The Battle for Guild Prime Year III is one of the biggest in-game events for CABAL this year. We understand that you may have a lot of questions in mind, so here are some answers to some of those questions:


How will we know if we are eligible to join in the Battle for Guild Prime?

You don’t have to register your guild to officially declare your participation. Your guild is automatically qualified if your guild meets the following requirements:

1. Created before August 29, 2011.
2. Must have a total Guild Score of 12,000 before August 29, 2011

I am a Guild Leader and I want our guild to join the event, but I find it hard to explain to my guild members how to join the Guild Prime. What is the best way to explain it to them?

Guild Prime III is a battle of points. Each guild member can contribute or earn points for your guild when:

1. They earn AP (from AXP) points (which becomes the Guild score visible in the guild window)
2. They complete Mission Wars (Win or Lose but score must be 30 or higher)
3. They spend at least 50 Cabal Cash
4. Representatives of your guild win in the Guild War Tournament

Guild scores will be tallied and the three (3) guilds with the highest number of Guild Prime points at the end of the event period will be declared the winners.

How will we know if we’re on the run or if we are really earning Guild Prime points?

You may visit the Guild Prime Standings posted in the CABAL website every Mondays and Thursdays during the event period. The guild standings as of September 1 is also posted below.

Where do we register for the Guild War Tournament?

The registration system will be announced on September 8, inviting the Top 20 Guilds to join in the 10vs10 Guild war tournament, where guilds can earn huge Guild Prime points if they win.

When will we know the winners of Guild Prime III?

Winners will be announced on the afternoon of September 19, 2011.

If we win, can we choose our own Guild Emblem design? Is it a permanent guild emblem?

Yes, all guild winners will be given the privilege to design their own emblems (with specific rules and guidelines). The emblem design guidelines will be announced on Sep 19, 2011.

The Guild Masters of the winning guilds will be contacted by the CABAL CM for any inquiries that they may have.

And yes, the Guild Emblems will be permanent (unless the guild gets disbanded).

Besides the Guild Prime III, how can we get a Guild Emblem?

A Guild Emblem is considered to be a precious status symbol in the game. ESTSoft also believes that the emblems should only be given on rare occasions or events. Therefore, it may take time before we give out emblems again, which is why we highly suggest not missing out this rare chance to get your guild an emblem!

Event mechanics are posted at You may also send a personal message to our GMs/CMs in the CABAL Forums for further inquiries.

We believe that the strength of a guild is determined by the bonds that hold them together, like the bonds shared by true friends. In the end, cooperation and true camaraderie will determine the victors of the battle! Good Luck to all the guilds!

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