• The winning Guild from the Guild Video Making will have their GM represent their Guild in ALZ o Kahon. In the absence of the GM, any guild representative will do.
  • The GM/representative will choose 1 box amongst 3 boxes (A-L-Z)
  • Once the player confirms the box, the GM will offer an amount of ALZ and ask the player if he/she wants the alz or the BOX
  • The GM will continue to offer an amount for the box until the GM determines that the player has finally decided if he will take the alz or box.


We are looking for a passionate and charismatic Brand Ambassador as we expand our team. Do you have what it takes? Join and be one of us!


  • Must be an avid CABAL gamer
  • Must be 16 to 27 years old (male or female)
  • Must have a massive charming appeal


  • Applicants must send a vlog that contains the following:
    • Self introduction
    • Side story: Who or what made you decide to play Cabal?
    • Reason why you played the game
    • Your gaming area or where you play Cabal
    • Why should you be the next Mr/Ms Nevareth.
    • Invitation for non-players to play Cabal
    • 12th anniversary message
  • Applicants must send a selfie picture that will be posted in Cabal Facebook page for reactions.
  • Videos will be posted on Cabal Page.
  • Applicants will be tested with their wits in a Question-and-Answer portion on Livestream Party
  • Send your email application to with the subject: Cabal Domination II: Mr. & Ms. Nevareth together with your IGN,server and a clear screenshot of your character.


  • Facebook Likes – 50%
    • 👍 = 3 pts
    • 😁 = 4 pts
    • 💙 = 5 pts
    • Other reactions : 1 point
  • Question and Answer – 50%


Prizes (overall winners 1 male and 1 female)

  • [365D] x1 Weapon of Choice (up to Palladium grade) +20 (Character bind)
  • [365D] x1 Armor of Choice (Up to Palladium Grade) +20 (Character bind)
  • x1 Slot Extender Highest
  • x5 Perfect Core Highest
  • x10 Enchant Safeguard Highest
  • x10 Core Enhancer Highest
  • [Special Title] Cabal Beauty Pageant



  • To join, you must participate in the social activity. Use the Domination FB Profile Picture frame and comment on the post with your IGN and Server.
  • Share the Domination events post on PlayPark CABAL Online PH >Link<
  • We will collect the valid entries within a set timeframe. So we can raffle all the participants and get the top 300 (100 each side event) who will play in the side events.
  • The selected participants must prepare 100 EP to be topped-up on the same day of the event.
  • Players can play upto 5 games by topping up 500EP on the same day. (1game = 100 ep)

PlayPark Tournament Rules and prizes are subject to change without prior notice and All rewards are set either Character or Account Binded.