • New Costumes
    • New Platinum Buff
  2. Bug Correction
  3. Changes



1. EQUIPMENT: Orb / Crystal


20 Offense Skill
Buff Skill (Skill Level 20 / Based on BSLV 21)
Force Gunner Buff Skills


Battle Mode 1: Ranger
Battle Mode 2: Heavy Launcher + Surface Impact
Force Gunner BM2
Battle Mode 3: Hitman
Force Gunner BM3
Battle Mode 3 Synergy
Force Gunner BM3 Synergy


Armor Craft only for Force Gunner
(Craft ingredient and options are equal to the previous craft method)
Force Gunner Armor Craft

Battle Mode 3 Craft Request

Force Gunner BM3 Craft Request


Art of Desperado Effector
Value per Level
Art of Desperado Effector

Lock-On Effector
Value per Level
Lock-On Effector


  1. Dungeon Entrance: Bloody Ice
    • Requirements: Lv. 190 and above
    • Entry Limit: Max 7 players
    • Dungeon Entry Item: Frozen Fire Crystal
      • Remote item shop OR Bloody Ice Grocer NPC Deighton
      • Price: 3,500,000 Alz + 100 AP
  2. End Dungeon
    • Dungeon Complete
      • Kill the ‘Glacial and Blazing Diablos’ and destroy the reward box
      • Defend Seal Stone in the middle of map until killing the final boss (Defend at least 1 Seal Stone)
    • Dungeon Fail
      • All of 2 Seal Stone destroyed
      • Dungeon time over
    • 3. Dungeon Reward
  3. Piece of Divine Stone
    • Dropped after killing dungeon monster and boss box
      • Extra 2 boxes will be dropped after killing the final boss
      • Can be used as ingredient for ‘Divine Stone’ craft request
    • Gain 10 DP for completing dungeon
  4. Dungeon Timer
    • Display time lapse and HP of Seal Stone in real time
    • Display HP of Seal Stone black-and-white when it becomes 0%
  5. Dungeon Flow
    • Monsters marked in red only attack Seal Stone object
  6. Wave Pattern
    • Spawn location is Fire Land 1,2,3 and Ice Land 4,5,6 in opposite way from the dungeon entrance


  1. Upgrade level over 15 & Equipment over high is able for Divine Upgrade
  2. Divine Upgrade up to level 15
  3. Required item for Divine Upgrade and upgrade result
  4. Divine Converter Item Added
    • For early stage of divine upgrade(Used for equipment of divine level 0)
      • Divine Converter – Weapon
      • Divine Converter – Armor
    •  Price
      • 20,000,000 Alz
      • Bloody Ice Grocer NPC Deighton
  5. Divine Stone
    • Can be made through craft quest with Divine Stone pieces dropped at new dungeon ‘Glacies Inferna’
    • Required Amity is same as ‘Chaos Core’
  6. Divine Seal Stone Added

    • Requirements
      • Divine Level extracted
        • Item with over Divine Level 1 (Item applied with Divine Converter)
      • Apply Divine Level on item
        • Item with Divine Level 0 (Item before using Divine Converter)
          • Item with Divine Level should be extracted or destroyed
        • Item with same Divine Level
          • When extracted Divine Level of item is high, it is only applicable to high level item (same as highest level)
        • Item with same part of equipment
          • One-Handed Weapon / Two-Handed Weapon / Suit / Gloves / Boots / Helmet
    • How to Use
      • Extract Divine Level
        • Right click and select extract item for Divine Level
        • Save the item’s Divine Level, item level, item’s part
      • Apply Divine Level on item
        • Right click and select the item to apply sealed Divine Level
        • The Divine Seal Stone disappears after use and the level in Divine Seal Stone is applied to the item
    • When player’s mouse curser is over Divine Seal Stone which extracted Divine Level, description of original divine information will be displayed at Tool tip.
      • Ex) Divine Upgrade (1/15) High One Hand Weapon
    • Agent Shop register
      • Unbinding / Sealing Tab – Divine Seal Stone
  7. Stats per upgrade level


  1. Upgrade UI combined
    • Open : Right click on Upgrade Core Items / Click inventory’s [Item Upgrade] button
    • Available upgrade at UI: Normal equipment upgrade, Chaos upgrade
  2. How to upgrade
    • List of all types of available upgrade cores will be displayed after equipment is registered for upgrade
    • After selecting the core type and clicking [Core Register], cores will be automatically registered from the inventory
      • When upgrading, only one type of core is available for upgrade at a time
      • Required cores will automatically registered according to the type of cores being used
    • Result will be displayed in icon on bottom of the upgrade UI
  3. Required Core Count

  1. Stats
  2. Fail Penalty
    • Item with enchant level lower than 15: Same as existing penalty
    • Item with enchant level over 15: Enchant level drops as -1, -2, -3
      * Enchant level will not drop under +15
  3. Restriction
    • Item with enchant level over 15 cannot use “Enchant Safeguard”
    • Added info in Item tool tips that Enchant Safequard(Low~Highest) cannot be used over Enchant Level 15
    • Item with Enchant Level 19 cannot use Superior Core
  4. Additional Info
    • Superior Core can be used at +16
    • When succeeded, Enchant Level is upgraded to 15 or 16
    • When failed to use Superior Core between Enchant level 16-20, only 1 Enchant level drops
    • Deleted penalty of 2 Enchant Level drop



1. [Costume] Bounty Hunter
Images: Male, Female, and Character Inventory

2. [Costume] Jiangshi(강시)
Images: Male, Female, and Character Inventory


1. [Costume] Bounty Hunter Helmet
Images: Male, Female, and Character Inventory

2. [Costume] Jiangshi(강시) Helmet
Images: Male, Female, and Character Inventory


1. [Costume] Magic Tech

  • [Costume] Magic Tech – Orb (Staff, Bow, Shield, Gun (Shared))
  • [Costume] Magic Tech – Katana (Katana Only)
  • [Costume] Magic Tech – Blade (Blade Only)
  • [Costume] Magic Tech – Crystal (Staff, Bow, Shield, Gun (Shared))
  • [Costume] Magic Tech – Daikatana (Daikatana Only)
  • [Costume] Magic Tech – Great Sword (Great Sword Only)
  • [Costume] Magic Tech – Chakram (Chakram Only)


  1. Click Platinum Buff and choose Platinum Buff Upgrade UI and level for Platinum Buff
  2. Force Gem is consumed for buff
  3. Platinum Buff and Merit Stats will not apply in PVP Battle (No item)
  4. Buff and required Force Gem is based on 1 day
    * 10 percent off on number of consumed Force Gem (For only more than 10 Force Gem)
  5. Platinum Buff Effect via level & consumption of number of Force Gem
  6. Able to extend Platinum Buff duration within remaining Platinum period


  1. Fixed error of slow server response
  2. Fixed error of multiple item display when searching for Upgrade Core at Agent Shop
  3. Fixed error of gaining skill EXP in certain situation
  4. Fixed error with checking option settings when auto registering item at Personal Shop
  5. Fixed error with releasing root effect after using Art Skill
    • Force Archer’s ‘Art of Sniping’
    • Force Shielder’s ‘Art of Defense’
  6. Fixed error with item drop
  7. Error: HP potion is dropped in Lava Hellfire dungeon
  8. Fixed error to start game client via VMware
  9. Fixed error with changing guild name & master delegation & delete
  10. Fixed error of receiving WExp reward gained by personal mission war score over 5,000
  11. Fixed error of display in stat change while comparing unique item stat
  12. Fixed error of client not displaying regained HP of Kias Rodon(1st Boss) in Forbidden Island Dungeon(Awakened)
  13. Fixed error of disconnection in server when using dungeon entrance item with duration
  14. Fixed error of disconnection with client when using voice chat (Examining basic function of voice chat)
  15. Fixed error that quest could not be completed when script page is forcibly closed in Illusion Castle Underworld
    • Related Quest: Piece of Glorious/Luminous/Beautiful Illusion Stone quest
    • Notice: These quests cannot be re-started when 2nd script page is forcibly closed by ESC or X button


  1. Modification of Battle Style Balance
    • Moving distance displayed on Tool tip for Dash / Fade / Blink
    • Warrior
      • Upgraded stats for Soul Blade
      • Merge of Art of Shout & Fury Shout
        • Deleted ‘Fury Shout’ skill
        • Fury Shout Skill Book automatically changed into Art of Shout Skill Book
      • Range for Battle Mode 3 attack A/B slightly increased
    • Blader
      • Upgraded stats for Soul Blade
        * Same as Warrior
      • Battle Mode 3 Attack A/B side range largely increased
      • Battle Mode 3 Special skill BFX changed to ‘Down’ from ‘Knock-back’
      • Battle Mode 2 Normal Attack
        • Side range slightly increased
        • Magic Amp. upgraded from 30% to 45%
        • Single-Target Amplification increased
    • Wizard
      • Blink: Maximum Attack Range increased from 8 to 9
      • Magic Attack stat increased
      • Art of Force Control stats changed (based on Level 20)
        • Shorter Cool-time: 180 → 150
        • Higher Penetration: 200 → 250
        • Higher Attack Rate: 400 → 600
        • Lower Defense Rate: 400 → 600
        • Piercing Spell stats Changed (based on Level 2)
          • Penetration: 40 → 60
        • ‘Hardness’ & ‘Force Increase’ skill merged to ‘Force Hardness’

          • ‘Hardness’ skill deleted
          • Skill name changed into ‘Force Hardness’
          • ‘Hardness’ Skill Book automatically changed into ‘Force Hardness’ Skill Book
    • Force Archer
      • Battle Mode 3 Launcher Attack A/B Accuracy rate decreased and critical damage added
      • Changes in Battle Mode 3 Synergy Sharp Shooting (AABA)
        • Name: Sharp Shooting →Mass Fire
        • Enemy Resist Amp: -5%
        • Enemy Resist Critical DMG: -10%
        • Self HP: -300 / MP: -300
        • Sharpness, Offensive Bless, Precision merged to single skill

          • Offensive Bless, Precision skill deleted
          • Precision Skill Book automatically changed into Sharpness Skill Book
          • Blind, Lower Defense skill merged

            • Blind skill deleted
            • Skill name changed to Curse of Wither
            • Blind Skill Book automatically changed into Lower Defense Skill Book
    • Force Shielder
      • Art of Defense upgraded
        • When using Art of Defense, ‘Immobility’ changes to ‘Root +100%’ (Movement skill not usable)
        • Debuff of Root duration time: 36sec (Extra time by effecter is not included)
      • Shield Harden upgraded
      • Mighty Wish upgraded
    • Force Blader
      • Fire/Ice/Lighting Blade skill motion changes to immediate cast
      • ‘Mana Freeze’ skill Changed

        • Skill name changed into ‘Curse of Freeze’
    • Gladiator
      • New skill ‘Adrenalin of Rage’ added
        • New force code ‘Resist Ultimate Damage(ADVR)’ option applied
          • * Target which is applied with this force code only gets certain damage by ignoring original calculation
        • All rooting skills are judged equal to original status (Stun / Immobility / Knock Back / Down)
        • Duration
          • BSLV 0 ~ 8: 6 sec
          • BSLV 9 ~ 15: 12 sec
          • BSLV 16 ~ 18 sec
          • Vital Charge(Heal) upgraded
            • Normal amount of heal added even when there’s no rage
            • Normal amount of heal: 150
          • Battle Mode 3 Genocider Attack 1/2/3 minimum attack range changed to 1
  2. Warrior / Blader Skill Balance Changed
    •  Warrior
      • Battle Mode3 Axe Attack A/B’s attack area extended
      • Damage Reduction +800 effect added to Bear’s Vitality skill
    •  Blader
      • Battle Mode 3 Knucklet Attack B’s attack area extended
  3. Score Ratio of Legend Arena Changed
    • Score ratio of Wizard changed from 1.6 to 1.4
    • Score ratio of Gladiator changed from 1.2 to 1.3
  4. Conditions for skill rank up (Battle style level) deleted
  5. Modifications in item drop
    • Dungeon Entrance Item
      • Delete all drop of dungeon entrance item in field of Arcane Trace and Senillinea
      • Field lower than Porta Inferno drops dungeon entrance item for field easier than Altar of Siena B1F
      • No drop of DX dungeon entrance item at any the field
      • DX dungeon entrance item only dropped at Hazardous Valley(Easy/Normal/Hard)
      • Drop of Chaos Arena entrance item is same as before
      • Minesta Training Book
    • Minesta Training Book is not dropped any more in all field
      • Delete of daily quest which gives Minesta Training Book as reward
      • Minesta Training Book is only dropped inside of DX dungeon
        • Panic Cave (Easy/Normal/Hard): Chapter 13/14/15
        • Steamer Crazy (Easy/Normal/Hard): Chapter 16/17/18
        • Catacomb Frost (Easy/Normal/Hard): Chapter 19/20/21
        • Lava Hellfire (Easy/Normal/Hard): Chapter 22/23/24
        • Hazardous Valley (Easy/Normal/Hard): Chapter 25/26/27
      • Drop of Minesta Training Book deleted except for DX dungeon
    • Addition of Item Drop
      • Essence Rune(HP) item drop added in Legendary Box of Forbidden Island(Awakened)
      • Essence Rune(HP) item drop deleted in all field
      • Drop of Effect Core(Piece), Minesta’s Diamond Charm Item added by killing dungeon monsters in Forbidden Island, Illusion Castle Radiant Hall
      • Drop of Effect Core(Piece), Minesta’s Diamond Charm deleted in all field
    • Drop of armor item (FG) added in dungeon and field
      • Deleted drop system in game
      • Lotto Coin item drop system deleted
      • Lamp of Dazzlement item drop system deleted
    • Changed quality of some of drop item
      • ‘Piece of Siena’s Bracelet’ dropped in Altar of Siena B2F dungeon is now tradable
      • ‘Sealed Mergaheph’s Ring’ dropped in Tower of the Dead is now tradable
        * Status of existing piece or ring item do not change
  6. Changes in quest
    • Reward Alz for Scenario quest changed
      • Less reward Alz for Lv. 1 ~ 100
      • Reward Alz for 3 Lv UP
    • Less reward Alz for Lv. 101 ~ 199

      • Reward Alz for 5 Lv UP
    • Higher EXP reward for scenario quest
      • EXP gained in LV 1 ~ 99 is changed to 50 ~ 60% of whole EXP in ongoing level
    • Skill Book reward added for clearing quest
      • By completing LV 130 rank-up test, Battle Mode 3 skill of each battle style is registered automatically
      • Skill Book is given for completing certain scenario quest
    • Changed scenario quest mission
    • Upgraded reward for Glory Plate quest

      • Decreased number of required Stain Clone (Battle Mode request recipe)
        • Battle Mode 3 LV 2: 40 to 10
        • Battle Mode 3 LV 3: 50 to 15
  7. Higher Amity rewarded when completing request
  8. Change of Epaulet
    • Name of Epaulet changed
    • Upgrade stats of Palladium Epaulet
  9. UI Change of Merit Mastery
    • Additional stat display on the right side of Merit Mastery UI
      • (Left) White number: Sum of additional stat by Merit Mastery (stats applied only for war
      • (Right) Orange number: Sum of stats applied by extending Merit Mastery
    • Addition of displayed stats
      • Attack stat: Attack Rate / Add. DMG / Accuracy / Penetration / Ignore Evasion / Ignore Damage Reduction
      • Defense stat: Defense / Defense Rate / Evasion / Damage Reduction / Ignore Penetration / Ignore Accuracy / Dissolve Ignore Damage Reduction / Dissolve Ignore Evasion
  10. Change in comparing equipment in upgrade mode(Upgrade UI)
    • Fixing non-existing stat of equipment to ‘0’
      • Before: When comparing item with equipped one, the stats are displayed same as comparing one
      • After: Fixing following stat and displaying it to 0
        • Ex) A(Equipped Item), B(Comparing Item). When ‘Sword Skill Amp. + 7%’ option is only for comparing equipment B
          Before: Sword Skill Amp. +7% (▲7%)
          After: Sword Skill Amp. +0% (▲7%)
    • Chaos Equipment changed to display stats after upgrade
      • When mouse-over on the upgrading equipment while upgrading Chaos Equipment, changed stats are displayed
  11. Changes of Training Dummy at Villages for Beginner
    • Upgraded HP stats & Damage Reduction stats of Training Dummy
      • Pet EXP can be gained from Training Dummy
  12. When class level reaches maximum, stats needed for rank-up is not displayed
    • When BSLV is max, needed stats for rank-up not displayed on character info status
  13. Fixed success rate of Minesta’s Unbinding Stone & Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone
    • Max success rate is fixed for item over 15 of Enchant Level
    • Max success rate
      • Minesta’s Unbinding Stone
        • Max success rate: 90%
        • Addition of increase rate for +1 upgrade level (based on upgrade level 0)
      • Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone
        • Max success rate: 70%
        • Addition of increase rate for +1 upgrade level (based on +10)
  14. Shortened regen time for boss monster in low-level dungeon
    • The Ruina Station
      • Kill Invader MechaSpiderR→ Kill after Mecha Spider’s appearing → Shortened appear time of Mecha Spider
    • Tower of the Dead B2F
      • Appear time of Ekzane
      • Appear time of button for next step after killing ghost of 3 color in room of Printz Verzen
      • Appear time of Jumar Carbo after clicking button of killing ghost
      • Appear time of Andreas Schultz after killing Seed monster
  15. Addition of entry craft related message in some of dungeon entry item tool tip
  16. Extended Rune Slot
    • Max number of Rune Slot extended from 16 to 30
    • Rune Slot Extender – Extendable by using Essence Item
    • Rune Slot Extender – Remaining extendable rune slot number in Tool tip message of Essence Item changed from (x/3) to (x/14)
  17. Addition of message related to limit of trade level
    • When self / other player’s character has limited level
      • Message: ‘Both players need to reach ** level for trade’
    • When self / other player’s character has class grade limit
      • Message: ‘Both players need to reach ** class grade for trade’
  18. Change of Disk Dice Register

    • Disk Dice Creating Item Changed
      • Before: Number of disk randomly created from 1-6
      • After: Number of disk randomly created from 20-120
  19. Changed price of ‘Empty Bottle’ sold by Port Lux Craft Merchant Chloe
    • 1 bottle: 100 Alz→ 30,000 Alz
    • 127 bottle bundle: 12,700 Alz→ 3,810,000 Alz
  20. Blessing Bead – Upgraded Stat of Blessing Bead Plus/Supreme/Ultimate

  21. ‘Prevent Camera Shaking’ option added in game option’s effect section
    • Camera option in the game option tab
    • Default Value: Not checked
    • Option
      • If not checked, all of effects are displayed by camera shaking
      • If Checked
        • Equal to original camera shaking effect
        • All effects display camera shaking in Battle Mode
        • If not in Battle Mode, when there is critical attack, only first effect makes camera shaking
        • If not in Battle Mode, when there is no critical attack, camera shaking does not happen
  22. Dungeon EXP upgraded
    • Dungeon level divided into Easy/Normal/Hard/Extreme
    • Each dungeon’s EXP graded similar to Eternal Chaos Arena Wave 3/6/9
  23. Guild Warehouse & Bike Inventory function improved
    • Guild Warehouse
      • Item Drag & Drop function change
        • Original delivery/storage page deleted when doing drag & drop in original item
        • Dragged item moved from Guild Warehouse to inventory without additional pop-up page
      • Mass deposit / withdraw function added
        • Shortcut: Alt + Left Click
        • Shortcut for mass deposit / withdraw added in item Tool tip during warehouse opening
    • RW5 Bike Inventory Upgraded
      • Mass storage / delivery function added
        • Shortcut: Alt + Left Click
        • Shortcut for mass storage / delivery added in item tooltip during warehouse opening
      • Error system message added when trying to store item in full warehouse
        • Message: ‘The warehouse is already full to store item’
  24. Buff skill target extended
    • Buff skill target extended
      • When using buff skill once in party mode, the target is automatically applied to whole party members who are in certain range (As original party buff skill)
      • When using buff skill not in party mode, it is applied to oneself or other character
      • Applied Skill
        • Wizard: Hardness
        • Force Archer: Vital Force and Sharpness
        • Force Gunner: Inspire
    • (Party only) Canceling buff skill
      • Original ‘Party only’ skill can now be used on single player as well
      • Except for Wizard’s ‘Raise Spirit’ / Force Archer’s ‘Mass Heal’
      • Applied Skill
        • Warrior: Art of Shout and Morale Shout
        • Blader: Curse Dodge and Fatality Increase
        • Wizard: Mass Restore and Spirit Intention
        • Force Shielder: Shadow Shield
        • Gladiator: Sight Increase
  25. Extended Mercenary Function
    • Maximum 2 mercenaries can be summoned
    • Mercenary with same category cannot be summoned at the same time
    • Cannot use active buff skill when summoning 2 mercenaries
      • All buff skill except for active buff can be used when summoning 2 mercenaries
    • In-game UI of mercenary icon extended to 4
      • For 2 character, extended to max 2 mercenaries / For 3 character, extended to max 4 mercenaries
      • By right click of icon, cancel summoned mercenary
    • Mercenary global cool-time shortened to 10 sec
  26. Arcana / Carnelian Accessory Box Added
  27. Elite dungeon entrance daily limit changed from 3 to 5
  28. Battle Mode 3 (Level 1) request recipe deleted >> automatically acquired by completing rank-up quest
  29. Craft function improved
    • When selecting different craft recipe during repeated craft function, craft item changes
    • [Before] When selecting different craft recipe during repeated craft function, original recipe is repeated
    • When trying to request with full craft slot, failed slot is deleted and craft item is registered in last craft slot
    • [Before] When clicking ‘Request’ button with full craft slot, error message pops up and craft item is not registered
  30. Senillinea field monster changed
    • Additional monster spawned in Procyon / Capella
    • 2 Shadow of Senillinean Researchers in middle of map at Procyon each changed to Shadow of Senillinean Warrior and Shadow of Senillinean Resident
  31. Bound status of some dropped item changed & addition of Agent Shop register
    • Legendary Cube – Piece of Siena’s Bracelet dropped from items in The Altar of Siena B2F
      • Bound status removed when dropped: Change to ‘Tradable’
    • A Cursed Tyrant’s Ring which Awakened Leth Tyrant drops in Forgotten Temple B2F(Awakened)
      • Bound status removed when dropped: Change to ‘Tradable’
      • Addition of Agent Shop register: Quest Item > Mission Item > Awakened Tyrant’s Ring Material
    • Orb of Fire/Wind/Earth/Ice dropped in (Elite) DX Dungeon(Premium)
      • Bound status removed when dropped: Change to ‘Tradable’
      • Addition of Agent Shop register: Craft Items > Normal Materials > Orb of Fire / Orb of Wind / Orb of Earth / Orb of Ice
    • Drei Frame Armor
      • Acquirable Drei Frame Armor option unified from ‘Character bound’ & ‘Cannot Drop’ to ‘Character bound when equipped’
      • Box
        • Maquinas Outpost – ‘Legendary Box’
        • Maquinas Outpost – ‘Legendary Cube’
        • ‘Agris Armor Box’ sold by Port Lux Armor Dealer Agris
    • Lycanus weapon: Fixed to drop item(1 slot) when equipment is dropped
  32. Changes in Cube of Honor
    • Cube of Honor(Low ~ Highest) purchasing condition all fixed as ‘Over Achieved Honor Rank 9’
    • Cube of Honor(Low ~ Highest) purchasing price changed
      • Cube of Honor(Low)
        • (Before) 4 (After) 5
      • Cube of Honor(Medium)
        • (Before) 10 (After) 10
      • Cube of Honor(High)
        • (Before) 15 (After) 15
      • Cube of Honor(Highest)
        • (Before) 19 (After) 20
    • Potion created from Cube of Honor upgraded to almost three times of the original Honor point
    • Recipe of Tradable Cube of Honor added
  33. Changes in Agent Shop
    • Max number of register item in Agent Shop changed from 20 to 100
    • ‘Chaos Box – Enchant Safeguard’ registered & category added at Agent Shop
    • ‘Rune Slot Extender – Blended’ request data deleted
      • Previously registered item will be displayed but cannot register new item
      • Cannot search the registered item
      • Unit price display added to item tooltip when searched at Agent Shop
  34. Number of Rune Slot Extender craft recipe item decreased

  35. Costumes updated for item shop sale
    • Price: 0 Alz
    • Costume
  36. Meritorious Medal Tradable
    • ‘Meritorious Medal Trade Certificate’ item added for sale in NPC Shop of Craft Merchant Chloe
      • Price: 5,000,000 Alz
      • Bind property: Account Bound
      • Replacing Coin Lotto Certificate
    • Request recipe added for Tradable Meritorious Medal
  37. Adept Ring added to Core Alchemist NPC Shop for sale
  38. AP Saver added to NPC Shop for sale
    • AP Saver added to NPC Shop of Port Lux grocer Hampric
      • Price: 100,000,000 Alz
      • AP Save Limit: 100
    • Condition for use
      • Character over Lv. 120
      • Possession over 700 AP cannot be used
  39. WEXP Saver added to NPC Shop
    • WEXP Saver added to NPC Shop of Port Lux grocer Hampric
    • Price: 100,000,000 Alz
    • WExp Save Limit: Changed to 500 WExp
    • Equal to function of previous AP/DP Saver
    • Condition for use
      • Character over Lv. 170
      • Character with nationality
    • New category in Agent Shop
      • Functional Items > Other Special Items > WEXP Saver
  40. Pet EXP Up 1,000% Bead & Bead Customizing Added
    • Agent Shop Register & Category added
    • 1,000% Bead cannot be used with Pet EXP Up 100% / 200% / 300% Item at same time
    • Max Pet Exp Up number changed to 1,000% in bead customizing option
  41. ‘Gain OXP’ option can be saved in server
    • Option – Chat Tab – System Message – Gain OXP
    • All characters in single account are applied with same option (Basically checked)
  42. Changes in Upgrade UI
    • Upgrade UI system changed to remember selected core for upgrade item
      • Related core is automatically selected after re-opening Upgrade UI
      • But initialized and normal upgrade core is selected after restarting client
    • Tooltip Introducing Expected Result added
      • Instruction tooltip displayed by mouse-over on the result
      • Related instruction tooltip displayed by mouse-over on the result icon
      • Tooltip about specific upgrade level which is safe of destruction is displayed for Divine Upgrade & Chaos Upgrade
    • Upgraded display of result icon via registered upgrade item or core
    • When clicking ESC button while both Upgrade UI and Inventory are open only Upgrade UI is closed
  43. Changes in Request UI
    • With full inventory, failed craft slot is deleted when clicking [All Complete] button
    • With full inventory, failed craft slot is deleted and craft item is registered during repeated craft
    • Repeated Craft starts by checking ‘Repeat’ box after choosing craft item
  44. Changes in Saver Item Color

  45. Change in ‘Show Skill Animation’
    • Astral Weapon cannot be used in ‘Show Skill Animation’ mode
  46. Change in cool down of Penetration & Accuracy Potion
    • Penetration & Accuracy Potion cool down deleted
      • Limit that same buff portion cannot be used until previous buff lasting time gets 1/10 of whole lasting time is over
      • But, limit that potion with lower level cannot be used when upper level potion is already applied stays the same
        • Ex) Penetration +50 Potion cannot be used when Penetration +80 Potion is already applied
    • Change in Cool down Time of Penetration & Accuracy Potion related item

BATTLE ROYALE (Legends Unleashed) Patch Update

Main Contents

Addition of Legend Arena


1. New NPC for entry has been added

▶ Name: Guard Sebious

▶ Location: Bloody Ice Front Door(Coordinates 54, 17)

2. Entry Limit

▶ Level Limit: Lv. 180

▶ Entry Limit: 1 Player(Cannot enter as a party)

▶ Dungeon Entry Limit: Honorable Warrior Key

  • Sold in Remote Shop and by Bloody Ice Grocer NPC Deighton for 3,000,000 Alz
  • Account Bound

▶ Daily Entry Limit: 5 times a day

  • When you place the mouse over the enter button you will see the information as ‘Daily Entry Limit [Current]/[Daily Max]

▶ Entry Caution button will pop up when the enter button is selected.

▶ Arena Enter/Control Challenge Time

  • Instead of the existing entry notice a new feature that fundamentally limits dungeon entry/challenge has been added
  • Ranking update time is set at 23:59 every day
  • For the Ranking reset time player entry and the pause function is disabled
  • Currently the entry button is disabled at 23:56 and players who have already entered have their challenge button disabled at 23:56


1. Battle Progression

▶ Earn damage points from battle during the time limit (Points are calculated live)

▶ Time limit is 3 min

▶ Dungeon Clear: If character dies or time limit ends

  • Dungeon Success: If character completes the dungeon clear conditions while earning more than season target points
  • Dungeon Fail: Quit dungeon or if character completes dungeon without gaining enough points

2. Play Rules

▶ Potion, Skills, Mercenary may be used

▶ Resurrection related system and items cannot be used

▶ Unlike Eternal, character is created in front of boss without going through a gate.

▶ Fight starts in a rectangular map, cannot exit until battle ends

▶ Boss Monster does not move and HP is unlimited and will continue to attack player until time limit ends.

▶ Points are given based on how much damage character inflicts on boss monster

3. Boss ‘Baldus’

Points and Rank

1. Points Calculation

▶ Critical points given for critical damage and normal points given for normal damage

▶ Points are decided based on points corrected and weighted points for each battle style

▶ Points are updated every time a character hits the monster and is shown on the information UI within the dungeon

▶ A UI indicating the points earned and end of time is displayed at the end of the dungeon

2. Season Goals

▶ Season Goal: Earn daily rewards and earn minimum points allowed to be ranked

▶ Players must achieve the minimum score each attempt in order to have points accumulated and receive daily rewards.

▶ Current set minimum point is set at 2000

▶ This is set to prevent abusing of daily rewards and give players a goal in order to encourage users to be much more active

3. Ranking

▶ After 1st play of season if accumulated score is more than 1, character automatically registers in rankings. After this every time points are updated ranking is also updated

▶ Rankings are reset at the end of each season

▶ Accumulated score are based on damage dealt points and Accumulated points affect rankings

▶ Character with highest accumulated score is registered in the rankings.

▶ Rankings are update every day around 23:59

▶ Rankings are organized based on battle style and up to rank 100

▶ How to register ranking

  • Each character earns an accumulated score
  • All characters ranks are calculated by accumulated score based on battle style at 23:59
  • If there are no characters that are ranked they are registered to each battle style ranking
  • If there are characters that are ranked, characters ranks are compared and only the highest remains
  • If the rank being registered is lower than rank already achieved the previous rank is maintained
  • Accumulated score/name of season ranking data is stored in the DB every day at 23:59
  • All ranking data are reset 7 days after a season starts at 23:59. The top 10 characters receive rewards

Penalties are given based on each week’s ranking

Penalties outside of ranking is 100% ( 3, 2, 1 week before)


1. Daily Reward

▶ Daily Rewards are given to those who acquire more than 1 point(Succeed in Dungeon)

▶ Daily Reward is sent to mail immediately after achieving conditions

▶ Need to play at least twice to receive Daily Reward

▶ The Daily Reward bar in the lobby shows when the conditions for the daily reward are met

▶ Reward Item

– Potion Box and Potions are character bound

2. Season Rewards

▶ Arena Token specific to each boss monster is given.

  • For season 1 ‘Baldus Token’ is given(Stackable, up to 999)

▶ Sent after the end of the season to the mail(Monday 00:01)

▶ Reward Item

3. Arena Shop

▶ Trade token received from season reward for items

▶ Items sold may be changed with each season

▶ This seasons inventory is the Slot Extender(Highest), exchangeable for 3,000 Baldus Tokens.

Related Achievements added

New Accessory Added

Defensive Earring


▶  Information

▶ Drop Location

Types of Arcana have been added

▶ Common


  • Characters over Lv. 100 can equip
  • Equip on new slot in inventory
  • Cannot equip both Arcana of Law and Arcana of Chaos at the same time(Can only equip either 1 Law or 1 Chaos)


  • Can upgrade with Chaos Cores
  • Available up to +15
  • Penalty for Upgrade fail: Item is destroyed
  • Number of Cores needed to upgrade each level and upgrade points obtainable

Arcana of Laws

  • Accessory with defensive stats
  • Sold at NPC sales: Bloody Ice Grocer Deighton
  • Price: 15,000,000

▶ Stats per level

Arcana of Chaos

  • Accessory with Offensive stats
  • Sold at CABAL Cash Shop
  • Price: 30 Cabal Cash

▶ Stats per level

New Skills added

▶ Sold

  • Sold from instructors in Bloody Ice, Desert Scream, Green Despair and Port Lux
  • Added to Attack Skill tab of Transcender rank
  • There are no other training fees other than the fee to buy the skill book(구Price: 3,714,500 Alz)
  • Untrain price is 371,450 Alz per level
▶ Video
Video Credits to Mr. Wormy: BATTLE ROYAL (Legends Unleashed)

▶ Skill stats


New Costumes

▶ Mixed Costumes

[Costume] Aizhan (Female only)

[Costume] Imperial Dress

[Costume] CABAL School Uniform

▶  Helmet Costumes

[Costume] Panda Doll Mask

[Costume] Bear Doll Mask

[Costume] Shark Doll Mask

[Costume] Rabbit Doll Mask

[Costume] Lion Doll Mask

[Costume] Tiger Doll Mask

[Costume] Dinosaur Doll Mask

[Costume] Lion Face Female

[Costume] Lion Face Male


▶  Weapon Costumes

[Costume] Golden Dragon – Orb [WI]

[Costume] Golden Dragon – Orb and Crystal [FA]

[Costume] Golden Dragon – Balde and Katana [BL]

[Costume] Golden Dragon – Blade and Crystal [FB]

[Costume] Golden Dragon – Blade and Crystal [FS]

[Costume] Golden Dragon – Daikatana [WA]

[Costume] Golden Dragon -Greatsword [WA]

[Costume] Golden Dragon – Chakram [GL]


[Costume] Demon’s Bone – Orb [WI]

[Costume] Demon’s Bone – Orb and Crystal [FA]

[Costume] Demon’s Bone – Balde and Katana [BL]

[Costume] Demon’s Bone – Blade and Crystal [FB]

[Costume] Demon’s Bone – Blade and Crystal [FS]

[Costume] Demon’s Bone – Daikatana [WA]

[Costume] Demon’s Bone – Greatsword [WA]

[Costume] Demon’s Bone – Chakram [GL]

Quick Buttons added in Dungeon

▶ Under the dungeon difficulty mark new buttons where users can quit or pause dungeon has been added

  • Dungeon Pause Button: Summon Dungeon pause screen
  • Dungeon Quit Button: Summon Dungeon quit screen

Blended Slot Rune Expansion Item Added

▶  ‘Rune Slot Extender’ name changed to ‘Rune Slot Extender – Essence’

▶  Rune Slot Extender – Blended

  • Blended Rune slot extended when used
  • Can expand blended slots up to 6 times up to a total of 9 slots.
  • ▶ However, only slots are expanded the max amount of blended runes that can be used at the same time remains the same at 3.

▶ Sell

  • Sell NPC: All area Core Alchemists
  • Price: 150,000,000 Alz

▶ Tooltip Explained

  • Blended rune slot can be expanded up to 9 slots. (Right click with mouse)
  • Rune Slot left to be expanded(n/9)


Craft Request screen improvement

  • Moved complete all button to the lower right
  • Now shows request result as [Requested slot (Success, fail)/Request available slot]
    ▶ (Success, fail quantity is applied after request is completed)
  • Auto Repeat Function Added
    ▶ If you select the request all button while the repeat button is checked the selected item is requested/made automatically.
    ▶ Tooltip explains the function of button when hovered over with mouse.
    ▶ Auto repeat stops if there isn’t enough space in the inventory or not enough ingredients and also if the repeat check is unchecked
    ▶ Crafting continues even if different item category is selected while repeat crafting.

Permanently Save Settings

  • User’s settings are now saved permanently before user edits setting.
  • Setting are saved to the user and are not reset even when client is restarted
  • Settings that can be saved permanently

Improvement to UI of Service Tab in Benefit Information screen

  • Revised UI without additional benefits are shown
    ▶ Ex) Free Users
  • For PC Cafe events PC Cafe phrase is shown

GM Buff Tooltip

  • Skill exp. List that was missing in GM Buff and potion tooltip now shown
    ▶ Gm’s Blessing(Lv. 1): Skill exp. +12 for each skill
    ▶ Gm’s Blessing(Lv. 2): Skill exp. +5 for each skill
    ▶ Gm’s Blessing(Lv. 3): Skill exp. +5 for each skill
  • Skill exp. Category is shown in both all info. And other info. Screen when GM Buff is applied

Warrior, Gladiator Defense Power Increased

  • Defense penalty for Warrior and Gladiator decreased


Accuracy Penalty

Penetration Penalty

Before Change After Change Before Change After Change


20 10
Gladiator 20 10
  • Defense increased base on Penalty decrease
    ▶ Ex) If a warrior had 2750 defense it is increased by 116 to 2821. If a Gladiator had a defense of 2305 gladiator Defense is increased by 22 to 2327

Passive and Survival skills improved

  • Up to 6 Battle Style specific skills can now be learned.
  • Some skills for each Battle style have been improved(based on stats of Lv.20)

  • Piercing Shield
    ▶ Skill Rank Requirement: Transcender
    ▶ Skill Form: Battle Style Specific
    ▶ Skill Book Price: 3,714,500 Alz
    ▶ Classes that can learn and purchase: Warrior / Force Shielder / Gladiator
    ▶ Sell NPC: Bloody Ice / Desert Scream / Green Despair / Port Lux Instructor

Max Skill Exp. and Skill Point increased to 540 from 320.

Some Buff Skills now cast instantly

  • Force Shielder: Shadow Shield
  • Gladiator: Art of Rage / Rage Shield

Minesta, Arcane Golem Unbinding Stone Merged

▶ Merge Unbinding Stones currently divided by each weapon/armor into one that is used for all Weapon/armor

  • Minesta/Arcane Golem Unbinding Stone(Medium/High/Highest)-Weapon
    ▶ Can be used for all character bound weapons.
  • Minesta/Arcane Golem Unbinding Stone(Medium/High/Highest)-Armor
    ▶ Can be used for all character bound armor.

▶ Item use condition, success rate, failure penalty all remain the same

  • Minesta Unbinding Stone
    ▶ Failure results in item being destroyed
    ▶ Basic Success Rate 30% / Increase 4% per upgrade level / max success rate 90%
  • Arcane Golem Unbinding Stone
    ▶ Can only be used on items +10, grade drops by 1 when upgrade fails 1
    ▶ Basic Success Rate 20% / Increase 10% per upgrade level / Max Success Rate 70%
    ▶ (Success Rate increased up to 50% for upgrade level +10 or higher 50% 증가)
  • Previous Unbinding Stones are automatically changed into the merged Unbinding Stones when users log in with character
New item
Old Name New Name
Minesta’s Unbinding Stone(Medium) – Magic Weapon Minesta’s Unbinding Stone(Medium) – Weapon
Minesta’s Unbinding Stone(Medium) – One Hand Weapon
Minesta’s Unbinding Stone(Medium) – Two Hand Weapon
Minesta’s Unbinding Stone(Medium) – Chakram
Minesta’s Unbinding Stone(High) – Magic Weapon Minesta’s Unbinding Stone(High) – Weapon
Minesta’s Unbinding Stone(High) – One Hand Weapon
Minesta’s Unbinding Stone(High) – Two Handed Weapon
Minesta’s Unbinding Stone(High) – Chakram
Minesta’s Unbinding Stone(Highest) – Magic Weapon Minesta’s Unbinding Stone(Highest) – Weapon
Minesta’s Unbinding Stone(Highest) – One Hand Weapon
Minesta’s Unbinding Stone(Highest) – Two Hand Weapon
Minesta’s Unbinding Stone(Highest) – Chakram
Minesta’s Unbinding Stone(Medium) – Suit Minesta’s Unbinding Stone(Medium) – Armor
Minesta’s Unbinding Stone(Medium) – Gloves
Minesta’s Unbinding Stone(Medium) – Boots
Minesta’s Unbinding Stone(Medium) – Helmet
Minesta’s Unbinding Stone(High) – Suit Minesta’s Unbinding Stone(High) – Armor
Minesta’s Unbinding Stone(High) – Gloves
Minesta’s Unbinding Stone(High) – Boots
Minesta’s Unbinding Stone(High) – Helmet
Minesta’s Unbinding Stone(Highest) – Suit Minesta’s Unbinding Stone(Highest) – Armor
Minesta’s Unbinding Stone(Highest) – Gloves
Minesta’s Unbinding Stone(Highest) – Boots
Minesta’s Unbinding Stone(Highest) – Helmet
Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone(High) – Magic Weapon Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone(High) – Weapon
Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone(High) – One Hand Weapon
Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone(High) – Two Hand Weapon
Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone(High) – Chakram
Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone(Highest) – Magic Weapon Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone(Highest) – Weapon
Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone(Highest) – One Hand Weapon
Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone(Highest) – Two Hand Weapon
Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone(Highest) – Chakram
Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone(High) – Suit Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone(High) – Armor
Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone(High) – Gloves
Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone(High) – Boots
Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone(High) – Helmet
Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone(Highest) – Suit Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone(Highest) – Armor
Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone(Highest) – Gloves
Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone(Highest) – Boots
Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone(Highest) – Helmet

▶ Tooltip and category of items changed

  • Magic Weapon, One Hand Weapon, Two Hand Weapon, Chakram have been changed to Weapon
    ▶ In the case of Magic Weapon that were using the ‘Lapis’ tooltip for convenience they have been changed to Osmium
  • Suit, Gloves, Boots, Helmet have been changed to Armor

▶ Minesta’s Unbinding Stone Cube’s drop list has been changed

  • Each Unbinding Stone Cube(Medium),(High),(Highest) drop list has been changed
    ▶ Changed the 8 types of previous Unbinding Stones into the 2 new ones

▶ Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone field monster drops have been adjusted

▶ Unbinding Stone change in Agent Shop

  • Account bound / seal – Minesta’s Unbinding Stone / Arcane Golem Unbinding Stone category has been changed to Weapon/Armor
  • Minesta’s Unbinding Stone / Arcane Golem Unbinding Stone auto complete changed to Weapon/Armor

Possessed Alz within game and trade limit improvements

▶  Problem

  • Inventory & User warehouse Alz amount check is different for each action(Allow max Alz or less than max Alz)
  • No restrictions for Alz via mail

▶ Improvements

  • Allow inventory and user warehouse to accept up to max Alz
  • Set limit for Alz exchange via mail

Extreme Core Pocket(Premium) no longer drops Extreme Core Lv. 5

Appearance change now always works regardless of item or time period

Saint’s Forcecalibur Monster Increase HP for (Vaikalitan, Gruvanda, and Tilagan)

Guild Status message is deleted when user leaves guild, is kicked out, or the guild disbands

Message shown when disarming/changing weapon/armor while dancing has been changed

  • If you unequip or change your weapon you will be instantly released from the dance move -> Dance mode is canceled when you equip/change your weapon.
  • If you unequip or change your weapon you will be instantly released from the sit move -> Sit mode is canceled when you unequip/change equiped weapons

Mission War Improvements

▶ Damage Amplifiers use improved

  • Changed so that damage amplifiers can now be registered even in Mission War lobby
  • Changed so that even in Mission War lobby damage amplifying icons are shown at the upper left corner of the character
    ▶ Icon is active/inactive based on whether the Damage Amplifier is registered or not
  • If all amplifiers are used but there are more of the same amplifier in the inventory the item is automatically registered.
  • Changed so that amplifiers are used even if the number of amplifiers is lower than the number used for a skill.

▶ Mission War Meritorious Medal Reward score table changed

  • Reward Range Changed
  • Original Range/

    Changed Range/ Meritorious Medals gained

    0 ~ 99

    0 ~ 99 0

    100 ~ 150

    100 ~ 149 1
    151 ~ 250 150 ~ 249


    251 ~ 400 250 ~ 399


    401 ~ 600

    400 ~ 599


    601 ~ 500,000 600 ~ 500,000


  • Changed Mission War Monster Stats
  • The amount of gold coins looted are now displayed when gold is looted from the field
  • Tooltip that shows the user’s ID has been added so that when mouse cursor is over a party member/party leader in the minima[, the user’s ID is shown.


Tower of the Undead B3F II

Citizens of Nevareth!

It looks like Tempus’ followers are still active inside the Frozen Tower! All must unite in defeating a common foe that spreads fear across the continent Midreth!


  • Entry Information
    • Level restriction: Lv. 160 or higher/BSLV 11 or higher
  • Entry Location
    • Undead Ground (X: 111,Y: 131)
  • Purchase from Bloody Ice Grocer Deighton or Remote Shop – (Price: 4,000.000 Alz)
  • Party Limit – 4
  • DP- 7
  • List of in game Monster Information 
  • ​[GateKeeper TeneBris] Lv 195
  • [GateKeeper Kerberos] Lv 195
  • Trained Berserk Ghoul Lv 185
  • [Eliana Estrella] Lv 200
  • Undead Warrior Lv 200
  • [Phantom Knight] Lv 200
  • [Black Guard] Lv 180
  • [Arrogant Ibeltos] Lv 205
  • [Abyss Thenes Wienelander] Lv 205
  • [Undedad Golem] Lv 200
  • [Guardian of Archimedeon] Lv 205
  • [Black Sage Archimedeon] Lv 210
  • [Krisos’ Watchman] Lv 295
  • [Bloodhound Crysos] Lv 205
  • Black Guard Lv 200
  • [Undead Knight] Lv 205
  • Essentia’s Praetor Lv 205
  • Lord of Carnage Pravitas Essentia Lv 220
Drop Rate Range: UCH-UCHH, SEH-SEHH, Mithril and Archridium Parts, Crit Ring +4, Ring of Luck +4 and Amulet of Resist +5.

Dungeon Preview:


Clashing Nations Patch Update

Clashing Nations Patch Update


Basic information 

• Features: The confrontation between existing towns belonging to the two nations of Capella and Procyon
• Conditions to enter: Above Lv. 190 and has chosen a nation

Complete map

Senillinea Monsters

Location: East Gate (Procyon Fort)


 Location: Northern Forest

Location: West Outpost

Location: East and West Ruins


Location: Inner Fortress

Location: East Settlement

Location: Mystic Forest

Location: West Gate (Capella Fort)

Addition of New Accessories

Vampiric Earring +9

Item: Vampiric Earring +9
Drop Area: (Legendary Box)

  • Maquinas Outpost
  • Forgotten Temple B2F
  • Steamer Crazy (Awakened)
  • Catacomb Frost (Awakened)
  • Lava Hellfire (Awakened)
  • Panic Cave (Awakened)


Earring of Guard +9

Item: Earring of Guard +9
Drop Area: (Legendary Box)

  • Altar of Siena B2F
  • Illusion Castle Radiant Hall
  • Steamer Crazy (Premium)
  • Catacomb of Frost (Premium)
  • Lava Hellfire (Premium)
  • Panic Cave (Premium)



Item: Ring of Luck +4
Drop Area: (Legendary Box/Legendary Pirate Box)

  • Forbidden Island (Awakened)
  • F0rg0tten Temple B2F (Awakened)
  • Tower of Undead B3F
  • Abandoned City



Item: Critical Ring +4
Drop Area: (Legendary Box/Legendary Pirate Box)

  • Tower of Undead B3F


Amulet of Resist

Item: Amulet of Resist +1
Drop Area: (Legendary Box)

  • Volcanic Citadel
  • Forgotten Tower B1F
  • Tower of Undead B1F


Item: Amulet of Resist +2
Drop Area: (Legendary Box)

  • Illusion Castle Underworld
  • Tower of Undead B2F


Item: Amulet of Resist +3
Drop Area: (Legendary Box)

  • Altar of Siena B1F
  • Forbidden Island
  • Illusion Castle Radiant Hall
  • Altar of Siena B2F


Item: Amulet of Resist +4
Drop Area: (Legendary Box)

  • Forgotten Temple B2F
  • Tower of Undead B3F
  • Maquinas Outpost
  • Forgotten Temple B2F (Awakened)


Item: Amulet of Resist +5
Drop Area: (Legendary Box)

  • Abandoned City



Battle Class Changes


Battle Style Change Kit  


1. Level Limit

– Lv.100-170


2. How to Use

– Right-click on item to display battle style change UI popup


3. Cannot be used in:

– Mission Wars, Mission Battles, PvP Battlefield


List of alterations when class is changed

1. Stats reset

• Reverts to the initial stats of the new battle style

• Refer to initial stats for each battle style: Initial stats

Point conversion

• Latest stats of old battle style – initial stats of old battle style = Point conversion

Force Archer → When changing to another class

i) Force Archer latest stats: STR 155 / DEX 288 / INT 923

ii) Force Archer initial stats: STR 6 / DEX 12 / INT 17

→ STR (155-6=149 / DEX (288-12=276) / INT (926-17=909)

2. Skill change

• Delete all skills within the Attack/Support/Upgrade tab

• Attack skills: Resets all and A. Expert – Transcender Skill Book

• Support skills: Grants specialized skill mode for each battle style (includes some universal skills)

• Upgrade skills: Grants all Skill Books for players to select and use

• Battle mode I / Battle mode II / Battle mode III

Changes to battle mode of the new class

• Battle modes not learned remain blank

Universal skills will not change

• Saint’s Forcecalibur, Aura Mode, Summon Astral Bike, Bike Chain Attack, Astral Boards, Board Chain Attack, Combo Start

3. Astral Weapon change

4. Essence Rune change

Non- Force to Non-Force

Non-Force to Force

• Automatic Essence Rune change – Sword <-> Magic
• Attack UP <-> Magic Attack UP
• Sword Amp. <-> Magic Amp.
• Other Runes will not change

Automatic Blended Rune change – Sword <-> Magic

• Strike Pray I / II / III <-> Sensibility I / II / III
• Crashing Fist I / II / III <-> Counter Force I / II / III
• Sword Dance I / II / III <-> Force Dance I / II / III
• Sword Pressure I / II / III <-> Force Pressure I / II / III
• Other Runes will not change

No changes

• Alz / Force Gems / Cash
• Inventory / Warehouse / Bike Inventory
• Achievement
• Honor points



Added New Scenario Quests

Scenario quests for Capella Lv. 151-199

Scenario quests for Procyon Lv. 151-199

New Mercenary Additions and Renewals

New Mercenary 

  • Leedy
  • Skaild
  • Aizhan
  • Elena

New Mercenary Quest Additions and Achievements and Titles


Added Transcendence tab

Additional management functions: Rank UP/Upgrade/Craft function

Rank UP

  • 100% success rate
  • Lv. 10 can rank up and granted with new option
  • A mercenary in the player’s possession will automatically be registered within the combo box (same for upgrading)
  • After rank-up, it will begin at Lv. 1 of the next rank
  • The applicable Training Stone is required for each Rank Up
  • Training Stones are sold by Grocer NPCs (10 stones cost 100,000,000 Alz)

  • Force Code acquired during next Rank Up is displayed (player will be informed when at max. rank).


  • Mercenary can level up
  • Required item for upgrade
  • ‘Mercenary Card Piece’ for the mercenary
  • Mercenary Card Piece type and drop


  • The higher the mercenary’s level, the more valuable their owned Force Code becomes
  • Mercenary Card Piece is required for upgrade


  • Craft Method
  • Management UI ‘Craft’ tab
  • Right-click a Mercenary Card Piece
  • Craft results
  • 100% success rate
  • Mercenary Card is automatically placed in the player’s inventory after crafting a mercenary
  • Conditions to activate
  • Battle Mode 2: Leedy/Skaild
  • Battle Mode 3: Aizhan/Elena
  • Stats
  • Skaild/Elena
Leedy / Aizhan

Changes to current mercenary system

  • Current mercenary stats are applied as Unique stats
  • Normal / Rare / Epic / Unique ranks have been unified into Rank 1
  • Only one summon item can be used (Orb of Summoning)
  • Mercenaries not owned appear in black and white


Added card item for registering current mercenaries

  • Owned Mercenary Cards are automatically changed to new Mercenary Cards when logged in
  • Current Mercenary Cards registered at the Agent Shop are automatically changed after registration cancellation and re-login
  • Previous mercenary achievements and titles
  • Removal of previous achievements

Holy Water Added

Superior Holy Water (2 types)

  • Heroic Holy Water
  • Superior Holy Water combines previous Holy Water of Fighter and Holy Water of Sage


  • All Attack +40
  • Defense +40
  • All Skill Amp. +7%

Extreme Holy Water

  • Superior Holy Water version of previous Holy Water of Critical Strike


  • Critical DMG UP +14%
  • Critical Rate UP +5%
  • Cannot be stacked with Holy Water of Critical Strike

GM Holy Water – GM’s Blessing (1, 2, 3) added

GM buff applied upon use

  • Duration: All 3 types last 3,600 seconds

Mission War

  • Cannot be used; system message informs players that it cannot be used when attempted
  • Entry after using it outside: GM buffs removed / normal buffs maintained

Mission Battle & PvP Battle

  • Cannot be used; system message informs players that it cannot be used when attempted
  • Entry after using it outside: All GM buffs / normal buffs removed

New Charms Added

Amethyst Charm Added


Takes 10 seconds to craft, no Amity acquired

Item Information

Amethyst Composed Charms Added


  • Takes 20 seconds to craft, Amity Level 5 acquired

  •  Item Information

New Headgear / Costumes Added

Headgear Costumes (Male/Female)

Clothes Costumes

Headgear Costumes



Character information window improvements

  • Displays stat increases for each class with mouse-over
  1. Display increased stat for each STR/INT/DEX
Stat will vary depending on character’s class
  • Changes to character stats displayed at bottom of character information window
  1. Deleted scroll-down display
  2. Display of main stat info for each class

All Class

  • Stats: Critical Rate, Critical DMG, Critical DMG UP, Attack Rate, Accuracy, Penetration

Sword Type

  • Class: Warrior, Blader, Force Blader, Gladiator
  • Attack / Sword Amp.

Magic Type

  • Classes: Wizard, Force Archer
  • Magic Attack / Magic Amp.

Stat point distribution improvements

  • Ctrl + Click will display point distribution window with distribution/reset button (+/-)

Distribution window

  • Distributes user’s stat points as desired
  • Automatic distribution button: Automatically enters the amount of stats required for Rank Up

Reset window

  • Resets distributed stat points as desired
  • Can reset as much as the amount of Extract Potions owned

Can switch between distribution window ↔ reset window using the switch window icon

  • Added shortcut key information related to distribution/reset window that activates when moving mouse over point distribution/reset button (+/-)

Detailed stats display added

  • Detailed stats window appears when that button is clicked
  • Displays stat by Attack / Defense / Others
  • More detailed stats beyond main class stats are displayed in the character information window

Stats Display

*Information on Gladiator character’s ‘Rage Max Stats’ is also displayed in attack stats


Additional shortcut key: Alt + C

  • Shortcut key opens the character information window and detailed stats window together with one click

Can move character’s detailed stats window

Agent Shop registration tab improvements

  • Upon registration, the item’s average price / current lowest price will be displayed

Weekly average price

  • Automatically checks the weekly average price when first registering an item
  • There is 1 second delay when registering again

Current lowest price

  • Displays the current lowest price when registering
  • Refresh button will appear on the right next to the price

Mouse over action will display tooltip, displaying both weekly average price and current lowest price

When there’s no registered item, refresh button will be deactivated

Improvement of skill point UI within the skill window

The skill training window will appear when holding Ctrl and clicking the +/- button on the right within the skill window

  • Player may directly input desired skill level and train to that level at once, within the limits of Alz and skill points in possession
  • The points displayed in the skill point box are plus (+) or minus (-) current owned points. Therefore, a negative (-) value is shown if player has insufficient points
  • When Player moves the mouse over a skill, shortcut information is displayed
  • A message will appear when user has insufficient Alz or skill points
  • Insufficient Alz / insufficient skill points

This information does not apply to the Special tab

  • All countries excluding CN: Works in Attack / Support / Upgrade tabs
  • CN: Only works in Attack / Support tabs

Current skill training method also remains

  • As before, user can conduct skill training level-by-level by clicking the -/+ button

Quick slot Expansion

  • Added 2 more Quick slots with the same function as existing Quick slots
  • Player can toggle between Quick slots using the I, II, III tabs added at the top of the Quick slot display
  • When player clicks the tab button with the mouse while holding a skill, the tab button won’t work and the holding will be removed

Attack power /defense power points displayed on the equipment info UI

Ignore Penetration Force Code is applied to the defense power calculation formula

Reduced time required for requests

  • All recipe requests will now require a min. of 6 seconds and a max. of 30 seconds

Dropped Orb of Ruin / Orb of Destruction ownership properties changed

  • Orbs of Ruin/Destruction dropped in the Maquinas Outpost (Elite Mode)/Tower of Undead B3F(Elite Mode) dungeons are no longer have bind status
  • Orbs of Ruin/Destruction can be registered at the Agent Shop
  • Category: Craft Items > Normal Materials
  • Owned items automatically converted to tradable after logging into the game

PvP battle-related changes

  • Additional PvP battle participation restrictions
  • Level restrictions: Only characters Lv. 100 and above may participate
  • Skill rank restrictions: Only characters ranked Transcender and above may participate
  • Skill and Quick slot info remains unchanged for no item mode
  • Character settings will remain as set
  • HP / MP boost changed within the PvP battleground
  • HP boost: x5 / MP boost: x3

Costume Epic Converter changes

  • Penetration value for Costume Epic Converter Level 4 changed from 25 to 30
  • Costume Epic Converter Medium/High Boxes combined into a single box
  • Item: Costume Epic Converter Box

Time-limited items no longer usable as materials for requests/craft

  • Excluding Coin Lotto Item requests

Changed that Minesta’s Chaos Fighter/Sage/Guardian Belts can no longer be dropped

Changed that previously entered dungeon’s boost level is saved to the dungeon entry UI

  • Save entry made for every dungeon for each character

Separate button for Guild Shop menu

  • In the Guild UI, ‘Guild Shop’ button added to the right of the Guild Reward History button
  • Guild Shop’ deleted from Guild Menu

Some monster names in dungeons 1-6 of the Chaos Arena changed to red

Changed that item remaining in temporary inventory will automatically be acquired upon entering the world

Changed that message will be displayed when player doesn’t accept party invitation

  • New message: You didn’t accept [-]’s party invitation.

Agent Shop response wait time reduced from 60 seconds to 20 seconds

Lotto Type Item expanded

  1. Contents
  • Previous: Maximum of 4 items when Lotto Item is used
  • New: Maximum of 10 items when Lotto Item is used
  • Lotto Items using expanded fields



1. Fixed error that caused some skill effects to be incorrectly displayed

  • Wizard: Battle Mode 3 transformation. Battle Mode 3 Elemental Attack A, Battle Mode 3 Elemental Specialty Level 3
  • Force Blader: Seal of Damnation

2. Fixed error that client sporadically shuts down when the Receive button was pressed while holding an item enclosed in a letter

3. Fixed error that message didn’t display informing that player can’t participate in a dice game when acquiring an item

4. Fixed error that after Mission Battles, players didn’t automatically return to the waiting room

5. Quest-related errors

  • Fixed error that connection to server was cut off when carrying out ‘Officer’s Recommendation’ quest
  • Fixed error that some quests that were already complete were displayed after changing nations through the ‘The Tower of Sages, Divide’ quest

6. Fixed error when player has Alz in the warehouse, but not in the inventory, it was impossible to hold large amounts of items in warehouse.

7. Fixed error that previous name remained after the name change due to a memory reset issue

8. Fixed error that client shuts down when character enters a party while voice chatting is activated

9. Fixed error that connection to the server was cut off when inventory item was used in specific situations

10. Fixed error that connection to the server was cut off when a skill was used in specific situations

11. Fixed error that connection to the server was sporadically cut off during Chaos upgrades

12. Fixed error related to item, Alz copying and finishing a PvP Battle

13. Fixed an error that caused character names to be displayed improperly in the achievement overview

Art of War Patch Update

Main Content

Elite Dungeon

Basic information

○ Existing dungeons and dungeon play remains the same, yet dungeon difficulty can be changed with dungeon boost system

  • Boost Level


○ Entry Items

  • Dungeon Entry Item + Gemstone of Transcendence


  • Difficulty can be set on entry
  • Daily Entry Limit
  1. Dungeon entry will be limited to 3 times/day
  2. Force Gems can be used to reset the entry limit up to 5 times
  3. Daily entry limit and entry reset limit will reset at 00:00 daily

Drop Items

○ New items have been added to those currently dropped in dungeons
○ Drop items added: Chaos Talisman, Rune Slot Extender crafting ingredients.

Added Rune Slot Extender Item

Basic information

  • Right-click to use it in your inventory
  • When used, additional rune slots will be added
  • Up to 3 slots can be added

→ 16 current Rune Slots + 3 additional Slots from Rune Slot Extender = Total of 19 Rune Slots available

Additional Request Recipes

Added Talisman of Chaos and Ruin

Basic information

○ A higher version of the existing Chaos Talisman which can be obtained through Craft Merchant Chloe in Port Lux by Request.

  • Stats

Added PvP Battle

Basic information

○ Conditions for participation

  • A character Level 52 or higher from an affiliated nation

Where to participate

○ Capella Character: Select [PvP Battle] on Green Despair instructor’s default script to open the UI
○ Procyon Character: Select [PvP Battle] on Desert Scream instructor’s default script to open the UI

Practice Game

○ PvP is available within the server
○ PvP results and points are not saved and there is no victory reward
○ Cannot participate in betting

Creating and Entering Rooms

○ Mode

  • Participants: 2 vs 2 / 3 vs 3 / 5 vs 5 / 7 vs 7
  • Equipment: Private is the current default (Unavailable ATM)
  • Spectator mode: Private is the current default (Unavailable ATM)
  • Duration: 10 min. / 15 min. / 20 min. / 30 min.
  • Kill counts: 10 kills / 30 kilss / 50 kills

○ Team Assignments

  • Team A / Team B (Room Leader is on Team A by default)
  • As players join, they are placed on the team with the fewest players

○ Progress

  • Ally names are displayed in gray and enemy names are displayed in red
  • Resurrection
  1. Characters will resurrect at the starting point
  2. 10 seconds of waiting time applies for resurrection
  • PvP Time and the Battle Gauge are displayed in the upper middle section
  1. Battle Gauge moves according to the number of kills
  • Information on your character’s kills/deaths is located at the upper right section of the UI
  • Chatting Rules during battle
  1. Normal: Cannot see the other team’s chat
  2. Party: Able
  3. Guild / Trade / Channel / Whisper / Shout / Megaphone / Nation Megaphone: Unable
  • When character disconnects during the battle
  1. All character kill/death information is lost
  2. When the team wins/loses, the disconnected character’s information won’t be counted
  • Character status during the battle
  1. HP, restoration, Continuous Reductions are twice as powerful
  2. 200% boost on Restoration via Heal skill
  3. 30% boost on PvP Damage

○ End of battle

  • When a room is set up, the PvP battle will end when one of the set conditions has been accomplished
  1. Kill count: First team to reach the target count wins
  • When time expires
  1. Total kill count → If tied, compare total deaths (Team with fewer deaths wins) → If tied, compare combined character levels → If tied, Team A wins
  • Scoreboard
  1. When the battle ends, you can check each player’s kill count, death count, and MVP status
  2. You can check all information except for MVP status by pressing the ‘v’ button during battle
  • MVP
  1. Player who contributed the most to the team’s victory will be selected as MVP
  2. Contribution Level is calculated based on the victory conditions. If all the conditions are tied, the MVP will be selected based on the joining order of the battle

○ Other Rules

  • Mini-map is not shown inside the PvP Battle Arena
  • Following actions are prohibited inside the PvP Battle Arena:
  1. PvP request, PK
  2. Guild war request, leave/disband guild, appoint guild master, change guild name
  3. Open Personal Shop, request trade
  4. Invite to party (Create a party)
  5. Show skill animation
  • Following items are prohibited inside the PvP Battle Arena:
  1. Return Stones, Return Cores
  2. Oath Items (Oath of Soul, Oath of Sacrifice, Oath of Protection)
  3. Odd Circles (Including Superior, Hyper)
  4. HP Potions, Buff Potions (MP Potions are allowed)
  5. Pet (Pet Rename Cards are allowed)
  6. Saint’s Forcecalibur
  7. Bike RW3 / PW5 warehouse cannot be opened
  8. Guild / Character Rename Card
  9. Remote Trade Card
  • There are no penalties for dying inside the PvP Battle Arena

New Item Drops Inside Abandoned City

○ Penetration Rune/ Ignore Penetration Rune

  • Drop Box: Legendary Box
  • Item Information

○ Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone

  • Drop Box: Legendary Box
  • Drop Item
  1. 8 kinds of Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone (High)
  2. 8 kinds of Arcane Golem’s Unbinding Stone (Highest)

Added New Quests

○ Added nation scenario quests for Lv.103-130
○ Characters not affiliated with a nation cannot proceed with new quests


○ Added nation scenario quests for Lv. 130-149
○ Characters not affiliated with a nation cannot proceed with new quests


Added general quests for Lv.131-150

 Added Memoria Chrysos (Mission Battle Field)

New Mission War Schedule:


○ Map

○ Battlefield

○ Max participants

  • 100 per nation

○ Time

  • Lobby stand by: 10 min
  • On the battlefield: 30 min

○ Level restriction

  • Lv.170 ~ Lv.200 (Highest level tier only)

○  How to enter

  • Same as existing Tierra Gloriosa Mission War

○  Feature

  • Killing the Legacy Guardian will able players to capture strategy point
  • War gates exist except for Strategy point(small)
  • Monsters will not move except Legacy Guardian(small)
  • Other rules are same as existing Tierra Gloriosa Mission War including entering/leaving/victory/channel change

○  Gold Coin

  • ‘Gold Coin’ will be dropped under certain circumstances
  • Character kill
  1. When character dies, one Gold Coin will be dropped + 50% of character’s Gold Coin will be dropped additionally
  2. Looting rules: only player who killed the character can loot / after 7~10 sec, other players can loot (not exclusive to same nation)
  3. Ex) If character dies with 100 Gold Coins, 1 Gold Coin + 50 Gold Coins (50% of 100 Gold Coins) = total of 51 Gold Coin will be dropped
  • Neutral monster kill
  1. Player with last blow will have the priority looting rights

○ Neutral Monster

  • Characteristics (Non Aggressive)
  1. Respawns 3 minutes after monster is killed
  2. Will drop 5 Gold Coins when killed
  3. Looting rules: only player who killed the character can loot / after 7~10 sec, other players can loot (not exclusive to same nation)

○ Location

○ Gold Coin System

  • Gold Coin Production Facility
  1. Gold Coin Production Facility will yield Gold Coins when occupied
  2. Facility will start producing Gold Coins when occupied by either nation
  3. Gold Coin will not continue to produce the expected Gold Coins when occupied by other nation
  4. Produced Gold Coins will count towards nation score
  5. As occupied time increases, Gold Coin production will increase as well
  6. Gold Coin production will vary, depending on strategy point type

  • Deposit Gold Coin
  1. Player can deposit Gold Coins at Gold Coin Production Facility
  2. Deposit time will be 15 sec
  3. UI will pop up when clicking Production Facility
  4. Will count towards personal/nation score
  • Personal score: 2 points per Gold Coin
  • Nation score: 20 points per Gold Coin
  • Max count for collecting Gold Coin
  1. Max count for collecting Gold Coin will vary, depending on personal score tier

  1. When collecting Gold Coin (already obtained Gold Coin + Gold Coin for looting), player cannot collect Gold Coin exceeding the max count
  2. Ex) If max count is 50 and already have 45 Gold Coins, cannot collect additional 6 Gold Coins

 Customizing Blessing Beads

○ System

  • Customizing Beads
  • Types of Blessing Beads

Premium Bead

  1. Blessing Bead – Plus
  2. Blessing Bead – Supreme
  3. Blessing Bead – Ultimate
  4. Blessing Bead – Superior (New Item)

Normal Bead

  1. EXP
  2. Skill EXP
  3. Pet EXP
  4. AXP
  5. Drop Rate
  6. Alz Bomb Rate


  • min 30% ~ max 200%
  1. Can be adjusted in intervals of 10%
  • Only period can be set for Premium Beads
  • Boosts for normal Beads and customized Beads do not overlap at the same time.
  • Boost for customized Bead will be applied after the current Blessing Bead in use expires.

Period Extension

  1. Only premium service period can be extended
  2. Extended period will be applied to the expiration time/date of the corresponding item
  3. Conditions
  • Customized Bead + Item
  • Customized Bead + Customized Bead
  • Cannot be extended if the item has already been used

Batch Application

  1. Same duration can be set for all boosts with boost rates
  2. Beads currently in use remain unchanged

Usage Information

  • Information and expiration date for beads currently in use are displayed on the right side

Removing Blessing Beads

  1. Only non-premium Beads can be removed
  2. Beads currently in use cannot be removed
  • This applies to both normal and customized Beads

 Added New Accessory ‘Carnelian’

○ Equipment location and image

○ Basic Stat

  • Conditions
  1. HP + 50 and above
  2. Over Lv 100
  • Item Upgrade
  1. Extreme Upgrade using Chaos Core
  2. Can be destroyed when failed but do not go down grades
  • Required Chaos Core
  • Additional Option


Changes Related to Chaos Upgrade

○ Minesta’s Chaos Belt maximum Enchant Level increased to +20

  • Stats over +15

○ Chaos Upgrade UI Improvements

  • When item is registered, required number of Chaos Cores for the upgrade will display
  • Register Chaos Cores by clicking on the UI ‘Register Core’ button

Expanded in-game shop

○ Various sale conditions can be set

  • Rank Condition
  1. Items can be sold based on Premium service, Honor Rank, Character Level, Victorious Nation, etc.
  • Time Condition
  1. Date: Can set limited time period
  • Periodic sales: Can set certain time to sell item repeatedly during pre-set period; can encourage daily purchase

Quantity Condition

  1. Account: can set purchase limit per account; can reset via Force Gems
  2. Server: can set limited number of item to be sold for each server

○ Purchases can only be made once the sale conditions have been met

○ Reset

  • Only items with account quantity limit can be reset
  • When the set number has been purchased, it can be reset
  • Reset is possible until the daily reset count has been reached

Changed inventory UI tabs

○  Added ‘Misc.’ Tab

  • Link Weapon, Speech Bubble

○  Changed ‘Costume’ tab UI

  • Applied Stats: costume slot that displays applied stats and appearance
  • Display: costume slot that only displays appearance

Changed options related to costumes

○   Changed ‘Character Costumes’ option to ‘Applied Stat Costumes’

  • When the option is checked, it shows the appearance of costumes with applied stats
  • Show costumes are displayed regardless of whether the option is checked or not

A list of items that can be dropped in the dungeon are now displayed in the dungeon entry window

The maximum looting amount (previously 1) has been changed to 5 when Alz and Fragments of Chaos are looted.

Quest will change after changing nation

○ Nation Scenario Quests

  • Quest group will be different based on nation after Lv100 since scenario quest will proceed according to each nation
“Contents are still being updated and the details of some contents narrated below may be changed.”

-CABAL Online PH Team

Abandoned City Patch Notes


1.)Force Gem Attributes

1. Currency

-In-game currency that can be collected regardless of inventory space

2. Untradeable, Independent to each server

-Can be used by multiple characters within same server

3. Cannot move between servers

-Cannot be transferred by a character when changing servers; the Force Gem is bound to the corresponding account

Example) Force Gem obtained by Character 1 on Server 1. If he/she moves to Server 2, the remaining Force Gem will be displayed when a character is created on Server 1.

2.) Obtained

4. Force Gem Package

a. Cash item that can be purchased through the Web Cash Shop and in-game Cash Shop

b. Item index is set / Number of Force Gems can be set as option

– Item’s name and tooltip will be displayed according to the settings

c. Tradeable / Non-stackable

5. Shared Achievement Reward

d. Given Force Gems as a Shared Achievement reward

e. Receive an annual reward per one server

f. Server transfer

g. When achieved, Force Gems will be delivered via Achievement UI

h. When proceeding with server transfer,

-If the achievement has already been completed on server being moved to: Unable to receive the reward again

-If the achievement hasn’t been completed on the server being moved to: The achievement will remain incomplete

3.) Related Achievements

6. Added 6 Normal Achievements

* Since all Force Gems are shared among characters in same server, other characters can complete the achievement if they meet the requirement

4.) Use Force Gems

7. Dungeon Entry

i. Force Gems can be used to enter a dungeon

-Excluding dungeons where entry items are sold at NPC shops

-Different amount of Force Gems will be used depending on the level of entering dungeon

j. Effect for dungeon warp gate will always be visible

k. When the dungeon list appears on the Dungeon Entry UI after clicking the effect of dungeon warp gate, system will check if the character owns the Dungeon Entry Item first

-With dungeon entry item: dungeon list appears

-Without dungeon entry item: will check for Force Gem

i. With Force Gems: dungeon list appears

ii. Without Force Gems: system warning message appears after Warp Gate Effect is clicked

8. Oath function

l. Same function as existing Oath of Soul and Oath of Protection

m. Oath of Soul / Oath of Protection Item button will appear on party UI while in a party

-When clicked, a confirmation dialogue will appear to confirm AXP/damage transfer

n. Existing Oath of Soul / Oath of Protection items

-Use as currently being used

-If same effect already has been applied via Force Gem, a system message will state ‘The item cannot be used’

9. Warp

o. Warp to registered coordinates

– Existing Frontier Stones function

– Coordinates can be saved by clicking on the ‘Register’ button on the GPS while at the corresponding location

i. Force Gems are consumed when coordinates are registered

– Warp Point is created at the corresponding location on the GPS

i. Expiration date will appear with tool tip

– Warp Points can be registered in many different places on the same map

i. Up to 100 can be registered

– Additional information

i. Warp Points created with Force Gems can be set up for each character (character base)

ii. Force Gems will be used with click of a button

iii. Use time is fixed at 5 hours (or 10 hours)

p. Unlimited Warp

– Function of an existing Return Stone

– Return Core-shaped button with unlimited warp is marked on the lower bottom corner of GPS

i. Displays quantity of Return Stone

ii. Unlimited Warp

  • When it’s not in use or has expired: White
  • When Unlimited Warp is activated or there’s a Return Core in the inventory: Yellow
  • When the mouse is held over, the expiration date will be displayed as tool tip (updated by last purchase)

iiii. Return Core-shaped button: When the button is clicked, an Unlimited Warp confirmation UI appears; Displays number of Force Gems that will be consumed

– Additional Items

i. Item Attribute

  • Must be in the inventory to use
  • Tradable (can trade individually when not listed in an agent shop)
  • When received in the cash inventory, the duration starts (regardless if Return Core is currently in use)

ii. Each character must use their own Force Gems (character base)

10. Summon Party Member

q. Function of existing Summon of Heroes

r. ‘Summon Party Member’ menu is added on Party Information window

s. Force Gems are consumed when the other player accepts request for ‘Summon Party Member’

11. Warp to Party Members

t. Function of existing Leap of Heroes

u. ‘Warp to Party Members’ menu is added on Party Information window

5.) Resurrect

12. Resurrect on the current spot and Resurrect with Buffs

v. Types and functions

  • Resurrect on the current spot: Existing Odd Circle function
  • Resurrect with best condition: Existing Superior Odd Circle function
  • Resurrect with best condition and additional buffs: Existing Hyper Odd Circles function

w. Check Odd Circles before resurrection

-With Odd Circle: Resurrect using an Odd Circle

i. Without Odd Circle: Use Force Gems to resurrect

Without Force Gems: Check for Force Gem Package

  • With Force Gem Package: There’s an unused Force Gem package. Do you want to use it? → Click Use Button → Inventory doesn’t open, the package opens and is available for use
  • On the Resurrect UI, click ‘Purchase Force Gem Package at Item Shop’ → Opens in-game Cash Shop → Package purchase → With Force Gem Package Steps

13. Resurrect Party Member

x. ‘Resurrect Party Member’ menu is added on Party Information window

y. Function of existing Honorable Circle

z. Force Gems are consumed when the other player accepts the request for Resurrect Party Member

Epic Costume

6.) Option Granting

14. Use the [Core Alchemist] > [Upgrade] > [Give Item Option] UI to give attributes

15. Select the costume you want to grant option

– Requires an empty slot

16. Assign the Option Scroll you want to the material slot

– Option Scrolls- Costume

17. Add Force Core(Highest)

Required Cost

  • 0 options: 500,000 Alz
  • 1 option: 1 million Alz
  • 2 options: 2 million Alz
  • Up to 3 options can be granted to a costume

7.) Expand Costume Slot

18. Costume slots can be expanded using a Costume Slot Converter

c. Can be purchased from Chloe (Craft Merchant)

d. Purchase price: Costume Cloth Fragment x10

19. The Costume Slot Converter can only be used on costumes with less than 3 slots

e. If it fails, only the Costume Slot Converter is destroyed

8.) Obtain Costume Option Scrolls

21. By destroying costume

f. When a costume is destroyed, Costume Cloth Fragments are obtained

g. When a costume is destroyed, there’s a chance of obtaining a Costume Option Scroll

22. Can obtain through Old Magic Books

h. Old Magic Book (Low)

  • Purchase price

– 100 AP

– 2 million Alz

  • Can be purchased from a Core Alchemist
  • When used, Costume Cloth Fragments or Costume Option Scrolls are obtained

i. Old Magic Book (Medium)

  • Can be obtained with Force Gems
  • When used, Costume Option Scrolls are obtained

9. Option Type

23. Total of 13 options for costumes

10.) Costume Safety Kit

24. An item which creates “Costume Capsules” by extracting costume options

– Works similarly to Pet Safety Kit

25. Resets the options on the target costume and creates a “Costume Capsule” with option information

11.) Costume Capsule

26. An item that stores costume options

-Similar concept to Anima Gems

27. Account bind

28. Cannot be equipped

29. When used, all existing options on a costume are removed and replaced by the corresponding options

– Can only be used if the number of costume slots is equal to or greater than the number of options stored in the capsule

12.) Costume Capsule Seal Stone

30. When used, Costume Capsules can be sealed

31. Sealed items can be traded

32. When you use Sealed Costume Capsule, the seal is broken


Upgrade Tokens

Added 3 Upgrade Token

  • Upgrade Token (High)

  • Upgrade Token (Highest)

  • Upgrade Token (Chaos)




14.) Upgrade Tokens can be used to purchase upgraded equipment

33. When you click on Auto-Register in the upgrade window, the appropriate reinforcement item (core) for each token grade is 34. selected.

If it fails, a penalty is applied

35. Can use upgrade items on Upgrade Tokens

j. Enhanced Core / Superior Core

k. Enchant Safeguard (doesn’t prevent destruction)

36. Restrictions

l. Some items cannot be used on Upgrade Tokens

Perfect Cores, Slot Extenders, Option Scroll items, Epic items

m. Upgrade Tokens cannot be equipped

n. Cannot proceed with extreme upgrade



Entry Location: Center of Arcane Trace field

Entry Item Information

Name: Strange Liquid

Dungeon Entry Conditions:

  • Required Level Lv.180 or higher/BSLV11 or higher
  • Duration 1 hour
  • Entry Location Arcane Trace (X:126, Y:157)
  • DP Reward 12 DP
  • Usable Item Limit Up to 30 Odd Circles can be used
  • Up to 50 Veradrix’s Blessings can be used
  • Price of dungeon entry will increase from 7M Alz to 20M Alz this July 23, 2015 (Tentative).

UI Renewal

19.) Character Window

55. Attack/Defense Power will be listed

56. Protection of Veradrix icon location moved to the bottom of the Character Window located on the lower left part of the screen

20.) GPS mini map

57. Option-Display-’Go to Mini Map button display’ changed from off as default setting

21.) Party Information Window

  • Moved the 3 Oath buttons to the Party Information Window
  • Button function and tooltips remain the same
  • Oath of Sacrifice (usage will be varied depending on each nation)

22.) Quick Slot

61. Always using expanded Quick Slots

  • Removed Option-Game-’Use Expanded Quick Slots’

62. The buttons and icons located on the lower left screen have been rearranged in the Quick Slot bar

  • Removed quest complete, level up, skill up, item looting, etc.
  • Moved the 3 Oath buttons to the Party Information Window
  • Quick Slot button and icon: Premium Benefit Info/Victorious Nation/Events/Web Game Shop/Cabal Menu/Mailbox/Force Gems/ping.

63. Victorious Nation

  • Victorious Nation remains the same
  • Losing Nation’s tooltip will display “Depending on war status during Weekend Mission War Tier Lv.170~Lv.200, nation bonus will apply for a week”

64. Events

  • When there’s an event, the button will be yellow. Function remains the same
  • When there isn’t an event, the button will be white and display the system message “There is currently no event in progress” when clicked on

65. Mailbox

  • Newly added function
  • If there’s unread mail, N will be displayed

66. Force Gems

  • Newly added function
  • Currently owned Force Gems will be displayed in the inventory

67. Ping

  • Function remains the same, but the display has been revised
  • 0~99ms(green) / 100~499ms(orange) / 500ms~(red)




23.) Palladium Equipments type added which is superior to Archridium grade

  • Stats of new equipment is higher than Archridium as much as the difference between Archridium and Mithril.
  • Item can only be obtained in Abandoned City
  • Palladium Equipment will start dropping in Abandoned City Dungeon this July 23, 2015.



24.) New Epaulet added(Highest level)

25.) Extreme upgrade 6 added



*Palladium Armor




Balance adjustments


Force Shielder

The Attack UP increase determined by Battle Style ranking was adjusted

  • Original: 6
  • Change: 7

The Attack UP increase determined by Mighty Wish skill level was adjusted

  • Original: 4
  • Change: 6

Added Battle Mode 3 Disarm synergy effect

  • Add: Critical DMG UP +10%

Force Blader

The Attack UP increase determined by Battle Style ranking was adjusted

  • Original: 6
  • Change: 7

The Attack UP increase determined by Fire Blade skill level was adjusted

  • Original: 6
  • Change: 7

Changed Battle Mode 3 Enhance Critical synergy effect


  • Opponent’s Critical DMG -10%
  • Player’s Critical DMG -10%


  • Player’s Defense -50
  • Player’s Penetration +20


The Attack UP increase determined by Battle Style ranking was adjusted

  • Original: 6
  • Change: 7

Changed Vital Charge’s recovery amount

  • Original: At level 20, 100 recovered per Rage
  • Change: At level 20, 150 recovered per Rage

The Attack UP increase determined by Battle Fury skill level was adjusted

  • Original: 4
  • Change: 5

The Attack/Defense rate increase determined by Mortal Combat skill level was adjusted


  • Attack Rate increases by 26 per skill level
  • Defense Rate increases by 13 per skill level


  • Attack Rate increases by 30 per skill level
  • Defense Rate increases by 15 per skill level

Battle Mode 3 Genocider Specialty Stage 3 Effect added

  • Damage increases when attacking a single target



Added voice chat (BETA Test)

  1. Added voice chat-related options
  • added voice chat-related options to the Party UI
  • Added PTT button
  • Party member volume level displays were added and volumes can be adjusted (Default Setting: Max)
  • Added Party Member volume mute button (Default Setting: Off/Audible)

Added New Daily Quests

  • Low level tier – daily quest that gives a Dungeon Entry Item reward
  • Quest is completed when NPC is talked to without any special mission
  • Reward Item: Character bind / Duration: 1D

  • Lv.  151-199 daily quest
  • Beginning NPC: Henkoff (Officer) in Bloody Ice
  • Can complete once daily / resets at midnight
  • EXP Reward

– Level 190 or below: At the maximum level for accepting the quest, about 2.5% EXP is received as a reward

– Level 191 or higher: 1% EXP is received as a reward

The mission is to defeat the monsters

– If it’s a dungeon mission, the mission can be completed without having to wait for a respawn

Added recipe for Quartz Core (Archridium) request

Added option to display ‘Character Costume

  • Added option ‘Options – Display – Character Costume’
  • When checked, clothes costume is displayed
  • When unchecked, clothes costume is not seen
  • Option’s setting is seen the same way by other users (like the character helmet option)
  • It is checked (visible) by default

Added 4 types of skill books sold by instructors

Added Dungeon Entry items in remote shops

  • Added 8 types of Dungeon Entry items to remote shops that can be opened with the N key
  • New items added

Added new costume – Good and Evil


“Contents are still being updated and the details of some contents narrated below may be changed.”