Be there at SM Megamall Activity Center  on November 20th for IP e-Games Guild Congress!

CABAL Online has prepared one whole day of great activities, exciting tournaments and more!

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See the details below!

CABAL On line  Mechanics and Activities

1. Clash of the Guild Guardians (3v3 Tournament)
2. Awarding of Certificates for Top 3 Guilds (per Server)
3. Guild Attendance
4. On-Stage: Product Presentation/Updates (20 to 30 Minutes)
5. On-Stage Activity: Choose Your Own Legendary Story (30 mins to 1 hour)
6. Poster/DVD Installer Distribution
7. e-Games Merchandise Selling
Clash of the Guild Guardians
3 V 3 Guild Battle
1. Guilds must send only one (1) team representative composed of three (3) players. Registration forms will be given on the day of the event. Registration will be on a first-come first-served basis.
2. Sixteen (16) slots are available for the tournament. No excess registrations will be accommodated.
3. Tournament Style is Guild War. First team to score seven (7) kills will win the match.
4. Match system is Single Eliminations. Losing team may no longer fight for the whole duration of the event. Winning team will advance to the next rounds leading to the championships.
5. In the Championships match, the two teams will battle for the championship title in a best of three matches system.
6. Participating members will be provided with pre-generated characters each with standard equipment, potions and odd circles..
7. Team members may choose from the six character classes but a team cannot have more than one character of each class.
8. All other rules or guidelines will be explained by the tournament facilitator on the event proper.
15-Day Costume of Choice for all Guild Members
7-Day BB Plus for all Guild Members
7-Day Astral Bike RW3 Crystal for all Guild Members
3-Day Costume of Choice for all Guild Members
3-Day BB Plus for all Guild Members
3-Day Astral Bike RW3 Crystal for al Guild Members
1-Day BB Plus for all Guild Members
1-Day Crystal Astral Bike RW3 for all Guild Members
1-Day Default Avatar Costume for all Guild Members
Raffle Prizes:
CABAL Online merchandise and CABAL Online vouchers
Hourly RAFFLE: 12:00PM to 7:00PM
30D Astral Bike Vouchers                               2 to 3 Vouchers Per Hour
30D Diamond Service Vouchers                 2 to 3 Vouchers Per Hour
Nevareth Husky PET                                       2 to 3 Vouchers Per Hour
30D Unreleased Costume                             2 to 3 Vouchers Per Hour
Awarding of Top Guilds
The top three guilds of each server will be called on the stage to receive a Certificate of Appreciation for their hard work and relentless support to CABAL Online PH.
The top three guilds for each server will be based on the Total Honor Points of the guilds as of  November 14, 2010.
Guild Attendance
Participating guilds will be provided an attendance sheet from the CABAL Booth.
Participating guilds will be required to fill up the sheet and include at least 20 guild members who must each personally sign the guild attendance sheet.
Upon completion, the guild leader must present at least P400 worth of unscratched EP CARDS (20 Members x 20EP card used for the entrance) to the marshal.
The marshal will only collect Attendance sheets with complete requirements. Guilds that were able to complete the attendance sheets will be rewarded with special in-game items.
Note: Slots for Guild Attendance will be limited to 30 to 40 Guilds only.

3D Unreleased Costume VOUCHER for the GUILDS who were able to gather at least 20 MEMBERS to attend the EVENT [Guild Attendance Activity]
Choose Your Own Legendary Story (On-Stage Activity)
Choose Your Own Legendary Story is based on the popular children’s book Choose Your Own Adventure where a participant will act as the protagonist of the story. The participant will choose from different actions every round, and the choices that he will make will determine the outcome of his adventure (and his prize).
1. Guilds that have completed the guild attendance sheet will be prioritized in this event. The event facilitators/hosts will raffle the names of the guilds and will call on the guild (whose name has been picked up from the raffle) to send in one (1) representative for the event.
2. The event will proceed so that only one participant may take the activity at a time.
3. When a participant’s adventure ends, he will be replaced by a representative from another guild.
4. The number of participants for this event will depend on the time available for conducting the event.
Depending on the outcome of the adventure, the participant may win any of the following:
  • Outer Invader Pet, 30D Unreleased Costume, Troglo Warrior Pet, Elder Troglo Pet, 30-D Diamond Service, Permanent Costume of Choice, 30D Blessing Bead Plus, Permanent Astral Bike K-Red, 30-D RW3 Bike, Slot Extender High, Permanent Weapon Skin of Choice, 15-D Epaulet of Fighter/Sage/Guardian+8

See you there!

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