Dom1n4tion Online Party celebrates 14 years of CABAL Online PH! 

Despite the challenging times, it’s essential to celebrate every monumental occasion with your PlayPark Family. Another milestone year of the CABAL Online PH, was celebrated by CABAListas last June 25, 2022. The Dom1n4tion Online Party centered on the CABAListas who prepared special performances and a tough pageant. Entertainment and party giveaways surely made the party one-of-a-kind.

CABAL Got Talent 2021 Champion – JestVibe and Mr. Nevareth 2021 – Vro James dominated the party as they welcomed the viewers with amazing giveaways such as P1000 Gas Vouchers, Pizza, Chocolate Cake, and P500 Digital Wallet Load. The crowd-favorite CABAL Shirt, CABAL Jacket, and CABAL Baller and Lanyard Bundle were eyed by most of the viewers too!




On top of the splendid giveaways, exclusive in-game items were grabbed by partygoers. Once 500 Viewers were reached, a set of Milestone Rewards were bagged by those who registered for the Dark Mage Filter. The celebration also featured an anniversary-exclusive Door Prize of Master’s Palladium +20 Armor & Weapon Set 30-Days to fully equip the CABAListas in their daily grind.



Things got sentimental for a while as CM Jinghiro and GM Ram shared their heartfelt message to the Citizens of Nevareth on how grateful they are to the growing community despite the challenges faced throughout the years, making the community bigger, stronger, and better. “We’ve prepared heavily on this event to the extent that we didn’t sleep because of the excitement we feel” as mentioned by CM Jinghiro. 



The fun and excitement continued with the 4 Guild Leaders of CABAL who took the ultimate quiz showdown in the CABAL Henyo: Guild Leaders Edition. Featuring narou of lllKONOHAlll, CursedPatootie of MADAFAKAZ, zByakuya of Berserk, and xDickGrande of xSemperFidelis.



The 4 Guild Leaders were able to show great sportsmanship and wit, but in the end xDickGrande of xSemperFidelis bagged the CABAL Henyo 2022 Champion title of the Year.



The continuous growth of CABAL will not be achieved without the dedicated Game Masters (GM) and Community Managers (CM) of the game. Current and previous GMs and CMs shared their anniversary messages to the CABAL Community as well.



Serenading the viewers at home is his great and applaudable performance as Jett Pangan performed live at the online party with the iconic songs Liliwanag Muli and Salamat. These songs were rightfully selected for the event that showcases the deep appreciation for the community and as well as seeing better days ahead for the players with its continuous growth.



To elevate the party-vibes and experience of our dear Cabalists, CABAL Online PH released before the actual livestream the fierce Dark Mage Filter and entries were overflowing on how they enjoyed using the said filter for them to win the Milestone rewards.




One of the most awaited events during the online celebration is the staple ALZ o Kahon which was participated by Ivanka from Orion Server’s Einherjar Guild. Accompanied her on the virtual stage was CM Jinghiro, CM Axis – who stunningly cosplayed for the occasion, and GM Ram. 


With out of this world bidding reaching to 15 Billion ALZ with the persuasion of the ALZ Holders, Ivanka consistently chosen “A” amongst the offers being given to her and with great luck she was able to take home the Grand Prize of Franky Pet lvl 30 with MRCI 10%


Cabalist’s were in for a treat as their fellow players prepared spectacular performances in the CABAL Got Talent Season 2 and only 3 were able to make it to the finals. The Top Finalists were able to showcase their unique talents in the form of singing into their chosen piece.

Roboratchii from Orion Server – 1st Place Winner

3LLEEE from Draco Server – 2nd Place Winner

SAMMANGUBAT from Draco Server – 3rd Place Winner


With the community continuing to grow throughout the years, shining stars arouse giving inspiration to the players to pursue their career in streaming and also helping them in-game. During the livestream, notable Cabal players were given recognition due to the outstanding impact and positive influence that they’ve imparted to the entire community.

With great excitement GM Lexi join in the discussion on why these players were deserving for the recognition: DYLAN plays / DylanEnsui, Dandiely, XVANEZALICIOUSX – In-house Gaming, MidnightMothra TV, and zAsalea.



One of the biggest highlights of the online party is the most awaited live Q&A and talent segment of the Ms. and Ms. Nevareth. Uniquely, this year’s beauty pageant was different from the rest as it was inclusive for all regardless of gender in which category they participated. With special guest judge Voice of Nevareth – Mr. Wormy and Ms. Nevareth 2020 – Karisha’s Game Room were the ones who took turns in giving the seven candidates their questions.


After a intense of deliberation of scores from the judges, the new breed of Mr. and Ms. Nevareth is soon to be crowned as kyash of the Orion Server, personally known as Kat, bagged the Ms. Nevareth 2022 Title with a whooping average score of 85%. The question given to her was “What is the biggest challenge that you see in the CABAL Community and what will you do to resolve it?” in which she intelligently answered “The major problem that we [the CABAL Community] are facing right now is the decreasing number of players, and I want to support the platform CABAL Online PH Community by helping our Cabalistas who struggles from their journey, like taking their quests, dungeon sets, and other concerns regarding the game. To encourage the players to boost their interest in playing the game.”


On another hand, with a closely matched average score of 84.70%, xxxxbensonxxxx, personally known as Mark, is crowned as the Mr. Nevareth 2022. When asked by Judge Karisha, “What is the most important thing parents should say to their children?”, he confidently responded “Depending on my experience, I would say that never give-up and learn from your mistakes. Because in life there are a lot of struggles, challenges, and sometimes your plans don’t go the way you want them to be which leads to failure. But there is always a new day and we can always do another try or solution to the problems in our life. That is always I’m teaching my kids and also to be thankful in everything that they have right now. Always treasure the things that you have, be contented in life, but never stop dreaming and believing to get the things you want most in life. Be respectful to any person or anyone that they encounter, because respect cannot be earned my money it will be earned on how you respect others.


As the online party comes to its end, a very special Catch-up segment was conducted featuring Mr. Wormy reminiscing the fruitful years of CABAL Online PH and sharing his unique experience as one of the guest judges for the Mr. and Ms. Nevareth. He also prepared a  special performance that brought good-vibes that reached the homes of our dear CABALists.


Capping off the online party was a very special message coming from the PlayPark and CABAL Online PH Family as Jestvibe, GM Lexi and Vro James said, “Once a CABALista, Always a CABALista!”. Never stop from Dominating at Home and continue on with your CABAL Legacy no matter how far we are.