Calling out all llonggo Cabalists!

In celebration of the fun and colorful Dinagyang Festival, there will a CABAL Online Dungeons Legends Live tournament tomorrow, Saturday, January 21!

The tournament will happen at 3D Lounge Internet Café along Delgado St., Iloilo City. Tournament registration starts at 1PM.

Awesome in-game items await the tournament winners in addition to the cool raffle prizes! Exclusive e-Games merchandise will also be available!

Scroll down for the tournament mechanics –

CABAL Online Dinagyang Dungeon Legends Live

Prove your mastery of the instance dungeons in CABAL Online by finishing the featured dungeons in the soonest possible time!
[Team Competition: Altar of Siena B1F]

  • 1. Open to  CABAL players with characters level 135 or higher.
  • 2. Participants must form a group of three members who belong to the same server and register their team in the CABAL booth. Registration will be on a first-come, first -qualified basis. Only the first eight (8) teams will qualify in the tournament.
  • 3. Participants must use their personal accounts/characters to join this tournament. No restrictions on the character classes or levels.
  • 4. Teams must provide for their own dungeon entry item.
  • 5. Featured Dungeon is Altar of Siena B1F.
  • 6. The Dungeon Legends Live tournament will start at around xx:xx PM. All teams must remain close to the tournament area during that time. Failure to appear ten (10) minutes after the GM has called for the team’s presence would mean disqualification.
  • 7. Once seated, team members will be given a maximum of ten (10) minutes to prepare for their dungeon run.
  • 8. After the preparation time, the GM-facilitator will signal the start of the dungeon raid. All teams must enter the dungeon once the GM/Event facilitator has given his signal.
  • 9. After the successful completion of the dungeon, the team captain must raise their flag as a signal to the GM that they have already finished their run. The team captain must ensure that the Dungeon Clear Time Message has not been closed. Note that the Game Master will be the one to close the Dungeon Clear Time Message after he has written your record.
  • 10. All other conditions and provisions will be explained by the Game Master/ Event Facilitator on the event proper.
  • 11. The three teams with the fastest dungeon runs will be declared Champion, first-runner up and second runner up.
Premium Items and Services
Item Name (Bind)
  • 1st Place (3 Winners)
    • Slot Extender (High) 1ea
    • Level Booster or Warlord [30D]
    • Pet Slot Extender [30D]
  • 2nd Place (3 Winners)
    • Level Booster or Warlord [30D]
    • Pet Slot Extender [30D]
  • 3rd Place (3 Winners)
    • Level Booster or Warlord [30D]
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