Hey CABALists!

Now is the best time to power-level as we bring you Nevareth’s Special Leveling Event!

Party up with your friends and get a Potion of Experience as a reward once you hit certain levels during the event period.

Potion of Experience enhances and adds a large amount of EXP to aid you in reaching another level in Nevareth!


August 6 – 20, 2015


* Four events will be available through NPC Yul, and clicking each event will show its participating terms and achievable goals.

* Example Tier 1

Tier 1

  • Level Up Event: Lv.131 ~ Lv.145

Tier 2

  • Level Up Event: Lv.146 ~ Lv.160

Tier 3

  • Level Up Event: Lv.161 ~ Lv.175

Tier 4

  • Level Up Event: Lv.176 ~ Lv.189

Event Item and Reward

* For each level up, Potion of Experience will be given

Level Tier Reward Item

131 ~ 160 Potion of Experience which counts 40% of experience at each level

161 ~ 189 Potion of Experience which counts 50% of experience at each level

2) Procedure

* Available events and achievable goals can be checked through NPC Yul, and corresponding Potion of Experience will be given depending on achieved goals.

* Player has to collect the reward via NPC Yul.

* Potion of Experience can be used when right-click on the item

3) Reward Item

Potion of Experience 3days (Account Binding)


Relog-in your characters everytime you hit a new level, for you to receive the reward.

Happy Leveling to Everyone!


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