Party at home in the first ever CABAL Online Domination II: Online Party this August 29, 2020, 1:00 PM at PlayPark CABAL Online PH Page. Savor 12 years worth of freebies as 120.120.120 party giveaways will rain throughout CABAL’s 12th Anniversary finale! Be there online wherever you are with special guests, Mr. Wormy, CABAL’s lovely cosplayers, and the hottest local bands – Typecast, Arcadia and Valley of Chrome.

CABAL’s celebration as the reigning No.1 MMORPG in the Philippines is complete with your favorite CABAL cosplayers and personalities! With Phaister as the Domination II: Online Party host, the CABAL Twins and Aria will be appearing to greet viewers and the CABAL community. Score shoutouts and interact with them this August 29 plus, catch some of the 120.120.120 party giveaways!

Rock out the way only CABAL knows how with performances from Typecast, Arcadia, and Valley of Chrome that will surely blow you off no matter where you are! Best of all, the Domination II: Online Party is FREE of charge. Just watch online and win prizes while you’re at it.

What’s an anniversary without carnage? To cap off the party, witness the most awaited showdown between the Domination II Tournament Champions in Battle Royale with casters Dylan Ensui and Infinity!

Be sure to celebrate with Nevareth because CABAL Online’s got big surPRIZES waiting. See you there, CABALists!


  • Participants shall use pre-made characters provided by the CABAL PH Team, each with its own standard equipment.
  • Participants can use 1 character class out of the 8 class in-game.
  • Participants can use any battle aura.
  • Users cannot change their lineup after every match.
  • Tournament map: Arcane Trace (middle).
  • Tournament style: 5v5 PK Battle, 5 min duration per round.
  • Once a character is killed, the participant is required to raise their hand off the keyboard/mouse.
  • The match will be conducted through a round robin system


  • Team Captain will do a roll a dice
  • The Team Captain who gets highest roll number has the eligibility to decide first if he will choose either Ban or Pick. 
Ban Pick Sequence
If Team Captain choose to BAN firstIf Team Captain Choose to Pick first
Team Captain: Highest RollTeam Captain: Lowest RollTeam Captain: Highest RollTeam Captain: Lowest Roll


  • Teams must designate a Team Captain who will handle all decisions for the team.
  • Officials will consider decisions made by the team captain as final for the entire team.
  • Setup period before the actual match is 5 minutes ONLY.
  • Players who fail to take advantage of the 5-minute setup time must begin playing with whatever configuration and character setup they are left with.
  • No time extension for the setup will be given.


  • Zoning Foul – This is defined as moving your character in an unauthorized area or refusing to follow move orders issued by the GM during the event.
    • 1st Offense: Warning
    • 2nd Offense: User will not be able to play 1 round
    • 3rd Offense: Team Disqualification
  • Striking Foul – This is defined as striking any opposing team without the go signal during the event.
    • 1st Offense: Warning
    • 2nd Offense: User will not be able to play 1 round
    • 3rd Offense: Team Disqualification
  • Technical Foul – This is defined as engaging in any behavior that is unsportsmanlike and includes excessive profanity or violence against property or individuals including the marshals. Auto Team Disqualification



  • 100k Credits (20k each per member)



  • The winning Guild from the Guild Video Making will have their GM represent their Guild in ALZ o Kahon. In the absence of the GM, any guild representative will do.
  • The GM/representative will choose 1 box amongst 3 boxes (A-L-Z)
  • Once the player confirms the box, the GM will offer an amount of ALZ and ask the player if he/she wants the alz or the BOX
  • The GM will continue to offer an amount for the box until the GM determines that the player has finally decided if he will take the alz or box.


We are looking for a passionate and charismatic Brand Ambassador as we expand our team. Do you have what it takes? Join and be one of us!


  • Must be an avid CABAL gamer
  • Must be 16 to 27 years old (male or female)
  • Must have a massive charming appeal


  • Applicants must send a vlog that contains the following:
    • Self introduction
    • Side story: Who or what made you decide to play Cabal?
    • Reason why you played the game
    • Your gaming area or where you play Cabal
    • Why should you be the next Mr/Ms Nevareth.
    • Invitation for non-players to play Cabal
    • 12th anniversary message
  • Applicants must send a selfie picture that will be posted in Cabal Facebook page for reactions.
  • Videos will be posted on Cabal Page.
  • Applicants will be tested with their wits in a Question-and-Answer portion on Livestream Party
  • Send your email application to with the subject: Cabal Domination II: Mr. & Ms. Nevareth together with your IGN,server and a clear screenshot of your character.
  • Deadline for submission of entries is on August 23, 2020


  • Facebook Likes – 50%
    • 👍 = 3 pts
    • 😁 = 4 pts
    • 💙 = 5 pts
    • Other reactions : 1 point
  • Question and Answer – 50%


Prizes (overall winners 1 male and 1 female)

  • [365D] x1 Weapon of Choice (up to Palladium grade) +20 (Character bind)
  • [365D] x1 Armor of Choice (Up to Palladium Grade) +20 (Character bind)
  • x1 Slot Extender Highest
  • x5 Perfect Core Highest
  • x10 Enchant Safeguard Highest
  • x10 Core Enhancer Highest
  • [90D Special Title] Cabal Beauty Pageant



  • To join, you must participate in the social activity. Use the Domination FB Profile Picture frame and comment on the post with your IGN and Server.
  • Share the Domination events post on PlayPark CABAL Online PH >Link<
  • We will collect the valid entries within a set timeframe. So we can raffle all the participants and get the top 300 (100 each side event) who will play in the side events.
  • The selected participants must prepare 100 EP to be topped-up and converted to CABAL Cash on the same day of the event.
  • Players can play more up to 5 times by topping up 500EP and converted to CABAL Cash on the same day. (1game = 100 ep)
  • Top up and convert should be in the same day, else rewards are forfeited.
  • Total max game: 6 (100EP + 500EP)
  • All participants must join in this group:

Side Events Participants

Name ServerIGN
Christ IanDracoartian4
Mac FlurryCruxTequilaSunrise
Lawrence ValorOrion EmperorLvAz
Jhay PeregrinaDraco MEOWPUSA
Justhine Kaylo LaoOrion Rasiel
Andric Rey Inovejas RamirezOrion xIceDevilDemon
Zai MateoOrion iizang
Seizuna Sai KomuroOrion Hydrangea
Guiwanon MelvinOrion RSSTePHenKinGRSS
Alexander MonrealOrion iTAGAYPAPRE
Nard DalofinOrion MortaLHero
MaxcescophOrion MaxCes
Mark Anthony RimocalOrion NevrMore11
Chow GuinooOrion zJinDaedalus
Zairam Althea LlasusOrion MariaZaehtla
Lendrick LopezOrion ParmesanBlue
Ron JoaquinDracoAinsleyHale
Meng TerencioDracoCosetteEuphrasie
DeadShot GenociderOrion xXDeadShot3Xx
Prince AquiOrion Bosscamz
Carlos BolledoOrion zCamz
Vidus LeiusOrion VidusLeius
Mack BautistaOrion xxSky26xx
Ralph MullesDracoAshleyshion
Darren YuiDracoSammangubat
Marky R. GuerreroDracoMsDestinyRose
Dione Mark BaronCruxPorkychopsOrion
Sergs BarrionOrion xMsNoOne
Dranoel Vinz LadeDracosaunasya
Jeffrey LalapOrion zPainFA
Sankarea ChiharaOrion zSankarea
Med Amir ArellanoDracoxMadDogx
Patricia NadalOrion NixiaNadal
Litz ManilaDracoKoyaWil
Jo Denz MirandaDracojdNzgLyd
Exile CophOrion ExileTV
AndrieOrion zHun3pyo
Danilo Punk YouOrion HarmonyReigns
William OroOrion xXxMeHawkxXx
Rodell Niño DionaldoOrion oTINY666ONINo
Maui De GuzmanOrion xDonSTaLker
John SpartanOrion zStormblitz
Roy Van BarrosOrion MastahRoYVaN
Panopio Alvar Vince ReiDracoMalditangPinay
Dondon BenaventeOrion lllKilaHlll
Jhaypee Thef ÜckOrion OlympiaRoad
John Albern H. BalbinoOrion mrjab02
Jeelan Paul Eleazar BaniDracoSabrinaSpellmanX
Edrin SantosOrion zCrade
Ruen RhodCruxOsiris
Marlon Condez AnyayahanOrionEnDy
Anthony Luigi VillanobosDracoxJhieeex
Lumiere SilvamillionOrionTenJouin
Sery ChanOrionzSusanoo
Mark Dela CruzOrionXxMoyiexX
Rolando Patrimonio Aboga Jr.OrionLightningTempest
Angelo SadangDracozQuadraAria
David Amiel SignoOrionVidusLeius
Emmanuel Mercado ApduaOrionKrnZi
Jhomar P. InsorioDracoJhannet
Khelly Tannagan SantosDracoCLeopatraDePhuta
Mang BenOrionrematka
Irish Sarmiento CarreonOrionJackCollaine
Ihyoo FelicianoOrionDorothyUnsworth
JeFfrey M GuemoOrionllMikee
Echan SantiagoDracoxAmenadielx
Jc GabrielOrionzElixiRz
Badz RamosDraco CiderShei
Bert RealCruxFSPOAKO
Kris Kingsley ReyesOrioniSleyi
Yubien DonorOrionzBalBas
Jimmy CieloOrionSirCiel50
Dylan EnsuiDracoDylanEnsui
Rain RainCruxMineLock
Christopher Quimson AbadOrionzRichelAnnIV
Yajerg RawrXeaterDracorawrxeater
Dave Angeles OchavaOrionDeign07
Philip VillezDracoraphil05
Joel EbarleOrionASuKa31
Mork Mark MorkOrionsilescream
Kenan CarandangDracoCarandang
Mus'ab Tagoranao CampongDracoabuziad23
Erickson ManaloOrionPLANKIN20
Manny Walican CancinoDracoxTitanGelo
Dempsey Jade Borre NazaretaDracoeljade
Joshmer PapeleraDracoRebeccanessa
Jeffrey JeffreyDraco JEFFREY30
Jilal AvanceñaOrionMlssForceArcher
Erickson CanupinDracoiMeghahi40
Joemar AramilDraco Ciejay
Angelo FernandezDracoTzuyoda
Jen RamosDracoaQuhZijEnXz
Philip AustriaDracodrakuchi84
Lax SandovaDracoxthatsevenx
Jomar LalagunaDracoJomzkii
Deo Callejo CruzOrionDeyyysss
Mark AguilarOrioniBabyShark
Mayeth Roque Dela CruzDraco Gaile26
Julie Ann Lequigan CarigaOrion annieluj
Mark Wilson RealDracoxKanami
MarcoPolo ChuaDracoxMaximumCarnagex
Rendel MayorOrionOdette1
Gie SubrastasDracoxtremeb40
Jc MoralesOrionzSNIPPERz
Swish CabalDracoswish06
John Kevin Mallare CoOrionlancer07
Adrian CantorDraco zanduyo
XDonkulas CabalDracoxDonKulasx
JC Umpad Delos ReyesOrion iLordCrit
Jonas IntalOrionJonathanIntal
John Rey MenisisDracosDsEscanor
Earl EarlDracoMissyou61
Glenj Tidula TulandaOrionEllevoj18
Drew PañaCruxSacredlRelic
Geraldine Ellasus ApostolOrionByruzzz5
Letlet Mauricio GagasaCrux iBuletlet
Patrick OfiladaOrioniKillMeQuick
Kenji RyoOrionxMrPatty
Jomari De LeonOrionSinnbad
Jonar Cayas AmadorDracoblaine22
Adon Molera BelarmaDracozBossD
Jayson VelascoDracomeZai
Wendell NacarDracoiWendz
Reynaldo Dizon RaytosDracozAsalea
Paul Renz Zaragoza IbayDracoShArMaInE18
Aldwin OliverosOrionchickstick
Jhoneil De GuzmanDracoxxBKtinidorxx
Makenz GalarritaOrionbella143
Marijo TaiDracooUriel
Ericson Guerrero CadagDraco FayeAnneGG
Michael Mcvey-HallyOrionBhankha20
JM CastilloOrionMiguelito07
Jed KahuluganCruxF1ash
Christopher MarucutDraco M1SSDOLPHIN
Joner Marcelo CruzDracoLjBilog
William WasinOrionMaui22
Dyxzy DyOrionzMskaye
Unie CabalOrion LadyUnie
Edgardo Condecido Apostol Jr.DracoxRayleighPotx
Jayson A. DolotinaDraco UntamableWarrior
Jayson Marcelo MendozaDracoiiforce40
Banik Letigio LadromaCruxJUNILLA
Boy BitzDraco BoyBitzzz
Princes Joy ChuaDraco xPrinsesita
Svenny YaroOrioniWinterBlader
Rayniel Rex RomanoOrionJoRayAnne
Rhoro Lu SantiagoOrionHiyoyon
Mark Christian Rabago AlcantaraDracozCASTIEL
John Ronald Abilay IladaOrionelizabeth017
John CastilloDracooOozFaith14oOo
Lucky Laze MoralesOrionzCheezeCake
Hap Pou SaiOrionKhaCain
Jhonrey Dela CernaDracoxBiot
Achilles GasocOrionLordofshielders
Furank KuDracoGreenArcherZ
Mark NaluzOrionxxxladykeixxx
Lemuel Flores VillanuevaOrionzDLWLRMA
Lester-Ed D. PiangcoOrionDaewonBL
Anzcerny MateoDracoMuller
Jayson RiveraOrionCronny
Marjorie Lachica CanopinDracoSAZERAC
Richemar A. DocoyCruxMournblade
Jay MarioOrion50ShadesofGrey
Charl Yuki RosalesDracoxDevilQueenChin
Michael OlaliaDracoSabutahe26
John Patrick Maristela QuijanoOrionMechaApe
Lynn AlonzoOrionSophiaxlynne06
Rowellito Quismundo PortezaOrion iAtticus
Ronard FerrerOrionRaizer19
Kenneth RifeDracoArminah
Karding FojasOrion CriticalKarding
Ador AgapayOrionvBabes
Mejaime Renz JosephDracoKotorii
Christian DiazOrionitsmexian
Bryan Yambao PjnsOrionBrynpjns
Jayson JPDracoSandukoXItak
Das Zi SonOrionHYuhAN
Gemmalyn Del Valle EsguerraOrionrKamukamo
Mabs CatalanOrionNaNNa5
Fate Tolentino TimosaOrionxSharina07
Ez VadzOrionzYuo
Bhel GatilaDracoLexiaHydra
John Mikhail Corrales TalamayanDracoKryonaut
John Carlo DavidDracoSaunameBL
Yuri JahadOrionHaYuuki
Irene Vayne CincinnatiOrionIreneVayne
Bladimir HamorOrionMOTOBLAD
Mark SorianoOrionMastahMark
Karl Ysac EstanislaoDracovHarleyquinn
Daryle Hernandez MarbellaOrionzFrenchFries
Christ Chan MaglenteDracoxXWizardChriSXx
Raymond Clint Dadang GapusanOrionRayGapz2026
Makenz GalarritaOrionMidoRiya01
Xian Nathaniel NicolasDracoxKanekic
Joseph ParbaDracoIamGoodEviL
Jomanel GunioDracoichrollo
Ge ValdezOrionLeeEunBi
Jason FebraOrionzIrina
Jake Lariosa SelloteDracoantiFB
Rick MarquezDracoo0oCarLaSweeTo0o
Baltazar PolDracozRivenFA
Elisha ColomaOrionxElaiMC
Chester CastricionesOrion P4kdemolCOPH
Anthony SantosOrionoNinjaAssassin
Billy Ray DavidCruxoVlOLET
Lester GalenzogaOrionGreatZed
Francis OctavioOrioniDiamond
John Micah Macarulay BaselidesDracoxSwifties
John Angelo Narciso ManubayDracoxxangelo25xx
Joem QuiranteOrioniJoem
Francis Agustine Montiague MonteclaroOrion xAtheo
Don LanceCruxKing
Mar Mugiwara ManrezaOrion ursad
Nelgs GlenDracoxTheReal
Sammy SantiagoDracoxxborks
Allan M. SungaOrionoooo0
Royette Brayhan Bulauan AranaDracolBlackSheep
Jan Wilson BulaclacDracozFallenRinaj
Nate OrquiOrion FazeBerryNice
Andrew Mark JocsonDracoAKOsiSATE
Regine AbayaOrion QUINN24
Acero Ronidel MelvinDracoxBaByQx
EA RLDracoSHiiiiT
Kier Catungal CalazaraDracoonelasttry
Mark SolisOrionMysnc
Jake M AlesnaOrionSecondOption
Ririn KizaragiOrionVVxRirinKizaragi
Gab Adrian LumanogOrionzEmperorGab
Dondon RellosaOrionLilSissyJoves
Gillan Legaspi RequilmanDracoiJhaybS4
Kaori KurosawaDracoUIE04
Marwin DeleonDracozBabyChae
Gio Eneran AvelinDracoagentkhinshin
Jacinth ManahanDracokemmie4
Raffie Mark MuyongOrionIamInvaderX
Lemuel Gacal Jr.OrionUnjibeob
Sailormel DE Guzman PanaresDracoSAIL0Rmel
Ervin Nuñez ServillonOrionzKapLogan
Cxsir Richard LagrioOrionbonfer007
Jhay-Ar TrinidadDracoxRenzranz
Jury Jone Tan SalcedoOrionjursals50
Jaye BDOrionCaptJaye7D
Renz CareteroOrionxKeeyo
Jay MCDracoiBossEm
Dan NielCruxzUrekMazino
Genesis LapitanOrionCrackerNuts
Joshua Nathaniel Dela CruzOrionMRZNJA
Klarenz SapadDracoBugBugberNAariel
Jeny Medina AcostaDracojenylicious12
Er RolOrionaxlrose20
Marvin Bartolata ReanzoOrionUchihaMarvz
Kenneth CortezOrionEatMyDick
JA MacatangayDracoAshbrix
Glenn ReyesDracoPiroro
Em ArDracoDaddyEmarCOPH
Aldrin EstorpeDraco zLadyRia
Joseph TabuzoDraco Tica
John Wendyl PanaresDracoomiY0UTH
Rob CabalDracoHotRob
Venjo WintDracoxxSpiculusxx
Brian DanogoDracoDamza
Christopher MendozaDracopengdoo
Don-don Arguilles MontejoOrionPKxkalasagNiDonx
Arjohn MendozaOrionMortaLVayne
Ian ZamudioDracoAphr0dite27
Darwin GacutanDracoxMiracleCOPH
Mapanikwa JovyDraco BaByH
Tayson SupleoOrionxXredfox18Xx
Joeff HerreraDracoIntenseRO
Joeffrey HerreraDracoIntenseRO
Choy CabreraDracoBachuychoy
Due NulledOrionMeJeane
Jan Adrian MacaraegDracoFalconBL
Kim Esplana NavarraDracoNyx062213
Tyga Paul RodriguezOrionGoodGame08
Mhar Luther OploOrionMharOplo
Paul John PacijaDracoxGrayRim
Ryan JoshuaDracoRyujinITZY
Mhine CrazedDracojohnf214
Zhyrus ZhyroDracoZhyRa151
Lewell Steel Series DacayoDraco
Xhyruz OriginsDraco
Febriel Carlo Rubico ArominCruxLilsaintxLovej
Alvin OdiverCruxVianna
Junior KabayaoCruxiDad
Dionisio Casilagan Bravo Jr.Orionsiren222
Kenneth Kit CruzDraco
Jenver Dela RosaDraco
JJ GabuyaDraco xNightxShade
Spencer S SongaliaDraco JOKERRR
Taehyung KimOrionPrinceJacob21
Widar PlacioDracozzzvergilzzz
Zadok Asher ReyesOrionTinyterminator
Abing RaymartOrionKinJeFujiMa
Leonard LopezCruxCHOTTTE
PlayPark Tournament Rules and prizes are subject to change without prior notice and All rewards are set either Character or Account Binded.