Get a chance to receive a GM Buff From CM Kiel. The GM Blessing Buff enables players to experience a temporary intensive increase on their in-game stats.











November 10-17, 2014 (4:00 PM – 4:30PM)
Monday – Mercury Server
Tuesday – Venus Server
Wednesday – Mars Server
Thursday – Jupiter Server
Friday – Saturn Server
Monday – Neptune Server

Halloween is not yet over in Nevareth! Lets have fun while Trick or Trading! Bring random items to the GM and win Prizes!


  1. The GM will choose a channel for the Event.
  2. Participants must be on the said channel to join.
  3. The GM will announce what item to bring and to be traded.
  4. The player must look for the GM in the Map that was announced.
  5. The first character to trade the GM will win in-game prizes.
  6. Number of Round is 5

November 18-25, 2014(4:00 – 5:00PM)
Tuesday – Mercury Server
Wednesday – Venus Server
Thursday – Mars Server
Friday – Jupiter Server
Monday – Saturn Server
Tuesday – Neptune Server


7D 50% Blessing Bead +
x10 Superior Odd Circle
x10 Megaphone


Show us your skills and create a “Guild Themed “ Fan Art this November in celebration of our upcoming Guild Congress 2014!


  • The contest is open to all CABAList in Nevareth.
  • Create a Guild fan-art based on Characters in CABAL Online PH with of course your Guild Name, Banner/Emblem and Slogan (If theres Any).
  • Your entry must be an original illustration, either in the form of digital art or traditional (sketch/drawing), colored or black and white; 1920 x 1440 in sizes, 72 to 300 dpi and saved as a jpeg, gif or png. File must be less than 10MB.

Submit your fan art via email to with the following details below.

  1. Subject: CABAL PH Guild Fan-Art
  2. Real Name:
  3. Character Name:
  4. Guild Name:
  5. Server:
  6. Contact Details:
  • Deadline of submission of entries December 1, 2014 (6:00PM).
  • Participants will get to see their art posted at our Cabal Online PH Facebook Page
  • Your submissions should feature characters from CABAL Online PH ONLY and must not include characters from other games.
  • Top 3 pick will win  the following prizes below.

 November 10-December 1, 2014


Special Title: (To be announced)
30D Blessing Bead Ultimate 50%
Costume of Choice [Permanent]
Weapon Skin of Choice [Permanent]
Criteria for Judging:

Creativity and Originality: 40%
Presentation: 30%
Relevance to the Theme: 30%

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