The Battle for Guild Prime Year III

Guild VS Guild Tournament

Guild Prime 3 heats up as Nevareth’s mightiest guilds battle it out for a chance to score huge Guild Prime points!


Eligibility and Registration

  1. Only the top 20 Guilds posted here are invited to register in this tournament.
  2. Guild participants must form a team of 6 members, each member representing a different battle style or character class.
  3. To register, a guild representative must send an email to containing the following information:

Email Title: <Guildname>, <Server>



Character name:

Guild members (with their corresponding battle style):


Email Title: GuildWafu, Jupiter

Guildname: GuildWafu

Server: Jupiter

Character name: Vinse01

Guild members (with their corresponding battle style):

Vinse01 (FB)

Mark02 (BL)

Jay03 (FA)

Brian04 (WA)

Rai05 (WI)

Lee06 (FS)

4. The email must be sent with an attachment of an in-game screenshot of all the team members with one member saying: ‘Guild <insertguildnamehere> for Guild Prime III!’

5. We will send an email confirmation once we have received and reviewed your application.

6. Only the first 16 registrants per server will be qualified.

7. A character can only be registered under one guild.

Tournament System and General Rules

  1. Tournament system is single-eliminations on the Eliminations and Semi-final rounds; best of three series in the championships match.
  2. Match style is Guild War. To win, the Guild must reach  6 kills.
  3. Tournament will be conducted in the Graveyard area of Desert Scream.
  4. Order of matches will be determined on the day of the tournament itself.
  5. Participants must temporarily leave their home guilds to join the guild headed by the tournament facilitators (GMs).
  6. All character abilities or skills (including Aura) can be used except for Battle Modes 1 and 2.
  7. Use of All buff potions or holy water potions is allowed.
  8. A dead character must resurrect in the Desert Scream town and is not allowed to resurrect by using an [Odd Circle].

General Guidelines

  1. All e-Games’ Terms and Conditions apply.
  2. Participants are expected to be online at least 15 minutes before the start of the event.
  3. The team line-up you have registered in your email application is FINAL and CANNOT BE CHANGED. No substitution will be allowed. In case of absence, the match shall proceed with only the remaining team members. The match will end once all members of a team have been wiped out.
  4. The use of any third-party program or exploitation of existing or previously unknown bugs or glitches is strictly prohibited. Teams  caught using any of these illegal activities will be given a warning. Repetition of  said infraction will disqualify the team in the Guild war tournament.
  5. Appeals or complaints must be brought to the  the GM by the Team Captain immediately.  No complaints will be entertained after the GM has announced the winner of the match.
  6. All other conditions/issues that may arise during the event (which are not covered here) will be decided by the GM in-charge.
  7. Participants are not allowed to move out of the graveyard area during a match. Willful violation of this rule will warrant a warning on the first infraction and tournament disqualification on the second offense.
  8. The excessive use of foul language will not be tolerated. Offenders will be warned on the first offense and will be removed from the tournament should he/she continues to display unruly behavior.
  9. Deliberate disruption of the event by either the participants or the spectators will be dealt with accordingly.
  10. The decision of the GM is final and non-appealable.
  11. Tournament mechanics may change without prior notice.