You’ve been rocking the local MMORPG community with CABAL Online for three years already, so we’re here to give something back! Check out the stuff that we have in line for you guys for our third anniversary!

Rock Your Armors with our Upgrades!
Purchase Periodical SIGmetal Helmet or Armors from the Event NPC and get the chance to make it permanent when you upgrade it to +15!

Exchange Your 3rd Anniversary Badges for Cool Items!
Be on the lookout as monsters everywhere drop third anniversary badges for everyone. Exchange these badges through NPC Yul for some cool cash and items!

Resist the Monster Invasion!
Minisha of Dustruction will be joining the party and invade Nevareth! Defeat them, and be treated to a bagful of loots!

Level Your Characters in No-Time!
And last, but definitely not the least, XP Point boosts for everybody! Just go online and train your character during the prescribed dates and boost your XP points to its max level!

This is just the first wave of surprises that we have for the third anniversary of the coolest MMORPG in the country. Watch out for more in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! See you in-game!

Note: Event items such as Badges will be deactivated/removed once the event ends.


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