Hi CABALists!

New in-game events await courageous CABALists after the scheduled server maintenance this September 20!

Check out the details of these exciting events below.

Event Duration: September 20 – October 11, 2012

[1]– Upgrade Masters (Upgrade Event)

Are you brave and skillful enough to master the art of upgrading?

From SEP 20 to OCT 11, NPC Yul will be selling Red Osmium and Topaz weapons and SigMetal armors. They expire 7 days after you purchase them from her, but if you can upgrade them to level 13, they will be permanent.

To help you a lot in upgrading the items to +13, Yul suggests that you purchase Enchant Safeguard High packages from the Cash Shop. They are available for a limited time, so hurry up.

This event resembles the upgrade events held before, so Yul expects that you’re kinda familiar with it already. However, this time, she will be shuffling her armor inventory every week, so make sure to visit her from time to time to know which items are available.

Good luck in upgrading!

Click here  for more details.

[2] – EXP Booster (Multiple Event)

Did you know that Yul has a very exciting love life right now?

She met this cute guy a month ago while she was level-grinding in Porta Inferno. He asked her if he can join her party and spend time together, so Yul answered: ‘YES! We can spend time together, FOREVER!’

Yul felt love at first grind!

Anyway, because  NPC Yul is really happy with her new found relationship, she will be holding a month-long EXP event!

From SEP 20 to Oct 18, there will be at least 50% EXP and 25% Skill EXP boost everyday from 5PM to 9PM.

Don’t forget to buy a Level Booster service and EXP Blessing Beads to get more EXP boost!

So don’t miss your chance to level up faster and become tougher and stronger!
Who knows, you might find love while level grinding just like Yul. Haha! ^.^


[3]– Monster Crushers (Monster Spawn)

NPC Yul received a memo that the Crag Turtle Kings are spotted again in Nevareth. The reports did not indicate why they returned (maybe they are just bored with their slow-paced lives LOL!), but she doesn’t care, just crush the shell out of them so you can get some loots.

Crag Turtle Kings are scattered across the different fields, and it was found that have gotten stronger since the last time they were seen.

Event Monster Spawn Details:
Low-Level Event Monster:     Bloody Ice, Desert Scream, Green Despair
Mid-Level Event Monster:     Port Lux, Fort Ruina, Undead Ground
High-Level Event Monster:    Lakeside, Forgotten Ruin Mutant Forest, Porta Inferno

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