For Cebuanos out there, watch out as CABAL Online Philippines joins in on the fun when we head for the Queen City of the South for the Sinulog Festival!

If you’re confident of your combo-stacking skills, then why don’t you show it off in the King of Combo tournament? Check this out:

CABAL Online King of Combo Tournament

1. Each Participant is required to present an unscratched 20EP card
2. Participants will be limited to first 20 registrants
3. Participants will use their own accounts and do combos on the Training Dummy.
4. Participants will be given 3 tries to perform the most number of Combos in the Training Dummy

The top 3 participants with the highest combos will win a prize!

1st Place
-30D Diamond Service
-Permanent Anima Lune Pet –Husky
-30D Astral Bike Rw3 Crystal
-30D Blessing Bead Plus
-30-Day Default Costume

2nd Place
-30D Blessing Bead Plus
-Permanent Anima Lune Pet –Husky
-30-Day Default Costume

3rd Place
-Permanent Anima Lune Pet –Husky
-30-Day Default Costume

Consolation prize
7D Platinum Service for non-winning participants

But that’s not all, because we’ll also be conducting Free Play sessions for everyone! This is a good chance for you to invite your non-playing friends to join in on the fun!

January 13, 2010 (e-Games Freeplay )
1-3 PM, Free Play, Ermzone, Jakosalem St. Cebu City
1-3 PM, Free Play, Hotpicks, 1 JC Zamora St. Cebu City
1-3 PM,  Free Play, Leope, Jakosalem Cebu City

January 14, 2010 (e-Games Freeplay)
1-3 PM, Free Play, Gamecity, Colon St. Cebu City
1-3 PM, Free Play, FGT, 777 Sancianko St. Cebu City
1-3 PM,  Free Play, Budinz, 2 Sancianko St. Cebu City

January 15, 2010 (e-Games Freeplay)
1-6 PM, Tournament, Net Express, Sancianko St. Cebu City

All freeplay participants will also be given the chance receive random voucher codes for the following items:

– Edeza Lamp
– 2-hour +25% EXP Bead
– 1-Day Astral Bike
– 1-Day Astral Board

Don’t miss this event! See you there!

CABAL Online team

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