• To join, you must participate in the social activity. Use the Domination FB Profile Picture frame and comment on the post with your IGN and Server.
  • Share the Domination events post on PlayPark CABAL Online PH >Link<
  • We will collect the valid entries within a set timeframe. So we can raffle all the participants and get the top 300 (100 each side event) who will play in the side events.
  • The selected participants must prepare 100 EP to be topped-up and converted to CABAL Cash on the same day of the event.
  • Players can play more up to 5 times by topping up 500EP and converted to CABAL Cash on the same day. (1game = 100 ep)
  • Top up and convert should be in the same day, else rewards are forfeited.
  • Total max game: 6 (100EP + 500EP)
  • All participants must join in this group: