Once there lived a king who was notorious for the brutal punishments he would force upon the criminals in his kingdom. Criminals were beheaded and shamed publicly in his kingdom, and those who have were lucky enough to escape persecution were either ostracized or condemned to a life of poverty or enslavement. King Coel, ‘The Brutal King’, was infamous for his obsession with laws — his frigid heart never beats of kindness or forgiveness.

There was a couple who lived merrily in the suburbs of his kingdom. The man named Robert was a farmer, and earned a meager living by selling crops. However, one unfortunate season, his farm was attacked by wicked monsters, destroying the crops and poisoning the soil.

The couple lost their source of living and Robert, deeply frustrated by the loss of his farm land, stopped working and shunned any person other than his wife. Eventually, the couple stopped paying taxes to the kingdom. The kingdom soon discovered about the couple’s shortcomings and ordered them to pay the sum of their unpaid taxes or their possessions would be taken away. Robert defied the authorities and demanded not to have any further dealings with the kingdom.

Soon enough, King Coel heard of his case, and ordered his immediate arrest and persecution.

Robert’s wife, Adilicia, was soul-shattered, but continued to live on with honor and hope that someday Robert will come back to life.
One evening, Adilicia remembered her grandmother, who gave her a mystic candle. According to her grandma, if she lit the candle on the exact midnight of Nov 1 and placed it on top of her loved one’s grave, the Candle of Resurrection will revive his soul.

It was said that Adilicia succeeded in reviving her dead husband. They fled from the kingdom of the cruel king Coel and lived happily again.

As to what happened to King Coel, historical records narrate that he died miserably, without any successor, and his kingdom fell to invaders not long after he died.

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