Cabalista Welcome Package

Perfect World welcomes Cabalista

If you’re level 150 or above, you’re eligible for an exclusive Welcome Package to celebrate your achievements and enhance your journey in Perfect World


How to Register

To claim your Welcome Package,

  1. Download the Game HERE
  2. Launch the game patcher, select a server [sun or new moon] and create a character. [Create character using your previous Cabal PH Account]
    *Note: when logging into your account, do not double click the login button
  3. Fill in the registration form with the necessary details.
    Make sure your information is accurate to ensure smooth processing.
    Registration form is open until June 30, 2024, only.
  4. Rewards will be mailed to your newly created Character within 7-14 days. “Please note that rewards are redeemable once per Account only.

👉 To qualify, you must have either logged in or been actively playing in Cabal Online PH at least once between January 1, 2024, and May 26, 2024.



Curious to see what’s inside your treasure trove? Allow us to give you a sneak peek at some of the sensational rewards awaiting you:

-Blue Sapphire Fashion Pack: (Dyeable)

-Dragon Supreme Set


-Celestial Swift Pet [Choice of Mount]



-Tiger Flight Pack



-40 8-Stars Dragonball
-1000 Primordial Blood
-1500 Barbaric Blood
-2000 Barbaric Blood Crystal
-8500 Nebula Dust [No astra energy]
-8500 Nebula Dust Orb [Gain 1 Astral Energy]
-1500 Dark Ice Crystal
-10 GM Lamb of Blessing EXP Pill – click to get Exp: 100,000,000 and SP: 50,000,000

(Advisable to be used with Ancient Gift Buff)

-17 Invitation Scroll: (Random Reward)

Utility Charm Ticket
Lost Giant’s Amulet – 200
Lost Incantation Amulet – 200
Radiant Shard – 2
Inkdragon’s Blood
Ancient Gift

-Iris Lollipop

Storage Capacity is increased to 96
Materials warehouse capacity increased to 120
Fashion warehouse capacity to 200
Inventory Space increased to 96
Pet inventory increased to 20
Quest Log limit increased to 30

12 GM Encompassing War Avatar Pack
Get War avatar card from complects:
-Four Generals of the Human
-Sacred Feather Wings

18000 War Avatar Pack C [get Random level C War Avatar]
5000 Soul Split Panacea [Used for Leyline reading and node exploration]
500 Soul Guide Incense [Node Exploration increased 5%]
500 Soul Sunder Elixir [Returns to the starting node in the leyline]
20 Blue-Sea Dragon Ball [100% Success upgrade 1-10 under lvl 18]
6 Glyph Pack Lv7 [Open to selec Glyph Lv7]
1800 Blood Spirit Stone [Material for Dragonbreath Weapon]
1080 Gold-plated Iron [Material for Dragonbreath Weapon]
1080 Gold-plated Iron [Material for Dragonbreath Weapon]
333 Ether jade [Material for Dragonbreath Weapon]
108 Profaned Wood [Material for Dragonbreath Weapon]
25 Zenith Skull [Material for Dragonbreath Weapon]
5000 Soul Shard  [Dusk Soul Purification requirement]
1000 Ecstasy Card [1,000,000 Yen]

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to embark on a thrilling new chapter filled with excitement, challenges, and unforgettable moments.

See you in Perfect World!