Event Schedule: August 10-31

The battle against TPP users continues~ CABAL ONLINE Anti-Cheat Campaign for August will start today! Report Hack-tool users for us to have a better gaming community.

Check HERE to redirect you the Forum Thread:

  • Kindly follow the correct format below:
  • IGN/WarID of the suspect:

Classification of offenses are as follows:

  • No Skill Delay
  • No Cast Time
  • Roll Over to Terrain/Wall Hack
  • AOE/Range Hacks
  • Character Editing
  • Ghost Building Mission War Battle
  • Score Feeding Using NSD ( Both Parties will be Suspended) Mission War Battle
  • And that’s not all! We want to give our tireless and loyal fellow CABALists a small token of appreciation for doing such time consuming report as we zero out all TPP users in our game.


  • Must have a forum account.
  • Interested forumers can file a report regarding all cheaters they might see in-game by using a video recording application / software.
  • Points will be counted as 1 pt. per 1 valid/legit report.
  • Top 3 forumers with the most legit reports from August 10, 2015 until August 31, 2015 will be declared as our winners.
  • Any report on the other threads will not be counted.
  • Screenshots are not acceptable.
  • Unrelated posts will be deleted as well.


  • [Special Title] 30D Fearless Reporter (Defense Rate+100)
  • [Permanent] Welcome to Nightmare Costume
  • [Permanent] Weapon Costume of Choice
  • [Permanent] Headgear Costume of Choice
  • Bounty – Potion of Luck 100M

Event Schedule: August 15,22 and 29 (3:00 PM Onwards)


  • For each round, the FM will post a screenshot of an object that can be found inside the game.
  • The first forumer to find the object and post a screenshot of his / her character standing near the given object will win that round.
  • Edited posts will be disqualified.
  • Screenshots must be embedded in the post. Links are not valid entries.
  • There will be 5 rounds of the event.
  • A participant who won the previous rounds can no longer participate on the succeeding rounds.


  • 7D Inexhaustible HP Potion (Lv. 4)
  • 7D Inexhaustible MP Potion (Lv. 4)
  • 15D Blessing Bead WEXP 100%
  • Bounty – Potion of Luck 20M ALZ
  • 30D [Special Title] Adventurer of the New World (HP+100, MP+100, Attack+10, Magic Attack+10, Defense Rate+30, Attack Rate+30, Defense+10)

Event Schedule: August 17,18,19,20,21,22 (3:00 PM Onwards)


  •  GMs will announce the start of the event on the Server.
  •  GM will randomly ask 5 questions in-game about CABAL or outside of the game.
  •  The first player to shout the right answer will win the event by using a Megaphone will win in-game prizes.
  •  Winners will also have their chance to have a Voice Party Chat with CM’s Leah Chan and Kiel.
  •  Total of 5 rounds


  • x10 Hyper Odd Circle
  • x10 SP Potion Lv 4
  • x20 Megaphone
  • 3D Inexaustible HP/MP Potion Lv 4

Event Schedule: August 24,25,26,27,28,29 (3:00 PM Onwards)


  • GMs will announce the start of the event on the Server.
  • The GM will randomly ask for 5 items that needs to be traded to him/her.
  • The GM will then provide the winner with 5 special items in exchange for the items traded.
  • Total of 5 rounds


  •  x10 Agent Shop Coupon
  •  x10 Megaphone
  •  Bounty – Potion of Luck 20M ALZ

Take note that all prizes are account bind.

*Mechanics and Prizes are subjected to change.

Event Schedule: August 27- September 31

Mechanics: TBA