Hello CABALists!

Your journey to greatness begins in Cebu! Join us in the Queen City of the South as we kick off the PLAYPARK ALL-STARS tournament series this March 20 to 21, 2015! Grab your friends and test your skills in the qualifying tournaments of RAN, Cabal, Audition, Perfect World, and Assault Fire! Bring your A-game, because the winners of these qualifiers take one step closer to headlining the PLAYPARK ALL-STARS! See you at the following dates and venues when we kick off the PLAYPARK ALL-STARS qualifiers:

CABAL Online Activities:

Door Prizes
  • [30D] Welcome to Nightmare Costume
  • [15D] Archridium Epault of Guardian
  • [15D] Blessing Bead Plus
  • 30 Pieces Holy Water of Fighter
  • 30 Pieces Holy Water of Sage
7v7 Carnage (Arcane Battle) Voyager Internet Cafe Banilad Gov. M.J Cuenco Ave., Banilad, Cebu City
Tournament Prizes:
Regional Winners – Semi Final Winners
1 Per Team Member
  • 30D Costume of Choice
  • 30D Blessing Bead Supreme
  • 30D Archridium Epaulet of Guardian
  • [Permanent] Black Alpaca Pet Card (Lvl 1)
Grand Championship (Date TBA)
  • Instant Upgrade Weapon or Armor +15 (1 Item only Per Member)
  • Extreme Upgrade Lv. 5 of Choice (1 Item only Per Member)
  • +11 Minesta Belt of Choice –
  • [30D] Blessing Bead Ultimate
  • [30D] Title (Arrow from Black Hole or Blade Dancer)
  • 1 Level 5 Black Alpaca Pet (No Skills)
  • [90D] Archridium Epaulet of Guardian
  • Instant Upgrade Armor +13 (Item item Per Member)
  • Extreme Upgrade Lv. 3 of Choice (1 Item Per Member)
  • +8 Minesta Belt of Choice
  • [30D] Blessing Bead Ultimate
  • [60D] Archridium Epaulet of Guardian

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CABAL Pick-A-Prize (Side Event)


  • Purchase 50 LU card at the Event Venue.
  • Present 50 LU card (unscratched) to the staff to get 1 attempt to draw a prize from the raffle box.
  • Assigned staff will cut the cards and return to the attendee.

PRIZES Jackpot:

  • Drei Frame Epaulet of Choice
  • Instant Extreme Upgrade Lv3 (Weapon or Armor)
  • Instant Upgrade +13 (Armor)
  • Instant Upgrade +13 (Weapon)
  • 1 Billion Alz
  • PW5 Permanent


  • Ballers x68 per area
  • ID Lace x16 per area
  • Try Again x300

Champion 1 Per Team Member

  • [60D] Archridium Epaulet of Choice
  • [30D] Blessing Bead Supreme
  • Permanent Black Alpaca Pet Card Lvl 1
  • Permanent Costume of Choice

*Disclaimer: Baguio, Batangas and General Santos City 3v3 challenge is not a qualifying leg for the PlayPark All-Stars Tournament*

Goodluck to all Participants! See you there~

*Mechanics and Prizes are subjected to change*

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