The CABAL PH Team believes in providing second chances, so we have come up with an Amnesty Program for players who have blocked accounts due to misdemeanors done in-game.


  1. Amnesty is open to users with blocked accounts due to AOE and WALLHACK offense/s only.
  2. The application for Amnesty is open from October 27 to November 6 ONLY. Applications sent from November 7 onwards will be denied.
  3. Final penalties will be applied to characters/accounts before they are released.
  4. An event item called the ‘Candle of Resurrection’ must be purchased from the Cash Shop.
  5. There will be two accounts in consideration: the blocked account and the sacrificial account. The sacrificial account is a new account created by the applicant and must be the one to purchase the event item ‘Candle of Resurrection’.
  6. Applications will be processed within TEN (10) business days.
  7. The users who availed the Amnesty Program will be monitored closely. Should the owners of the restored characters violate any of the game policies again, their accounts will be blocked PERMANENTLY.


  • Players with blocked accounts must submit a Helpdesk Ticket to inquire if they are eligible for Amnesty. This is located under CABAL Game/Service > Account Category > Amnesty Inquiries. Users are required to indicate the following information in the ticket:
    • User name of Blocked Account:
    • Character name:
    • Server:
    • Level:
    • Class:
  • The user must attach at least one (1) scanned valid ID (SSS, NBI Clearance, PRC, Driver’s License, Police Clearance or other government issued IDs) for account verification. If the user is still a student, he/she can attach the scanned copy of his/her NSO Birth Certificate or recent School ID. The attachment must be clear enough for us to see the details.
  • Upon successful filing of the inquiry ticket, we shall verify the ownership of the blocked account and review our records to confirm if the blocked account is qualified to avail of the amnesty. We shall reply to inquiry tickets within one (1) business day.
  • Once we have confirmed your eligibility to avail of the amnesty, the user may now create the sacrificial account and purchase the event item ‘Candle of Resurrection.’ The candle of resurrection must be placed on the first tab of the sacrificial account’s inventory.
  • Note: The event item Candle of Resurrection must be bought in full by the sacrificial account via real CABAL cash. Therefore, Candles of Resurrection bought via CABAL Cash from Gift vouchers will not be honored.
  • Once the Candle of Resurrection is purchased, the user may now file a new ticket for Application of Amnesty. The ticket should be filed under CABAL Game/Service > Account Category > Amnesty Application. The following information must be indicated in the ticket:
    • Username of Blocked Account:
    • Character Name:
    • Server:
    • Level:
    • Class:


    • Username of sacrificial account:
    • Character name:
    • Server:
    • Level:
    • Class:
  • Upon receipt of the application, we shall check if the correct procedures have been followed and requirements met. Once the requirements are complete, we shall put the application on queue for processing.
  • The Candle of Resurrection will be deleted in the sacrificial account and the additional penalties will be applied on the account to be released.

Penalty for Users who will avail of the Amnesty Program

  • Deduction of one Honor Rank
    • Example:
    • If the character has 683,567,958 Honor Points (Honor Rank 17) it will be reduced to Honor Rank 16 (or 300,000,000).
    • All remaining WarEXP will also be removed.
  • Removal of Pets, Astral Vehicle, Earrings, Bracelets, Necklace, Belt from the Equipment Tab
  • Removal of the account’s Alz
  • Removal of all items in the account’s warehouse