It is the time of the year again when Cathy the Cupid visits Nevareth to collect gifts for the Sages, who in turn would reward the server that gives them the most gifts.

Starting February 9, Thursday, buy as many Valentine’s Gift/Packages named after your server. Each buy will earn the server Heart Points. The server with the most number of accumulated Heart Points will win a special bonus EXP event!

Scroll down for event period, mechanics, and payout!

Current scores and standings (as of February 22, 6:30PM)

  • Selling of Packages: February 9 to February 22
  • Rewarding: February 24 to March 2

1. Valentine Packages in the Cash Shop with server indicators will be available for purchasing on February 9.

2. Users need to purchase Packages named after their server to earn Heart Points for their server.
3. There will be three (3) packages, details below:
4. Website will be updated with the current Heart Points standing every Tuesdays and Fridays (within the promo period).
5. Announcement of the winners will be on February 23.
6. Winners Servers will be rewarded with a special BONUS EXP event:

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