Play CABAL Online  to experience a scary but fun-filled Halloween in CABAL Online PH!

Event 1: Slay the Giant Pumpkins
Date: October 27 to November 17, 2011

The evil Giant Pumpkins are back  again to scare the wits out of everyone!  Gather your pals and slay the giant pumpkins and be rewarded with special items for your adventurous deed!

Mechanics: Hunt and slay giant pumpkins to obtain a special trick or treat artifact. Collect the artifacts and exchange them for a Halloween Giftbox thru NPC Yul. Right-click the Halloween Giftbox to get a special item!

Event 2: Enter the Haunted Dungeons
Date: October 27 to November 17, 2011

NPC Yul was assigned to investigate the dreadful hauntings in the Premium DX Dungeons. Unable to leave her post, she recruits brave soldiers to gather information in exchange for a special scroll.


Enter the Premium DX Dungeons and collect the required items dropped randomly by monsters in the dungeons. Exchange the items for a Brave Man’s Scroll, which may contain a permanent Ring of Luck +2.

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