Attention CABALists!

The Battle for Guild Prime has officially begun and every guild point is crucial! Here are the mechanics on how to vote using your collected badges for Guild Prime 10. Exchange your collected badge pieces to YUL to make badges. Trade them every Friday and Saturday starting on JUNE 1, 2018 to the GMs at Portlux from 4 – 6pm. Please wait for in game announcements for the trading to start.

For Draco/Orion, you will need 5 badge pieces(stars) to make 1 Badge. Each Badge is worth 20 pts.

For Crux, you will need 3 badge pieces (stars) to make 1 Badge. Each Badge is worth 1 pt.

You may check the badge ranking here: Total Badge Points

Schedule for Trading(every Friday and Saturday):

The event runs until September 13 only so Collect and Exchange right away! 

Final counting of badges is on September 14, 2018.