Dive into Summer with Our Beach Float Event! Collect Cocktail Glasses in Select Dungeons and Exchange Them with NPC Yul for a Chance to Win an Awesome Beach Tube Float Reward. Don’t Miss Out on the Fun in the Sun – Join the Event Now!

Event Duration: May 9-22, 2023, 11:59 PM



CockTail Glass Drop Location

Illusion Castle Underworld

Beach Tube Float Requirement

Item NameRequired QTYCore RequirementsEXCHANGE
CockTail Glass10x1 Force Core (High)Beach Tube Float

Beach Tube Float Reward Pool

Item NameOption/DescriptionDuration
Ring of Luck +2--
Critical Ring +2--
Ring of Luck +1--
Critical Ring +1--
Slot Extender (High)--
Amulet Of Pain +6--
Astral Bikecard - RW3 (Blue) +7 ,Extreme Upgrade (0 / 6),Upgrade Divine Level (0 / 15)--
Amulet Of Pain +5--
Arcana of Laws +5--
Arcana of Guardian +5--
Arcana of Laws +5--
Happy Birthday Ring-7Ds Own
Carnelian +5--
Chaos Talisman +5--
[Costume] - Mutant Lord Wing - Force Wing-1D
[Costume] - Porta Lord Wing - Force Wing]-1D
[Costume] Cherry Blossom - Charkram-1D
[Costume] Cherry Blossom - Crystal-1D
[Costume] Cherry Blossom - Daikatana-1D
[Costume] Cherry Blossom - Greatsword-1D
[Costume] Cherry Blossom - Katana-1D
[Costume] Cherry Blossom - Orb-1D
[Costume] Fresh from the Sea - Blade-1D
[Costume] Fresh from the Sea - Chakram-1D
[Costume] Fresh from the Sea - Crystal-1D
[Costume] Fresh from the Sea - Daikatana-1D
[Costume] Fresh from the Sea - Great Sword-1D
[Costume] Fresh from the Sea - Katana-1D
[Costume] Fresh from the Sea - Orb-1D
[Vehicle Costume] Mythical Lion (Blue)-1D
[Vehicle Costume] Mythical Lion (Red)-1D
[Vehicle Costume] Mythical Lion (White)-1D
[Costume] Skull Bike - Vehicle-1D
Summer Vacation-1D
[Force Wing Costume] - Evil Succube Wing-1D
[Force Wing Costume] Black Wing-1D
Arcana of Chaos +5--
Arcana of Laws +5--
Astral Bike Card - Blue (Blue) + 10,Extreme Upgrade (0 / 5),Upgrade Divine Level (0 / 15)--
Slot Extender (Medium)--
Extreme Core (Lv. 1)--
Extreme Core (Lv. 2)--
Extreme Core (Lv. 3)--
Extreme Core (Lv. 4)--
Extreme Core (Lv. 5)--
Chaos Talisman +3--
Potion of Enhancement,(Character Attribution)10001hour
Potion of Courage,(Character Attribution)10001hour
Potion of Experience,(Character Attribution)10000001hour
Force Core Set (Highest)5pcs-
Arcana of Chaos +3-3 Days
Arcana of Laws +3-3 Days
Earring of Guard +5-7 Days
Defensive Earring +5-7 Days
Extortion Ring +5--
Force Regeneration Earring +5-3 Days
Force Regeneration Amulet +5-3 Days
Killian's Limbic Tonsil Cell--
Sealed Mergaheph's ring--
Piece of Prideus' Bracelet--
Silver Repair Kit--
Gold Repair Kit--
Bronze Repair Kit--
Bike Epic Converter (Lv. 2) - All Attack--
Bike Epic Converter (Lv. 2) - All Skill Amp. UP--
Bike Epic Converter (Lv. 2) - Critical DMG--
Bike Epic Converter (Lv. 2) - Critical DMG Resistance--
Bike Epic Converter (Lv. 2) - Critical Rate--
Bike Epic Converter (Lv. 2) - HP--
Bike Epic Converter (Lv. 2) - Resist Critical Rate--
Bike Epic Converter (Lv. 2) - Skill Amp. Resistance--
Ring Of Fighter +10--
Carnelian +10--
[Costume] Cherry Blossom - BladeAccount Bind1 D
Upgrade Core Set (High)5 pcs-

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Event Duration: May 9-31, 2023, 11:59 PM



Apply TargetIncreaseCHLocation
EXP Boost100%AllAll
Skill EXP100%AllAll
War EXP100%Mission WarTierra Gloriosa, Memoria Chrysos
Force Wing100%AllAll

Event mechanics and rewards are subject to change without prior notice by the CABAL Online PH Team.