Event Mechanics

  • Only level 52 and up are eligible to join.
  • A user must login a character of choice anytime between 0000H to 2359H for at least five (5) hours to receive rewards.
  • A user must also logout his or her character before 2359H of November 30, 2019 to become eligible for the rewards.
  • If a character has no logout time, rewards are null and void.
  • Only FINAL login and logout time is considered.


General Rewards
  • Force Gems x100
  • Heroic Elixir x20
  • GM Potion (Lv 3) x10
  • 7D Blessing Bead Ultimate
  • 7D [Bike Costume] Steampunk
  • 7D [Force Wing] Tentacle Machine of Fatal
Top 100 logins based on login time
  • Megaphone x100
  • Extreme Pocket (premium)
  • 7D Unique Costume of Penetration
Top 10 logins based on login time
  • Safeguard Kit Highest x10
  • 7D Happy Birthday Ring
  • 7D Demonite Epaulet (depending on character)


  Note: All items are set to character binding  

– Cabal Online PH Team