In-game Events for September


  • Force Blader’s Surge


1. There will be 4 Major brackets: This event is limited only to Force Blader class and shall be getting the first eight per category, first come first serve basis,  interested FB players can register via CABAL Online Forums under In-game & SNS Events!

Four Major Brackets:

• Wraith Division: Level 79 to 109

• Mossite Division: Level 110 to 140

• Cornus Division: Level 141 to 169

• Manticore Division: Level 170 to 190

2. This is a single elimination only; the schedule will be posted after the bracketing is drafted randomly thru

3. Strictly no substitution.


Sample Registration for Force Blader’s Surge (Manticore Division)

• In-game Name (IGN): GM Finn
• Guild: GM Nation
• Level: 190

(Please do not forget to attach a screenshot of your character in your entry)


General Event Conditions:

1. TPP is strictly forbidden.

2. No BM1, BM2, BM3 only Aura is allowed.

2. The use of items (ex: return core, GPS, etc) or buff potions is also prohibited.

3. Players cannot hide in towns during the start of the duel.

4. Players cannot be buffed by other players. Before they buff themselves, they shall be partied with the CABAL Official and with their opponent. Party buffs are not allowed. The main purpose of the party with the official and your opponent is to monitor the buffs and HP.

5. Players are expected 30 minutes before their schedule.

6. Tournament map is Port Lux.

7. Rules and Schedule may be subject to change by the organizer at any time.

8. Decision’s of the Judges are final and binding


PVP Winner per bracket:

  • Special title: Force Blader Slayer permanent (no stats)
  • 45D costume of choice
  • 30D Blessing Bead Plus Supreme
  • 30D PW5

Consolation prize:

  • 7D Blessing Bead Plus


Prizes is subject to change without prior notice

  • GM’s Buff

The GM Blessing Buff enables players to experience a temporary intensive increase on their in-game stats.


Every Tuesday & Thursday from 3:00PM to 5:00PM (all servers) until end of September.






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